title: December 5th
fandom: Samurai Champloo
characters/pairings: Jin, Fuu
rating: G
warnings: Jin is not a good babysitter, drinking
summary: Jin has to babysit...
notes: for my peta-love, for my advent ficalendar... *snugs!!!*

He heard her coming in, but he stayed exactly where he was, watching the cup fill with sake as he poured it. The bottle was almost empty, so it was perfect timing for Fuu to return home - she could get him some more. He completely inverted the bottle, but Fuu didn't come into the kitchen. She went straight over to her Ichi-chan's room. He lifted the cup slowly, being careful to keep the liquid level.

Fuu came running into the kitchen just as he was sipping down the last of the sake. "Jin! Have you been getting drunk?"

"I've only just started," he replied simply.

She narrowed her eyes, and took the cup away from him. "There are fish bones stuck to the wall."

"Mm," he nodded.

"The ink has been poured out all over my futon."

"That was unfortunate," he said dismissively.

"My son is asleep!" she said accusingly.

He raised an eyebrow at her.

She narrowed her eyes. "You pulled your sword on him, didn't you?"

He narrowed his eyes, but then he shrugged. "Yes, I did, but it had no effect."

"Then how did you get him to go to bed?" she asked, leaning down to look him in the eye.

She really ought to tie her kimono a bit more tightly. She used to be so much more discreet when she was younger. His little sister was hardly cute at all anymore. "He really is Mugen's child, isn't he? It put him to sleep, but he only left me with two shots when he was done." He looked mournfully at the sake bottle.

She slapped it away, and huffed, putting her hands on her hips. "You gave him sake to put him to bed? And you used the good sake?! That was a gift from the magistrate! I didn't even get a single glass!"

"Ladies should not drink sake," Jin said vaguely.

"Oh, stuff it up your ass, Jin," Fuu huffed. "I am never asking you to watch Ichi-chan again! And there's no way he's Mugen's, you bastard! Does he look like a monkey to you?"

He did see the boy hanging from the rafters, but it was politic not to mention that. He stood up, and kissed Fuu on the cheek. "My job here is done, then. Goodnight, Fuu."

"I weep for the woman who ends up with you as a wife," she groused, watching him leave.

"I wish the man who runs away from being your husband godspeed on his journey," Jin said, ducking out the door before Fuu could throw anything really heavy at him.

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