title: December 23rd
fandom: The Tyrant Who Falls in Love
characters/pairings: Morinaga/Tatsumi
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Morinaga made plans, but Tatsumi is always in charge.
notes: for meemobunny, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar.

He was dragging his feet, making a nuisance of himself to the people on the street who all had better things to do. He had something better to do, too, except... well.

Quietly and inconspicuously, he'd arranged it so that Christmas Eve was one of their 'scheduled' days together, so he had made plans. He saved up and bought expensive champagne. He got Tatsumi something really amazing for a gift. He even got Christmas lights, and decorated.

When he mentioned it to Tatsumi the day before, though, Tatsumi had blown up at him, and flat out refused to be anywhere near him anytime at all on Christmas Eve.

They were lovers, but...

So, everyone in Japan was preparing for Christmas Eve tomorrow, with their lovers, who didn't deny that they were lovers, but Morinaga, who had made preparations in advance, only had time to himself planned, after all.

Not much reason to rush home, then.

Walking past stores with last minute shopping for that 'special person' was depressing. He thought about going to the bar and having a few drinks, but then he'd end up being grilled on how things were going or not going with Tatsumi, and...

Eventually, as much as he was dragging his feet, he ended up at his own door. Tomorrow, he'd just spend all day in, watching movies on disk, or working on his schoolwork. Yeah, that was a good idea. If he had all the lab paperwork done before the New Year, he could enter it with a clean slate, and even Tatsumi would be impressed. He could get as much as he could done at home, and on Christmas Day, he could go into the lab and finish everything else up. It was break, so they didn't have any experiments running, which just meant that he'd get a lot more work done. Tatsumi would be impressed and...

Morinaga's shoulders slumped. Senpai would definitely not be impressed, and he would definitely not feel appreciative. He'd probably just berate Morinaga for taking so long to do it in the first place.

Sighing, he unlocked the door to his apartment. There might not be a key to Tatsumi's heart. He'd have to accept it, as painful as it was...

He stepped into his apartment, and stopped dead cold. There on the floor, drinking the bottle of champagne Morinaga had bought, was none other than...

"Well? You're letting cold air in!" Tatsumi snapped. "Get in already!"

"S-s-s-senpai!" Morinaga stuttered, quickly following the command. "What are you doing here? I thought you were spending Christmas with your little sister, and you didn't want..."

"Well, she's with her damned boyfriend!" Tatsumi cut him off. "She's gone up to some... some... resort or something with his family. No matter how much I objected, no one listened to me!" He surged forward, nearly toppling the bottle of champagne. He grabbed the front of Morinaga's shirt, and started to shake him. "Doesn't anyone understand the importance of protecting the precious chastity of my sweet younger siblings?? At least it's a boy, but... no, that's worse, what if she gets pregnant at her tender age?!"

Morinaga suspected that Tatsumi's younger siblings' chastity were in less danger of violation than Tatsumi's own, but since he was the one who wanted to do the violating, he neglected to mention that point. "That's... rough... senpai... please... I'm... getting... motion... sickness..."

Tatsumi pushed Morinaga back and slumped down. "No one wanted to spend any time with me at all. My little Tomoe called, too, but that asshole was with him! And that's all supposed to be just fine and dandy! Damn it!" He picked up the bottle of champagne and started to guzzle it.

Quickly, Morinaga grabbed the bottom of the bottle, keeping Tatsumi from drowning himself in the champagne. "Hey, hey, take it easy, ok? I'll spend time with you, so... uh, it won't be all bad."

Tatsumi glared, and wiggled his finger in Morinaga's face. "No sex! I'm not letting you touch me, get it? Just keep your dirty homo thoughts to yourself, you pervert. I'm just here for the free drinks."

Heart sinking, Morinaga nodded. "Yeah... no, that's ok. I." He looked Tatsumi over. Damn... he looked so sexy like that, his hair a bit messy, probably from his theatrics while harassing his sister about her plans. His clothes were in a bit of a disarray, too, which was bad because even when he was perfectly put together, the temptation to strip him naked was great. His body was just so toned and perfect, with that lovely, sweet ass...

Visions of past encounters, the taste of Tatsumi's kiss, of his come, the feeling of his body, wrapped all around Morinaga, it all came flooding back, putting a haze over his thoughts...

Fuck. He was so screwed. He turned sharply away, and cleared his throat. "Yeah, well. Anyway. Uh." And a drunk Tatsumi was usually so easy... Fucking damn... "Oh! I know!" He needed something, anything, to take his mind off of how sexy and desirable Tatsumi looked, and thank the heavens, he thought of just the right thing.

He scooted over to his dresser, and opened the drawer with Tatsumi's gift. When he turned back around, Tatsumi was drinking from the bottle again. Morinaga reached over and took the bottle away. Spending Christmas Eve with his lover in the hospital while he was treated for alcohol poisoning didn't sound like much fun, either.

"Hey, slow down a little bit there. Here." He shoved the modestly wrapped package into Tatsumi's lap. "Go ahead, open it."

Tatsumi looked down at the package in his lap, poking distrustfully at the lopsided bow. "What's this?" he asked, his words slurring together just a little bit.

"It's your Christmas present, you dork," Morinaga laughed. He shifted a bit nervously from side to side. Ok, this was good, because he was actually really excited to see Tatsumi's reaction to this. He spent a lot of time working on it, and he was sure Tatsumi would like it, but... still, there was something really special about seeing someone you loved opening a present you worked really hard on putting together. "Open it!"

Tatsumi glared drunkenly at him, and sighed. He pulled off the ribbon with a bit of effort, and then tore sloppily at the wrapping. He frowned as the contents were revealed. Tossing aside the paper, he scrutinized the gift carefully.

Impatient, Morinaga rocked back and forth, and then... "See, see, I downloaded off the net every video special related at all to exobiology, at least, any one that seemed credible. A lot of them were in either English or French, so I got a friend of mine to help me translate them, and I put together a subtitles script with the help of another friend, and then another friend helped me put them all on dvd. See, you can play them on your computer, or in a regular dvd player, and... should all go automatically. There's about eighteen hours there on exobiology. It's really interesting stuff. Um. And then I put together a booklet for you, and I made the, uh, packaging from screencaps, and. Um. Well. Do... do you like it?"

Tatsumi looked at his, eyes narrowed, and then he opened the dvd case. There were three dvds inside, and a booklet. It was pretty crude looking, but since he'd never really done anything like that before, Morinaga thought it came out all right. Did Tatsumi...

"You have a lot of friends," Tatsumi finally said, grudgingly. Then, he held out the case to Morinaga. "Let's watch."

Heaving a big sigh of relief, Morinaga nodded happily. He put the first dvd in, and got them something to drink... something non-alcoholic. They watched all of the first dvd, and then Tatsumi took a bath while Morinaga got snacks. Somehow, miraculously, it worked out that he was getting to spend Christmas Eve with his lover after all!

They watched the second dvd, Tatsumi in one of Morinaga's pajamas, sitting on the floor together, drinking the last of the champagne slowly while eating up the convenience store munchies Morinaga had gotten. It may not have been the most romantic holiday of all, but Tatsumi was with him, he was enjoying himself, he was willing... and every so often, their hands would brush against each other as they reached for a chip, or their feet would touch. It was a different kind intimacy, but he liked it.

After the second dvd, Morinaga washed up and Tatsumi made a quick breakfast. They had to pause the third dvd because they couldn't stop arguing about the possibility of life or fossil evidence from meteorites. He tried his best to make his points, but long before the argument ended, he gave up. Tatsumi was just too passionate and too sharp. It was glorious, though, to listen to him, so Morinaga kept up his end. Tatsumi was so pleased with himself that Morinaga gave in to his point of view, he let Morinaga sit closer to him, so their arms and legs were touching.

It was the perfect Christmas Eve, he realized.

When the third dvd was finally over, Morinaga felt a bit deflated. That was way more exobiology than he could handle on his own, so his brain felt like an over-inflated balloon. It didn't help that he'd seen them all before, either. And.

"Er, well, it's early, still, I know, but... um, you can still spend the night, I, ah, I won't do anything to you, but..." He tried to think of an excuse for Tatsumi to stay a bit longer. He felt like they'd been a real couple all day long, and he didn't want Tatsumi to walk off and get a cab home, shattering his image.

Tatsumi leaned forward, and got the dvd out of the machine. He put it back in the case carefully, looking the case over. He put the dvd in the pocket of his coat, making sure that the pocket's flap was buttoned shut. He took a deep breath, and then looked Morinaga in the eye.

As always, Tatsumi's intensity was daunting, and Morinaga had the sinking feeling of wanting to run but being unable to.

"That was a really thoughtful gift," Tatsumi accused.

Morinaga floundered. "Er, well, no, it was nothing..."

"It wasn't nothing!" Tatsumi hotly returned. "You worked hard and you got half the campus involved and you put together something special that I'll be able to treasure forever!"

From his tone, Morinaga felt like he should apologize, but it definitely wouldn't have come out right, no matter how he tried to phrase it. "Well, uh, you're welcome..."

"I didn't get you anything." Morinaga blinked. Of course, he hadn't expected anything. Before he could say anything, though, Tatsumi continued. "So you damned well better appreciate this, because I'm not going out shopping for some guy on Christmas!"

Morinaga was completely confused, but then...

Tatsumi started to take off his shirt.

Trying not to drool, all Morinaga could think was, It's a Christmas miracle!

"Well?" Tatsumi sneered, though he was blushing, too. "If you don't want to, that's fine..."

"I want to!" Morinaga leapt forward, and put his hands on Tatsumi's neck. Slowly, he leaned in and kissed Tatsumi.

Tatsumi looked away, but his blush deepened. "You're a pervert. You'd better not leave me unable to walk tomorrow!"

"I'll be gentle. Promise. Senpai." Morinaga's heart was fluttering. He leaned in and kissed Tatsumi again, and this time, Tatsumi parted his lips, and let Morinaga taste him. Morinaga's fingers slipped back, carefully pushing down the tie in Tatsumi's hair, letting it free. "Merry Christmas, senpai," Morinaga whispered against Tatsumi's lips.

"Yeah, whatever," Tatsumi muttered, but his hands were on Morinaga's hips.