title: distractions
fandom: Gundam 00
characters/pairings: suggestive Johann/Alleluia, Nena, Michael, suggestive Alleluia/Sumeragi
rating: Teen
warnings: violent and crude thoughts
summary: Johann pushes buttons, and Alleluia struggles.
notes: i haven't read any gundam 00 fic yet, was going to hold off writing any for a while... until i met johann. =X stupid sexy johann... *coughs* i still hesitate, though, because i wasn't sure how to go about writing alleluia/halleluia... hm.
well... here's hoping??
takes place during/after ep 17.

He kept them ahead of him I could spray the blood of at least one of 'em on the wall watching them closely, though... at this point, he wasn't sure why they were even bothering. Like stupid little lambs inviting wolves for dinner... The damage was done, wasn't it? He kept his hands balled up into fists at his side why, you think you'll actually make a move? Let me at 'im grateful they'd be off the ship soon, at least.

Unexpected things like this...

The eldest, Johann, looked over his shoulder at Alleluia, and smirked. He held back a tiny bit, letting his brother and sister some fuckin' family, huh? The sibs that slaughter together, stay together or somethin' get ahead of them. The way he was smiling was making Alleluia a little irritated baby boy gonna cry! but he just kept his eyes straight ahead and his chin up.

"You should join us," Johann purred under his breath. Alleluia started. He looked over at the two younger ones, but they obviously didn't hear. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Johann. "Don't tell me you really believe in this being nice about terrorism thing? Damned if you do... damned if you don't... aren't results the most important thing?"

Alleluia ground his teeth together. That smug bastard... he has a point y'know... was he actually recruiting right here, on their ship? Enemy territory?

"I don't think I'd get along with you three," Alleluia replied staunchly.

"Really?" Johann smirked, and licked his lips. "I'm pretty sure I could get along with you."

He's already had you in his head at least three times. Fucking fag. I could have him over a table and screaming for mercy in under-- "Are you sure?" Alleulia replied with arch boredom. "How... optimistic of you. It's past time for you to leave the ship, though," he finished with an icy glare.

"Awww! He's not nice!" the girl giggled. "Not like Setsuna at all!"

"Nena, do you really like that brat?" the middle one complained.

Johann gave Alleluia a significant look as he passed him... and he made a kissing gesture.

Alleluia stood stock still until they were all gone, and their Gundam was moving away you wanted the ponce, didn't you? Never knew you were such a pansy... oh, wait, I did... before he turned on his heel and headed back to his room. He took slow, measured breaths, counting slowly to ten between each inhalation and exhalation...

He went to the bathroom and grabbed a wet towel from the supply bin. He rubbed his face... his hands. He wanted to scrub his whole body, but...

He looked up, hesitatingly, and looked into the mirror.

"Look at you. Sniveling moron. So shook up 'n' angry, and why? You know what you've accomplished? You've proven your weaknesses to them. Might as well just grab your ankles and let that smug ass have his way with you."

"Sh-shut up," Alleluia growled, but the face in the mirror just laughed. "Th-those three... they're insane..."

"Says the man who's talking to himself. Stop making excuses! Without those three, you and your wussy friends would be toast, right? So just admit it... They've got a point, those Thrones."

"They don't!" Alleluia growled. Or maybe his voice sounded more like a whimper. Halleluia's smiled broadened, like he was baring his teeth. "They're out of control. We're the only ones --"

"You think you can handle this? How many holes can you plug with your fingers, crybaby? Sometimes, you know it's true... to put out a fire, you have to start one. And let's face it... if there wasn't a way for you fight... you'd still need to, right?"

"You're the one who needs to fight! Not me!" Alleluia protested.

"And who am I, then? Mm? Don't fool yourself. You can lie to everyone else..." He laughed. "You know I'm you, right? I'm the real you, the one you're too afraid to be. Which means you know I'm right. Earlier... you were thinking of that Johann's blood..."

"No!" Alleluia protested, banging his flat palm against the wall.

"You were. You were thinking of cutting that smug bastard's throat. Or blowing his brains out. You've done it before! From close range... the blood... it sprays everywhere, right? Didn't you want to see it?"

"No!" but the protest sounded weak, even to him.

He just laughed and laughed. "You're so weak. It's because you're such a liar! Just give in. C'mon. You know you can't hold out much longer. You need me. Because right down in your heart, you know... I am --"

"No!" Alleluia pounded his head against the mirror, shutting his eyes tightly. He hit the glass three times...

When he opened his eyes, he just looked down at the floor. He took a few long, deep breaths...

It was quiet.

He picked the towel up off the floor, and tossed it into the laundry bin. He needed... coffee. Right. Something warm to drink... to calm his nerves. Right.

He went to the commissary, but when he made the coffee, he made two cups. That was fine, because he could easily think of someone to share it with. Ms. Sumeragi was at her workstation... her brow was furrowed, and she was just staring at the computer like she might find hidden meaning by staring into the monitor long enough.

Alleluia put on a cheerful smile you're such a whore and put the coffee mug down at her elbow. "Coffee?"

"Oh!" She looked up at him, and then wiped the anxiety from her face, returning his smile. "Alleluia... Oh, aren't you kind..."

"I even left you room to... Irish it up?" he innocently offered.

She laughed out loud. "Well, that's certainly a good idea. After everything that's happened..." She sighed, and rubbed her face.

He put his own mug down, and went behind her. "Don't worry, Ms. Sumeragi." He put his hands on her shoulders, and started to rub. His thumbs dug into the muscles of her back, loosening them, while his fingers... his fingers ended up on her bare skin, deftly slipping down the fabric of her collar. He placed them gently on her collarbone, and subtly spread his fingers out... He looked down, and the view was not so bad, although getting a good view of Ms. Sumeragi wasn't often difficult. "We're all still dedicated to our purpose."

"I wonder..." she mused with a sigh. She leaned back, and looked up at him, looking into his eyes... Throw her onto the ground and fuck her! After a moment, her eyes sparkled, and she smirked at him. "Don't think I don't see through your sinister plan, young man. You've got fifteen more seconds, and then I expect you to get your hands off of me," she teased.

He laughed, amicably. The real sight it between her legs, nancy-boy. "Hope you don't mind if I count slowly?"

There was definitely something worthwhile in hearing her laugh at that time.