title: December 22nd
fandom: X/1999
characters/pairings: Aoki/Yuuto, Satsuki
rating: G/Teen
warnings: drinking
summary: Kigai Yuuto and Aoki Seiichirou finish the deal.
notes: for deadharbor, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. ^_^

He hung up the phone, and smiled across the tables. "That was it. The very last detail. This is 100% officially a done deal now."

"And look," his partner in this stress remarked cheerfully. "It's far from sunrise, even. We've gotten quite good at this, haven't we?"

"We have," Yuuto replied evenly. He narrowed his eyes a bit. "Does that mean we have time to celebrate, or do you need to rush off to your young bride?" Aoki-san was a newlywed, after all. It seemed odd to Yuuto that the man would want to be tied down so young, but...

Well. Life was short, wasn't it?

"Actually, she's with her mother this week," Aoki-san said casually. His body language spoke clearly of bottled up energy, the hand twirling his pencil being the sole moving part.

Yuuto licked his lips.

This had been the first major project for both of them, and since they were both the inexperienced members of their respective teams, they were saddled with most of the grunt work together. Yuuto had a relatively low-level civil servant position, and Aoki-san was a new editor at a small manga. It was an unusual project, intended to encourage young people to contribute to the arts. He'd always thought that people who worked in manga were essentially lazy folk who were looking to escape the real world, or just plain didn't have lives, but he'd learned a lot over the past few months.

For one, he'd never met anyone as hard working and sincere as Aoki-san. No matter how menial or pointless the task, he put all of himself into it. Putting together the comics that the commission wanted required a great deal of organization, coordination, and a fair share of brow-beating of the artists involved, but even Yuuto was proud of the finished project, which was being delivered to newsstands all over Tokyo as they sat there, watching each other.

However, the only reason he took any interest in the project was because of Aoki-san, for an entirely different reason. From the moment they first met, from their first handshake, they'd known. No specifics, of course, because one never spoke of such things at work, but there was no way not to know.

He wasn't sure who, exactly, Aoki-san was, but he knew that Aoki-san had to have an elemental power, as well. He just felt it.

Destiny was a bitch, and she was going to put her hands all over the both of them. Would they be fighting on the same side or not? There had to be 'good' guys and 'bad' guys on both sides, Yuuto figured. It wasn't about devils and angels fighting, after all.

He'd like it if they were going to fight side by side, but they might not, so it was never spoken of, not a word. Destiny could wait. In the meantime, they had made this time together.

Aoki-san was married, and as dedicated to her as he was to his work, but Yuuto was used to seduction, and he had the feeling that Aoki-san didn't meet people of 'power' often.

"Well, if I have you to myself..." He reached down to his desk, and opened the bottom drawer. Over the past nine months, they'd worked more than their fair share of late nights, either in his offices or Aoki-san's, so they knew what it was like to be in the office at two in the morning.

They knew no one would interrupt them.

He put the bottle of vodka on the table. It was Russian, mid-priced, and warm. Not exactly perfect, but it would go to their heads fast, and that was what he wanted. "Have a drink with me?"

Aoki-san looked at the bottle, and from the look in his eyes, Yuuto could easily tell that he was weighing the options of his choice carefully. Take a drink, take a chance? Aoki-san was an ordinary salaryman, intent on being a useful and good member of society. He might...

"Sure. Why not? It's just one drink."

A better excuse Yuuto couldn't have hoped for.

The first drink was nasty like a burning concoction of searing pain, rising up into their sinuses. After such a horrific drink, they had to have a second to chase it away, and after the second, they had to have a third to prove that they could.

After their sixth drink, they were deeply immersed in an argument of the tyranny of emotion, the orthodoxy of desire, and the duty of choice. After the tenth drink, Aoki-san had given up on his line of reasoning about the utility of monogamy, and was trying to convince Yuuto that the stapler was the holy medium by which papers found their destined mates.

When the bottle was mostly empty, the stapler had made its peace with being tossed aside, and Yuuto had Aoki-san on the desk, his shirt open, his hips lifting so Yuuto could take off his pants.

Experimentally, just because he could, he produced a small stream of water to slide over Aoki-san's chest, beading teasingly over his nipples. Aoki-san cried out, and then looked at him meaningfully. A small jet of warm air rippled over his skin, and then, amazingly, pushed inside of his body, tormenting him by hammering into just that spot...

He looked Aoki-san in the eye, and laughed.

No way was he letting Aoki-san top.

"You knew the one before."

She stated it so plainly. She was never so confident without facts, but he wanted to know what her facts were.

"Why do you say that?" he asked, sounding curious.

"You worked with Aoki Seiichirou, shortly after you first started working." Of course, there was no bit of information in any system that the Beast didn't know.

He looked up at the contraption to which she was bound idly. "And?"

She paused. "You had a relationship with him. It might compromise your trustworthiness."

"Faulty on two points," he shook his head. "Firstly, it's foolish to trust anyone, in any situation. And secondly, I had sex with him. I did not have a relationship with him."


"Sex is a physical act that gives pleasure. A relationship is something that is created through interactions with another person," he replied, being careful with his words. She was so precise.

"Sex is an interaction," she stubbornly argued.

"It can be, or it can be a mechanical act. It can be something that exists only for itself, and therefore has no ramifications outside the act. It means only what the participants want it to mean, so it can very easily mean nothing at all." Of course, his night with Aoki-san hadn't meant nothing, not really, but at the end, they both walked away cheerfully, expecting to never see each other again.

At least, until the time came when they would either have to kill each other or fight together.

"I don't understand you when you talk about sex," she sullenly informed him.

"Well," he licked his lips, looking up at her, looking up at the Beast. Coils of wires snaked around her, like mechanical arms coming around to stake out territory. "That might not be something I can explain."

He turned to walk away. Then again, he might be able to, someday. Far away from that Beast.

Seduction was his favorite game of chance.