title: doublePleasure
fandom: Sweet Valley High
characters/pairings: Liz/Jess, their mother, OMCs
rating: Teen
warnings: ...my childhood...
summary: on the eve of her special day, Elizabeth remembers...
notes: for redcandle17 for this request on fic on demand.

Her mother fluffed out her train, beaming. Elizabeth smoothed her hands down her skirt, her heart fluttering. It was exactly as she'd always wanted it, exactly how she wanted to look, like a princess. She adjusted the satin bow at her waist.

"You look great, Lizzy. I'd look better in that, but... you look great."

"Jess!" her mother admonished, but they were all smiling. All beaming, really. She couldn't feel anything but happiness. Tomorrow... it was tomorrow... Her mother fluffed her hair. "You're going to be the most perfect bride ever," her mother gushed.

"At least until I get married," Jess teased.

Her mother continued, ignoring her sister. "Liz... I know, well. I'm not being naive, but... tomorrow is your wedding day, and your wedding night..."

"Mom! Are you going to give her the talk? Again? Oh, man, I gotta get the camcorder!" Jess laughed.

Elizabeth just shook her head, though. "Jess, c'mon. Mom... You know..."

"I know, I know," her mother shook her head. "I probably don't want to know, huh?"

Elizabeth and Jess opened their mouths at the same time. In the mirror, their eyes met... Elizabeth's hands unconsciously clutched at her skirt, but she quickly released. Couldn't get wrinkles, after all, and anyway, Jess was going to start laughing at her...

They had kissed a few times, just for fun. Practice... That's what Jess said. It was a bit weird, of course. But it wasn't like they hated it. It was just... well. They were sisters.

They started dating brothers. Henry was a bit older, and his sophistication appealed to Elizabeth. Hugh was younger, and a surfer. He was all about fun. Dating brothers... was probably a bad idea, but they enjoyed all getting together for fun. Hugh brought over a Girls Gone Wild video, and Jess let him watch it. Henry had brought wine. It was a dare. Who could hold out the longest. Something like that. Elizabeth and Jess were on the couch together... they turned to each other, and Jess put her hands on Elizabeth's waist.

Elizabeth didn't open her mouth at first. She felt uncomfortable and strange. It was Jess, her sister, and she just wasn't sure... She glanced over at Henry, and saw how excited he looked. The look in his eyes was like electricity down her spine, right to her groin. She moved closer to Jess, thinking about Henry watching them...

Their tongues touched, and her hands slipped inside of Jess' shirt. She could hear Henry and Hugh panting, and then Jess moved closer, moved to straddle her waist. She moved her hands up Jess' back, right to her bra.

Maybe it was the wine, or the porn, and definitely Hugh's catcalls and Henry's pants were egging them on, but as soon as the weirdness evaporated, she felt like she'd tapped into a wildness that she'd never, ever expected to find. Like... she was tapping right into Jess' soul.

She pushed Jess back, and stripped her shirt off. Jess grinned. "Lizzy, you wild woman. Do you get off on being watched?" She looked over at Henry... and then seductively unhooked her bra, trying to act like a stripper or something. Trying to look sexy rather than stupid, but it must have been working, because Henry licked his lips. Hugh whistled, and then she was on her back, and Jess was kissing her, and she forgot. Forgot about the boys. She grabbed Jess' hair and clawed at her clothes.

It became a blur. She tore at Jess' shirt, and they both got it off, got off her bra. She touched Jess' breasts, and kissed down her neck, massaging her nipples. Jess groaned, and moaned, and her hands made it into Elizabeth's pants. And then Elizabeth's pants were gone, and she was just in her thong, and she was sucking on Jess' breast while Jess' hand was moving into her thong and then there was this haze, hot and sweaty and she had to get Jess' pants out of the way. Had to.

She was moving down Jess' body, kissing her skin and opening her legs. The smell and the taste... it was headier than the wine. She had her ass in the air, and someone was touching her. She looked over her shoulder, and saw Henry. They shared a long, heated gaze, and then she turned, and started to use her tongue on Jess.

Henry was peeling her thong off, and Hugh was in front of her... his hands were on Jess' breasts and he kissed her but then he had his cock out, and Jess was going to take him in her mouth...

There was rocking, moaning, aching... Henry was inside of her and she was in Jess and Jess had Hugh and Jess was touching her and her brain actually melted. So much heat. Too much heat.

She'd never felt so good...

Jess came up behind her, and put her arms around Elizabeth's waist, kissing her cheek. She squeezed her sister, and winked at her in the mirror.

"Don't worry, mom. Tomorrow, everything is going to be perfect for Lizzy. Absolutely perfect... just like her."

She blushed, suddenly wanting to kiss Jess, but... but. She turned and kissed her cheek.

"I'm so happy," she gushed, and they all laughed. Jess gave her an extra squeeze. Yes...

This was exactly what she wanted.