title: Downpour
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Yumiko
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing
summary: Fuji and Tezuka, in the rain.
notes: been in a very fuji/tezzie frame of mind, from rp'ing with out_of_bounds (http://www.livejournal.com/community/out_of_bounds/). not that i'm ever really not in a fuji/tezzie frame of mind...

In the distance, there might have been a rumble of thunder. Or perhaps it was his heart pounding. It didn't matter. The rain poured down, obscuring everything, like a veil pulled over the world. This was how he had somehow convinced Tezuka it was all right to kiss on his front lawn.

His tennis bag was discarded on the grass next to him. Tezuka was leaning against the tree, and he was leaning against Tezuka, so they were somewhat shielded from the downpour. Still the water washed over their faces, diluting their kisses, soaking them. Tezuka's hands were on his waist, and it thrilled him to feel their heat and their strength. He would not admit that he loved the feeling of Tezuka's arms surrounding him, or the way he had to tilt his head back just a little to reach Tezuka.

He had leverage.

He hooked his arm around Tezuka's neck, and pulled him down deeper, sucking hard on Tezuka's tongue. They were still just playing around with each other, but at night, he would imagine spreading his legs for Tezuka, and it would make his whole body thrum to think of it. It was still just a game, but he didn't lose games, not usually.

Part of him wondered if he'd already lost to Tezuka. It might have happened the first time they faced each other on the court. He'd never played anyone where he'd had to doubt himself before. Was it a choice to lose? Did he want to Tezuka to be his victor?

The light popped on over the door stoop, and the door opened a crack. "Syuusuke? Are you out there in the rain?"

Tezuka panicked for just a second, and Fuji nearly burst out laughing. "Be in in a minute, Yumiko-neesan."

A definite crack of thunder struck across the distance, and for a second, Fuji could see the look in Tezuka's eyes, behind the wet glass and under his eyelashes. He wondered if Tezuka ever laughed out loud. He wanted to hear it.

"I should go now..."

"You should have gone ten minutes ago," Fuji teased, pushing Tezuka against the tree to kiss him again. He'd decided it for certain; he liked kissing Tezuka. "Stay just a minute longer."

For a second, he thought his captain might disagree. For a second, he thought he was going to lose again. Then Tezuka's arms surrounded him again, this time even tighter as they lifted him to the balls of his feet. He would have started to laugh, but his mouth was too occupied.

Tezuka sucked the rain off of Fuji's cheek, drinking deeply from behind Fuji's ear. He felt a haze fill his thoughts, and he contemplated asking Tezuka to strip him right there on his front lawn. He grabbed at Tezuka's thick, unruly hair, squeezing hard so the rainwater spilled out over his hand like a flood. "Kunimitsu," he sighed.

Tezuka shuddered, his whole body reacting viscerally to the sound of Fuji's voice, and his arms tightened around Fuji's waist. He pulled back, holding Fuji's face in his hands, staring directly into Fuji's eyes. "Syuusuke," Tezuka breathed, significantly, as if no one had ever called him by that name before, like Tezuka had discovered his true name, which had been hiding underneath the name his family had been using for him all these years. "Say my name again."

There was desperation in his voice, naked desire, and perhaps that had been an error on Tezuka's part, because Fuji couldn't resist taking the advantage when it was offered to him. He leaned up on his tiptoes, licking his lips and leaving them parted so the rain splashed into his mouth. He took a deep breath, his lips just millimeters from Tezuka's lips. He sighed, and kissed Tezuka again, slipping out from his grasp by prying Tezuka's arms off forcefully. He looked up at the black sky, and smiled. "Tomorrow night."

He grabbed his tennis bag, and ran up to the door.

Yumiko was pacing in the front hall, holding a towel. She shook her head, rolling her eyes. "What were you doing out there? What if Mother or Father had seen you? How would you have explained it?" She was whispering furiously at him, her eyes darting occasionally to the study where their parents worked at night.

Fuji couldn't stop smiling. "I was saying goodbye to Tezuka." He took the towel from her, drying off his tennis bag before slipping out of his shoes and drying himself off.

Her face went pale. "Are you mad?! Do you know what they would say to that?"

Fuji had a fairly good idea. He was the oldest son, and their prodigy, no less. They had plans for Fuji's future, and it didn't involve any scandals or pernicious rumors. He smiled at his sister. "I'm going up to shower. Don't worry so much, Yumiko. I'm not so foolish."

She grabbed his arm as he tried to walk past her. "The cards were right, though, weren't they?"

He had to smile back. She was so... happy for him. "Don't be silly. I'm too young for 'true love.'"

He looked outside his bedroom window just before he went to get into the shower, not sure if he wanted to see an extra shadow still on his lawn, or if he just wanted to see what they would have looked like. He wondered if Tezuka was all right out there by himself, and if he would always say his name just that way, just right.

Fuji shook his head. It never mattered how many advantages he got, he always ended up losing to Tezuka.