title: Dirty Love
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Saeki/Atsushi/Ryou
rating: Teen
warnings: bondage, twincest,
summary: Saeki gets taught a lesson he won't want to forget
notes: for pookie-chan, for top_cagnotte. (one of) her requests was:
tezuka/atobe or atobe/fuji or kisatwins/saeki (but not all of them at the same time, please!). I'd like to see plot, preferably with lots of dialogue... oh, and mild bondage is fine with me~ ;) Also, I'd like there to be a happy ending if possible. :D
taking the last pairing. and this might be... kinkier than plotty, but... >_> these things happen when sae-san and the twins frolic in my head? hope it's all right! also, after it got kinky, it just... went and became angsty. yeah, really not in control here, apparently... =p

He woke up to an unpleasant tingling sensation in his arms. He tried to shift positions, but... He found that was impossible. Before he opened his eyes, he deduced the problem was that he was in an unfamiliar bed. He was at St. Rudolph's, on Atsushi's roommate's bed, and that was probably why...

No, it was more likely the handcuffs, holding him in place. He tugged on it, experimenting, as if it might yield and dissolve with his dreams. The metal just cut into his wrists.

Had he gone to bed naked? He didn't remember that...

His cell phone rang. He looked down at his tennis bag, next to the bed, just where he had laid it. Well, that was normal. But...

Atsushi strolled in from the bathroom, a towel slung low on his hips. He wiggled his eyebrows at Saeki knowingly, and bent over to retrieve Saeki's cell with what Saeki deemed to be cruel exaggeration. He flipped it open, and sat gingerly on the edge of Saeki's bed, holding the phone to Saeki's ear.

"Sae~san. You were a bad boy."

Saeki grinned up at Atsushi, but Atsushi wasn't looking at him. "Ryou-babe. Now, why would you say that? You know what a good boy I am."

"You told me you were going to Tokyo to visit just Atsushi. And you told Atsushi you were coming after school. Now, really. Did you honestly think we wouldn't talk to each other?"

Atsushi trailed his finger down Saeki's chest, pushing the thin sheet aside. Saeki grinned wolfishly up at him. "Well, see, the thing about that is..."

"Do you really think that Atsushi and I would be so jealous of your little crush on Fuji-kun? How is he, by the way? He's got that really hot boyfriend, doesn't he?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Ryou-babe," Saeki licked his lips, shifting his hips, trying to angle them so Atsushi would... but his hand slipped away. Damn. "Too bad you aren't here, though. It's being interesting this morning..."

"Is it? Oh, don't worry. I think we can make it a lot more interesting. See, we need to teach you a lesson about telling the truth." The door to the dorm room opened, and Ryou strolled in, wearing a loose robe. He continued, however, to talk into his cell phone, and Atsushi kept Saeki's cell phone at Saeki's ear. "I think we need to punish you. What do you think, Atsushi?" Ryou slipped his hand down Atsushi's bare chest, and he set his chin on Atsushi's shoulder.

Saeki grinned. "Oh, baby, punish me, please!"

Ryou winked at him, and closed his phone, tossing it aside. He lifted Atsushi's chin, and kissed him, slowly, parting Atsushi's lips, tasting him...

Saeki tossed and writhed on the bed, breathing heavily. Atsushi looked him in the eye, and then he shut Saeki's phone, tossing it toward Ryou's phone. He turned, spreading his legs out so his brother could get closer, and he pulled Ryou's robe open, putting his mouth to Ryou's skin, and his fingers tangled up in Ryou's perfect, shining, trailing hair...

"C'mon. Aren't you going to play with me, too?" Saeki begged, tugging on his cuffs. They were starting to hurt. Just like Ryou, play it a bit rough. Both the twins turned to look at him, and smiled.

Ryou opened Atsushi's towel. Atsushi pulled back Ryou's robe. Ryou's long hair teased Atsushi's skin. Saeki's legs were in their way, but he didn't pull them up, and they didn't take note of them.

Saeki's eyes got wider and wider. He pulled down on the handcuffs, letting them hurt him, distract him, focus him... He'd never seen anything in his life that was as gorgeous, just... stunning. The two of them...

It broke his heart. He didn't belong between them. Fuji didn't need him anymore. Hell, even Yuuta had Mizuki...

He couldn't even touch himself, but when Atsushi screamed, it was enough to break his frustration, at least.

Atsushi grabbed his elbow as he was leaving. Ryou was going on ahead, ignoring them. Atsushi pulled him the opposite way, to a dark stairwell that seemed to be little used. He put his arms around Saeki's neck, and kissed him, harder than Saeki'd ever been kissed before.

"Take care of him, all right?" Atsushi's eyes were unusually serious, and Saeki smiled sadly.

"You should come home."

Atsushi looked away. "I left for a reason. I'm not sure what's going to happen, Kojirou. I think you know what I mean. We can't... I'm not sure he knows we can't..."

Saeki put his thumb on Atsushi's lips, caressed Atsushi's face... He kissed him, softly, lovingly. "Don't be lonely needlessly, Atsushi-kun."

Atsushi smiled. That was how Saeki used to tell them apart, back when Atsushi's hair was long, and he was in Chiba, where he belonged. Their smiles were different, both in the way they smiled and their reasons for smiling. "Don't worry about me. I'll stand on my own two feet. Just make sure he's ok."

The train ride back was odd, like his ears were stuffed with cotton. It was dark outside, so that it was hard to see anything. The sound of the train was an impediment to conversation.

They sat next to each other, and stared in opposite directions, Ryou's fingers tracing the faint red lines on Saeki's wrists left by the cuffs. Saeki watched Ryou's fingers sometimes, long and elegant, and strong. He wanted to open his hand, to take Ryou's hand, to hold it. His fingers looked pale and thick next to Ryou's.

Atsushi's hand looked exactly like Ryou's.

Practice started a half hour ago, but Oji wouldn't mind. Too much. Saeki wasn't sure Aoi would even notice. He let Ryou strip his shorts to his ankles. He could barely breathe, because Ryou was biting his lips, and...

Ryou needed this.

Saeki dipped his head back, pressing against the lockers behind them. He could breathe again, for now. He looked up at the ceiling. "I can't replace him."

"No, you can't," Ryou sighed, sounding weary.

"He'll come back, Ryou. This isn't forever." Saeki pulled his fingers through Ryou's perfect, glorious hair. Like silk wrapped around steel threads...

"Yes, it is," Ryou sighed, and he looked Saeki in the eye, his gaze unflinchingly honest. "It's not right. It's not... normal. He may come back. But this is forever." He smiled sadly. "I need to..."

Saeki grabbed his face and kissed him to swallow his words, hell, swallow his thoughts, take it all away, make it stop...


They walked over to the courts, their hands barely brushing together. Saeki nodded to the far court, and Ryou shrugged. Saeki went to the baseline, and prepared to serve.

"You know. Fuji's really just a friend."

"I know, Kojirou," Ryou rolled his eyes. "Like Atsushi and I are really just brothers. C'mon, serve, already."

Saeki grinned, and narrowed his eyes. He sliced it hard, looking for the ace.