title: December 7th
fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
characters/pairings: Subaru/Kamui
rating: G/Teen
warnings: teen angst
summary: The Vampire Brothers keep moving through different worlds...
notes: for nana_chibi, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. *snuggles* this should probably be considered AU or something like that...

"I want to leave this world! I want to leave now!" Kamui demanded, childishly stomping his foot, tears in his eyes.

Subaru smiled softly, too wise to openly show his amusement, but his little brother could be cute. "Kamui, calm do-"

"I don't want to calm down!" he screamed, spinning on his heels. He pointed an angry finger in Subaru's face. "This world is horrible! It's the worst, I can't imagine any worse! We have to get out of here as quickly as possible! I can't stand it! I can't stand it, I can't stand it, I can't stand it!"

"Kamui..." Subaru murmured, but before he could reach out, Kamui broke down.

He grabbed Subaru by the jacket and shook him. "Why? Why? I don't understand it! Why is she your twin? Why is it her, why is it not me? Why aren't I in your life at all? She's your twin and HE'S here, and you... you... you were hanging off of him like he was your savior, and... where was I?"

"I don't know, Kamui," Subaru quietly started, trying to put his arms around Kamui, but Kamui pushed him against the wall and pounded his fists into Subaru's chest.

"Stop being so calm! You don't even care, do you?! But somewhere in this world, I'm here, and I'm all alone, and you'll never know or care because you have them, and HE'S probably going to do something horrible to you, and you won't even care, because he's more important to you than me...!"

Subaru took Kamui's face in his hands, and pulled him close, kissing him, refusing to back off until Kamui parted his lips. As soon as their tongues touched, it was like a switch had been thrown; Kamui slumped against Subaru, and let his hands slip down to Subaru's waist. Subaru could then wrap his arms around Kamui tightly, and press their bodies together.

Defeated, Kamui whimpered, and broke off the kiss, but he didn't pull away. He pushed Subaru's collar down roughly, and sank his teeth in, causing Subaru to groan, to push his hips out, tip his head back, part his lips...

His brother's teeth were so... pure.

After a moment, Kamui recollected himself, and he pulled away, licking the blood off his lips sheepishly. Subaru chuckled, and then he touched his brother's cheek, his jaw... his delicate neck...

Eagerly, Kamui pulled his collar away, and offered his throat to Subaru. It had been a while since he'd fed, so he decided to indulge in a taste. His teeth pushed into Kamui's skin, earning him a soft moan, and a rush of hot, thick blood that was like heaven on his tongue.

He only took a taste, just enough to feel his brother's heartbeat against his teeth, just enough to reassure Kamui.

He brushed his thumb over Kamui's bottom lip. "We'll leave. After we've had a good night's rest," he added with a smile.

Kamui nodded, understanding, but he still ducked his head down. Subaru gently lifted his chin with a finger, and looked into Kamui's deep purple eyes.

"Kamui, it doesn't matter what other versions of ourselves are doing or whether they're together, or... All that matters is that to me, me, there is no one more precious than you." He kissed Kamui's nose to emphasize his point.

Seriously, Kamui looked up at Subaru. "Is that true?"

Subaru nodded, brushing Kamui's hair back. "Now come on. Let's find a place to sleep."

Blushing, Kamui fingered the button on Subaru's jacket, looking up at his brother from under his bangs. "We don't need to sleep... all night long, right?"

Laughing, Subaru put his arm around his brother's neck, and tousled his hair.