title: December 9th
fandom: Fruits Basket
characters/pairings: Hatori/Ayame
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing, infidelity
summary: Hatori can't stop thinking of a certain color...
notes: for therhoda, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. *snugs* i wanted to do something related to the pic for December on my fruits basket calendar, something with momiji, but a certain someone just demanded attention, as always. ^_~

His fingers lingered on the display case. He had plenty of time before Christmas, but he didn't get many chances to get away from the main house. The pearls were stunning. They were just the right shade of off-white, with a grey-silver sheen.

"An excellent choice, if I do say so, sir." He looked up and blinked disinterestedly at the salesman. "A rare set, and of such pristine quality. Your lady will definitely be appreciative if you give her these on Christmas Eve."

He frowned slightly, and looked back down at the pearls. He tried to visualize them on Kana's neck, like he was supposed to, but the skin he saw them against was roughly the color of those pearls, the neck was thicker, and the shoulders too broad to wear pearls gracefully.

Hatori made a face, and ducked his head down. Without a word, he left the counter. Shopping was useless. He'd probably just ask Aya to buy something when Christmas was closer. Knowing Aya, he already had something picked out, anyway. And.

He didn't need to get Aya a present.

He wove his way through the throng of bargain hunters, and successfully exited the department store, heading down the street to the station. It was the end of the workday, and the sidewalks were as crowded as the roadway. At the corners, people were piled up, waiting for the signal to cross. He looked up at the sky, and was surprised by how overcast and cloudy it was. A snow sky, heavy and grey.

As he walked down the street, any flash of bright color, especially red, caught his eye. At least a dozen times, he nearly called out for Aya, sure that he was there. He was getting angry with himself; what was he thinking? It must have been that his lunch had decided to disagree with him, causing his brain to fixate on his cousin. It was the only logical explanation.

He was still three blocks away from the station when the snow started, in fat, thick flakes. People started to scurry around, as if they could rush and avoid being touched by the falling snow. And Hatori must have made a wrong turn somewhere, because instead of being close to the station he was across the street from...

It was now a ten block walk to the station, it was snowing, and... This was madness. He could hail a taxi, perhaps. Or.

He crossed the street quickly, against the light, dashing between cars before he could think it through entirely. The front of the store was surprisingly modest, but Aya had explained when he had shown the space off to Shigure and Hatori, the night before he opened, that no one objected to the sex trade in their neighborhood, as long as they didn't need to think about it too much. He hurried inside, and swept the snow off his shoulders.

"Hatori-san!" Aya jumped, actually jumped, and rushed forward, dropping a load of questionable underthings, and grabbed Hatori's hand. "It's been so long!" Hatori tried to remind Aya that they'd seen each other over the weekend, but he barreled onward. "And I can't even remember the last time you came to my store. Are you getting your Christmas shopping done early? That's so clever of you! Just as I'd expect of Tori-san. Now, now, now, you must be thinking of getting Kana-chan something from here. Yes? Yes? Yes! Are we thinking slutty nurse? Slutty maid? Slutty coffee house girl? That's becoming very popular. Just tell me, what's your fantasy, Tori-san, and I'll be sure to make it come true," he promised with a teasing wink. "I'm just kidding, of course, I know Kana is your fantasy, I only meant..."

Aya was blushing softly, damn him. Hatori couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed Aya by the hair and pulled him close, ignoring the little sound he made. He crushed their lips together as his free hand tried to push past the layers of fabric to get to Aya's skin. He needed to feel Aya's skin! There was a shocking tearing sound, and then he had it, he slipped his hand around, touching Aya's back...

He pushed Aya back until they ran into a table of Gothic Lolita accessories. He kept pushing Aya back, going deeper, his fingernails digging in...

All day long... all day...

While Kana was at home filing...

He broke off the kiss, panting, his forehead on Aya's, their noses touching, their eyes locked in each other's gazes. "Aya..." he whispered.

"Don't worry, Tori-san," Aya said softly, smiling. "We're not doing anything wrong. Well. Technically. But... we're cousins! It's almost like a loophole. I have a small futon in the back..." He gestured in that direction, trying to take Hatori's hand.

Hatori ran his fingers through Aya's silky hair, sighing. "All day long, I've been thinking of this color. Of your eyes. Your skin. Remember in high school, no, it was junior high, wasn't it? We'd sneak out and go to the red light district, but we'd get bored. We'd end up piled together in one of our rooms. Shigure would fall asleep, and we'd..."

Aya was beaming. He put his hands on Hatori's neck, and sighed happily. "We'd kiss and hold each other. Just holding each other after meaningless sex... It was magical. There's no way I'd ever forget that, Hatori-san, not for a second."

He moved closer, letting his lips touch Aya's. Just. Just touch. "I love Kana. I do. I can't just... stop loving her, ever. I can't help this. You're under my skin and I can't..."

Aya whimpered, his eyes slipping shut. His lips parted, and the tip of his tongue darted out. Hatori's mouth watered. His heart wavered. He knew he should...

The bells on the shop door chimed, and Mine bounced inside. "Shopkeeper, I got the lace, but it was an epic adventure that comes in at least six parts. Ready? Eh?"

Hatori practically pushed Aya away. He wiped his mouth with his fingers. What had he been thinking? This was stupid. He turned to leave, muttering a useless Sorry.

"Tori-san!" Aya called out. Mine looked from him to Hatori, puzzled, but Hatori just brushed past her, nodding briefly. "Tori-san, don't leave, I... I can..."

"I'll see you later," he said distinctly. He exited the shop, grateful for the cold night air, the wet snow, and the dark.


There was no point in even thinking about holiday shopping until the 20th.