title: Disadvantage
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: Kurapika/Leorio
rating: Mature
warnings: nen sex
summary: Leorio almost succeeds in getting past Kurapika's defenses.
notes: for poutonly, for this request on fic on demand. also, for Mina, cuz i've been promising her kurapika/leorio smut for ages. getting closer... kurapika does end up naked... ^_~

Thick, cold chain snaked over his skin, moving with the grace of a living thing. The hair on his legs rose as it made its way up, and though he arched his back, he couldn't get any more leverage. His arms and legs were pinned down, chains crisscrossed over his chest, he had a few links near his mouth, occasionally teasing his lips, and this end of the chain, which was traveling up his leg, to his groin, it was driving him mad...

He looked over at Kurapika, and damn it! He was still fully clothed!

A chain slid over his throat, over his chin, covering his mouth.

"Bite," Kurapika commanded. "Suck on it. Leorio. Do what I tell you. Bite it."

Kurapika was calmly sitting on the edge of the bed. It wasn't fair. He was writhing like mad, at the brink of madness, ready to plunge head-first into ecstasy, and... Kurapika was still issuing orders in a level tone. He bit down on the chain with all his frustrated might, and was rewarded with a chain slipping inside his body.

One link thick, two, three... This was madness. Another length of chain slipped up to tease his cock, just brushing over it, over the slit... These chains were warm, and even though it was metal, its touch was heated, intimate.

Kurapika put his hand on Leorio's foot. "I don't... I don't understand it. It doesn't make sense." The chain kept moving further and further into his body, thickening, and was it... the chain was moist? It seemed to be self-lubricating. Leorio had never felt anything like it before. "I keep trying to tell myself... this is normal, this is healthy. But it's still about control."

Leorio screamed against the chain in his mouth. He felt like his prostate was being pounded, and his cock was being squeezed, and his nipples felt like there was electricity being passed over them, and his brains were frying. He was aware of Kurapika's hand as it slid up higher. It was on his thigh now. But he couldn't do anything. His body was Kurapika's now.

"And yet, I want to lose control. I want to give in. To you. Do you understand? But how can you? I've never thought of you as an enemy, but there's a difference between a friend, and someone you... I trust you. I trust you more than anyone else in the world. But it's hard for me to let my guard down. That's why I want to give this to you. This pleasure. I want you to feel good."

The chain inside his body started to move. Thrusting in and out... pushing him. Prodding him. He groaned. He wasn't aware of anything anymore. He had the sense that Kurapika was saying something important, but more than that, Kurapika was doing something to him. He closed his eyes tightly, and he thought about the chain as an extension of Kurapika's body. When he thought about Kurapika moving inside of him, shuddering in pleasure, he came, immediately.

The chains around him loosened slowly, milking out each shudder and sigh. He felt dizzy and spent. When he opened his eyes again, the chains were gone, and he was left naked, cold, and empty.

But Kurapika was there, dragging his fingers through the small pool of come on his belly. He raised his fingers, tipped in white, to his lips, and tasted it.

"Fucking god, that's gotta be the sexiest thing in the universe," Leorio grinned, and curled up on his side, stretching out his arms.

Kurapika blushed slightly, hiding his eyes. He reached out tentatively, and let his hand rest on Leorio's side. He moved his hand up slowly, until his fingers were spread over Leorio's throat, up more, tracing the curve of Leorio's lips. He leaned down, and kissed Leorio, nibbling nervously on Leorio's lips.

Leorio lifted his arms, though they were like jelly, and he felt clumsy. He slipped his fingers into Kurapika's hair, down his shoulders and arms and back up again. "Man. Wish you'd gotten something out of that."

Kurapika looked at him, confused. "Leorio... you... do understand that my chains are an extension of me? They aren't a real object; I create them with my nen, and I control them with my will. They are a part of me."

Blinking, Leorio tried to put what Kurapika just said together with what they had done and what Kurapika had been saying, and... he wasn't coming up with a blessed thing. "Huh?"

Kurapika smiled, looking only a bit superior, and he stood up. "I need to change my clothes. Do you want to shower, maybe?"

Change. Kurapika's hands were tugging at the cloth of his skirt thing, tugging at his clothes, and Leorio got it. He thought. "Nah. I like being dirty. What about you, Kurapika? Do you like being dirty?"

Kurapika looked at him, and Leorio hated how expressive and vulnerable Kurapika's eyes were. "Mm. I guess I can adjust to it."

Leorio fell back into the bed. He lifted his hand above his head. There were red marks up and down his arms. He twisted his hand over the marks, and it was like a reflection of the pain coming back to him. A trigger for a tactile memory.

"Do you trust me, Kurapika?" he called out.

"I told you I did."

"Next time, will you use your body, instead of your nen?" He waited for Kurapika to reply.

"...I don't know."

"I love you," he sighed, and closed his eyes.

Kurapika's fingers slipped over his face. He opened his eyes, and his heart stopped.

Kurapika was finally naked.

"I suppose that's why I trust you." He smiled apologetically. "You have me at a disadvantage, Leorio. I'm not sure... I don't remember...."

Leorio leaned up and kissed Kurapika, hard, holding his head in place. He gave Kurapika a wink and a grin when he pulled away. "I need every advantage I can get with you, Kurapika. You don't need to remember, though. I can teach you from scratch."

Kurapika blushed, and looked away. He flicked off the lamp, and slid into the sheets, turning his back to Leorio. "Well. We'll see."

Leorio grinned, completely undeterred. He spooned up behind Kurapika, and kissed his shoulder. "Yeah. We will."

He could almost feel Kurapika blushing, but he didn't do anything more.

He'd already made great headway in one night.