title: December 24th
fandom: DC Comics
characters/pairings: Dick/Garth
rating: G
warnings: domesticity
summary: It's Christmas Eve, so naturally, time to start Christmas shopping...
notes: for my darling and beloved mistress rithy, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. *snugs!!!* ^_^

He was only supposed to be working until three pm, but naturally, he ended up working another half shift, and naturally, he ended up doing some night work after that. All things considered, though, he thought he was doing pretty well.

After all, it was only ten thirty, and he was getting home. He came in the bedroom window, and stripped out of his kevlar in just a few seconds. He went out to the living room, and found Garth on the couch, working on his laptop. Dick leaned down and kissed Garth's cheek. "Surfing for porn?"

"Nah, just posting some photos I took of you while you were sleeping. Getting lots of hits," Garth teased, and closed his laptop.

"You should charge," Dick joked right back. He jumped over the couch and sat down on the edge of the seat, and leaned over Garth.

"Nah, too much effort, not enough gain," Garth easily retorted, but his smile defeated the purpose of the barb.

Still, something like that... tickling was definitely in order. Tickling an Atlantean was an art form, but Garth was good-natured enough to pretend to be laughing. Dick slid down on top of Garth, nuzzling under his chin.

The living room was lit solely by the flickering lights on the small little Christmas tree they had put up the week before. New tonight, though, were the piles of wrapped packages under the tree.


"Oh, crap."


"Uh..." Dick sat up. "I forgot some of my shopping."

Garth blinked, his expression blank. "Some of your shopping."

"Well, technically, nearly all of it," Dick shrugged sheepishly. Crap. He didn't have time... He stood up, and took Garth's hands. "Come with me?"

"Come with you where, Dick?" Garth blinked, confused. He didn't look like he was ready to get up and go anywhere quickly. "It's nearly eleven on Christmas Eve. Where do you think you're going to go shopping now?"

"The 24 hour place," Dick said, like that was the dumbest question ever. "C'mon, you'll come with me, right?" He tugged on Garth's hands, trying to pull him up, off the couch.

Garth just stared at him. "Dick, even the 24 hour place closes on Christmas Eve!"

"Someplace has got to be open," Dick rolled his eyes. "Let's just not waste any time, ok? This is completely under control, you know! I do know what I'm doing."

"You do?" Garth sardonically asked.

"Of course I do," Dick chuckled. Garth wasn't used to surface life; he still didn't know about the fine tradition of men shopping at the very last minute. He would learn.

"Well, then, are you going out shopping dressed like that, or are you at least going to put a t-shirt on?" Garth sighed, looking a little bit too smug.

"Ah, right, ok," Dick nodded. Man made a good point. "Yes, well, give me one minute and I'll be right back." He winked at Garth and took off.

Christmas was fun.

"I really think Donna would love this. I really do. Don't you?"

Garth was slumped over the small cart, looking less enthusiastic. "It's a smoking baby doll."

"Exactly!" Dick said enthusiastically. This Valverts was the only store in a fifty-mile radius that was open, and it was going to close in fifteen minutes. He had so far picked up the first five things or so he could lay his hands on, and he was already getting antsy. "It's... it's kitsch or something like that!"

"It's a smoking baby," Garth reiterated tiredly.

"I think it makes a statement about..." Dick started, feeling desperate.

"Babies smoking?" Garth finished, a bit testy.

"Ok, so the smoking baby is out. How about this?" he asked, grabbing the first thing off the shelf.

"Somehow, I don't think Donna wants a spring-mounted hula girl," Garth sighed.

"Work with me here, Garth! There has to be something here for everyone on my list, ok! We just need to find it. In the next five minutes." He tossed the hula girl in the cart. Maybe for Tim... "Ok, Babs... uh... what about..."

"Please don't pick up the grow your own boyfriend. She will kill you and I will have to move again," Garth yawned. "Look, Robbie..."

"Chia pet! It's a classic, right?"

"That is not a use of the word that I am familiar with. Listen to me, Robbie..."

"Medicated foot bath?"

"For who? If you give that to Alfred..."


"Richard!" Garth raised his voice. That never happened. Dick stopped and looked at him blankly. "There's something I need to tell you."

"Now? We don't have much time..." Dick hedged nervously, looking at his sad cart of crap.

"Robbie, I already did all of your Christmas shopping," Garth said matter-of-factly.

"Excuse me?" Dick blinked. That... made no sense.

Garth sighed heavily. "I did all your Christmas shopping a month ago, online, when I did mine. Well, everyone except Bruce... I can't imagine how you shop for him."

"I... I have Bruce's present... and one other person's. Well, for Bruce... it's just a tie and this little... toy thing for his desk... it's tradition, but now, I had it made from metal recycled from guns that were turned in... you really did my Christmas shopping?" He was completely dumbfounded. And. Relieved.

"Yeah," Garth blushed ever so slightly. "I hope you don't mind. I didn't mention it at the time because you made fun of me for getting my shopping out of the way early. And... well, ever since then, I've been waiting for you to bring it up, but..."

Dick threw his arms around Garth, and pulled him in for a deep kiss. He couldn't care less about being in public. Garth didn't seem to be as unreserved, though. The kiss broke off, and Garth looked around frantically. "Robbie, there's being out and then there's being in a Valverts..."

Laughing probably wasn't the response Garth wanted, but Dick couldn't help it. "And wrapped? Did you wrap them, too?"

"Bought and wrapped, yes, and don't get used to it," Garth warned him, belying his smile.

"Next year, I won't make fun of you, I'll shop online with you, promise. You're gorgeous, by the way," Dick added, nibbling on Garth's bottom lip.

"Hey, that's the last springy hula girl. Any chance I could have that?" Dick looked over at the red-eyed and desperate guy with the stubble who was riffling through their cart.

"Help yourself," Dick said generously. They needed to go home. Very quickly. He took Garth's hand, and headed for the door.

"You said you had shopped for one other person, too. Sure there's nothing else you need to pick up here?" Garth teased.

"Don't worry. I've got your very own smoking baby at home in the closet." He winked at Garth, and slapped his ass quickly. "Wanna race?"

Garth laughed, shaking his head... but he did take off, getting a decent head start on Dick, who enjoyed the view for a few moments before breaking out into a run himself.