title: December 2nd
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Crane/omc, Ra's al Ghul
rating: Teen
warnings: bondage, oral sex
summary: Crane meets his employer.
notes: for my darling Alex, for her prompt in my advent ficalendar. *smooch!!* hope you enjoy, darlin'. ^_^

He loved the sound of the man's expensive shoes as they moved across the floor. He was tall; that much was clearly evident from his gait. That much, however, told him next to nothing. The invitation, such as it was, had only specified a date, the 2nd of December, and a place, the basement of a Gotham nightclub. Since a time wasn't specified, he arrived at five to midnight, on the first, and was greeted by several overly large men with overly large guns.

The man... was worth some... sacrifices of his pride. At least, for now. So, he let himself be tied up and blindfolded. In fact, there was an aura of excitement about it. He was left alone, and then...

He smiled. "So good to see you again, sir."

"Don't be cheeky," the man's rumbling, pleasant voice warned him. "Did you enjoy the sample I leant you?"

"Oh, yes sir, I'd like some more please, sir," Crane replied giddily. A drug that gave fear life? He felt like his entire existence was leading up to the moment when he could unleash that onto the world.

"Good," the man said, and he licked his lips, wanting to taste the sound of his voice. "Because I have a great deal more. And I'm going to need you, Dr. Crane."

"It's nice to be needed," Crane replied jauntily.

The man chucked, the sound rumbling around in his throat. "You are an interesting man, Dr. Crane. Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

"Are we going to get personal, then? How exciting," he laughed, bouncing in his seat. He didn't want to be tied up and blindfolded if they were getting personal. Actually, he wanted to tie him up and blindfold and strip him and find out if the Demon himself had fear.

The man's giant hand lifted his chin, and Crane opened his mouth, but nothing passed his lips. "Did you realize that you were a sadist before or after you realized you were gay?"

Crane chuckled, but he was still unable to pull away from the man's hand. "Sexuality is an object of the mind. It's not that I'm not attracted to women. I just find men to be better test subjects."

The man's thick finger traced his lips roughly. "Is everyone a test subject to you? Do you deny, then, the physical?"

"There is physical pleasure in the art of science," Crane argued logically. "And what about you? Do the immortal giants that rule the world need pleasure? Are you really a demon, cleansing the earth of lesser demons, or are you just another would-be tyrant?"

The man moved away. Crane pouted a bit. "What would you like to do to me if you could, Dr. Crane? If you could... experiment on me? What... humiliations would you visit upon me?"

"I would find what you fear," Crane replied confidently. He didn't believe in a God or a Demon without fear.

"I am Ra's al Ghul. I do not fear." That was a taunt, and clearly bait.

Crane scoffed. "You may... control your fear. You may understand it, so it doesn't control you. But there is something in this world to make the heart of every man tremble."

A chair was being scrapped across the floor, coming closer. "And you? Dr. Crane? What do you fear?"

Crane smiled widely. "Are you asking because you want to control me? Or because you want to trade places with me? Will you dirty your blood-soaked hands to work some perversion on me?"

"I am more interested in experimentation on men, just like you," the man replied archly. "It's an artifact of the patriarchal world we live in. Men are more likely to shape the world. That is all."

"You want to humiliate me to... subjugate me. Because you are going to give me something valuable, and you want to be sure I'll follow your orders. A taste of punishment, to train me not to misbehave, then?" Crane asked, digging.

"You want to be humiliated, because you want to gauge my strength. Can I really hurt you, make you fear? Can I give you pleasure? You want to know these things about me, so you want to experience it for yourself. Am I right?" he asked, leaning forward.

"Maybe I just want to suck your dick," Crane suggested offhandedly.

"You'd have to do a good job of it, if I'd be putting myself out that much," the man chuckled. "I don't take it out for just anyone."

"You take it out for the toilet, unless demons don't excrete waste," Crane countered. "And since I'm assuming we'll never trust one another, it's meaningless to say that. You'd have to take your chances, either way."

He wasn't expecting the next move. His head hit the floor and he felt dizzy, lightheaded, and sick. And then, his shoulders were pushed down, and something large and hot was shoved into his mouth. The body on top of him, his body, and the chair were all pressing down on his hands. What was in his mouth was pushed so far back, he nearly choked, and gagged. The man over him started to thrust. There was no way for him to be sure, but he didn't think it was the man himself.

Damn it.

He could do nothing but try to relax and keep from vomiting until the man was ready to come. To facilitate the process, he tried to suck or do what he could, but it was so rough and violent. He'd love it if he were doing it.

The man pulled out in time to come all over his face, and then there were footsteps, but they weren't his. Fuck it.

"Humiliation..." the man purred. "It's a beautiful word, isn't it? But you're a stronger man than I thought, Dr. Crane. That didn't even seem to bother you."

"Would you help me sit up?" Crane asked, bored. This was boring. If the Demon wouldn't play with him, then being tied up was just a nuisance.

The man's big hands grabbed him by the shirt, and pulled him up. A high quality handkerchief wiped his face clean, and then the man put his thumb in Crane's mouth.

Naturally, Crane bit down as hard as he could.

The man pulled away, and started to laugh. Crane listened bitterly while the man walked away, his footfalls bright claps against the polished floor. "You are an interesting man, Dr. Crane. I look forward to working with you."

Crane shifted in his seat, anxious to be released, though he knew he'd have to wait until the man was gone. "I look forward to playing with you," he grumbled under his breath.

When he got out, finally, it was snowing. The cold air felt good in his lungs, and the large, wet flakes stung the rope burn on his wrists brilliantly. It was always up to him to make his own fun, it seemed, but he'd have another chance at Ra's al Ghul.