title: December 3rd
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Ritsuka/Soubi
rating: G
warnings: pancakes
summary: Ritsuka's memory is returning.
notes: for merith, for my advent ficalendar. *snuggles mermer* based on anime continuity, natch, since there's still too many unknowns in loveless. ^_~

He dreamed.

He dreamed of Seimei, and of his mother. He dreamed of his father taking him to the zoo, and being popular in school. He never used to read. He used to be afraid of Seimei sometimes. He liked that his mother made it clear he was her favorite.

It wasn't his life. They weren't his dreams.

He dreamed of coming into Seimei's room and finding a strange young man in Seimei's bed, half naked. He sat up, and looked at Ritsuka, his eyes widening. Ritsuka shrunk back, and whimpered. The man was an adult! In Seimei's bed!

But... he was also beautiful. And on his neck...

"What does that say on your neck?" he asked quietly.

The young man touched his throat. "It's my name. Beloved."

"That's a strange name," Ritsuka said, cocking his head to the side.

"It's English," the man said, smiling. He looked better when he smiled, but Ritsuka thought he was lying. "It means someone who is loved."

"Oh. Are you loved by someone?" Ritsuka asked, his tail swaying behind him lazily.

The young man watched Ritsuka's tail. "No."

"Oh." That was sad. "You must not be a nice person, then. Mommy always says she loves me because I'm so good."

"That's true," the young man said. "I'm not nice."

"Be nicer, then," Ritsuka said firmly. "And you shouldn't be in Seimei's bed. He hates it when people touch his stuff."

"Is that why you came in here, Ritsuka-chan? To touch Seimei's things?" He smiled again, but this time, he was teasing Ritsuka, and it wasn't a lie.

"I never told you my name," Ritsuka said haughtily. "You're a bad adult. No wonder no one loves you." He turned on his heel and left.

Ritsuka opened his eyes. He didn't think he ever asked Seimei about the man in his bed. How long before he lost memory was that?

He turned over, and watched Soubi. He was painting, of course. He'd probably been painting all night long. He looked so focused.


"You lied to me."

Soubi blinked, and looked over his shoulder at Ritsuka. "When?"

"You said the first time we met was in front of my school," Ritsuka said, accusingly.

"Ah. You remembered," Soubi sighed.

"It's not my memory. That's not me," Ritsuka grumbled, pulling the blanket up.

"Then it wasn't a lie," Soubi countered cheerfully, smiling.

His smile wasn't a lie anymore.

"What did you think of me back then?" Ritsuka asked.

"Mm," Soubi hesitated, turning his brush around in the well of paint. "I thought you were a brat. And I thought you were very cute. Too cute to really be Seimei's little brother."

"You don't think I'm cute anymore," Ritsuka yawned.

"No," Soubi winked at him. "Now I think you're sexy."

Ritsuka groaned, and pulled the blanket over his head. He could hear Soubi laughing, though, still. "Make me pancakes!" he ordered.

"Yes, yes," Soubi said, standing up. But he went to the bed, not to the kitchen. He sat down, and pulled the blanket down. He kissed Ritsuka's forehead, and his hair got in Ritsuka's mouth. "Ritsuka is Ritsuka," he said quietly.

"Pancakes," Ritsuka stubbornly insisted.

Soubi winked. "Yes. Master."

Ritsuka swacked Soubi with the pillow as he stood up.

"If your dreams trouble you..." Soubi said softly, in that annoyingly deep and sexy voice of his. "You can always wake up, and I'll be there."

Ritsuka sat up and glared at Soubi. He leaned forward slowly, and kissed Soubi's lips. Then, he pointed to the kitchen. "Pancakes."

"As you wish," Soubi whispered, and winked.

Ritsuka flopped down on the bed.

When he was younger, he never used to dream. Maybe everyone had dreams of their youth that seemed alien to their present selves. He could ask Soubi, but Soubi never answered simple questions directly.