title: December 25th
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: Kurapika/Leorio
rating: G/Teen
warnings: romance
summary: Leorio wants to celebrate with Kurapika.
notes: for mina, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar... the end!!! ^_^ have a merry one, all.

Their first Christmas together, they were on different continents, and Leorio had forgotten about Christmas until Valentine's day. He tried to talk to Kurapika about it, apologize, but Kurapika just looked at him like he was an overactive child and nodded without really listening.

It didn't matter. They'd have a nice Christmas together next time, Leorio promised himself.

They were together for their next Christmas. Together, after a fashion.

Senritsu called him Christmas Eve. Kurapika was in a hospital, near death. He traveled halfway across the continent, pulling strings with his license he didn't even know existed, to get to him in time. For fifteen hours, he kept his hands on Kurapika, using his nen to knit Kurapika's flesh and bones back together again. It was the first time he'd done a real nen healing like that, and afterward, he was given an official license to practice as a healer. Kurapika didn't wake up until after the New Year.

Their third Christmas together... they weren't together. They hadn't spoken in months. Leorio tried to get a hold of him through Gon, but...

They met again in the summer, on an island. Leorio was on vacation. Kurapika was working. Leorio helped out, things were said... they fought like alley cats, and then had sex on the beach until dawn. They still parted ways the next day, but Kurapika gave Leorio his cell phone number, so it was a step in the right direction.

They moved in together in November. Kurapika had left his job as a bodyguard and now had his own business. It was... vague in nature and ostensibly took on the task of 'odd jobs,' but he was in the business of tracking down body parts that had been stolen and returning them to their original owners. He had a number of eyes. He had buried a number of eyes.

And lost one of his own, but Leorio had invented a small glass eye that was powered by nen that could assist a nen user who had lost an eye.

On December 25th, Leorio took Kurapika to the beach, and cooked him breakfast over a fire. They teased each other and sniped at each other, and Kurapika complained about the cold, and Leorio made lewd suggestions about what they could do under the blanket to stay warm.

Leorio finally gave Kurapika a Christmas present, though Kurapika stubbornly insisted, as he was opening his gift, that Christmas was an antiquated holiday that only existed for commercialism anymore and therefore it was meaningless.

When he opened the small jewelry box, he furrowed his brow, but Leorio explained that it was Pietro's earring, and it was all Pietro had to bequeath to him at the time he died. Kurapika looked at it for a long time, and then slowly moved to put it on. He looked at Leorio, and asked how it looked. They didn't say much for the rest of the day, but when they got home, Kurapika's chains held Leorio down and they had the wildest and most incredible sex of their relationship.

The next December, Kurapika got a tree up and lights in the windows and mistletoe, even, in the doorway to the kitchen, all while Leorio worked a double shift. When he did get home, Kurapika just blushed, and said that he'd changed his mind about Christmas.

It had become his favorite holiday.