title: December 21rst
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, mentions of Heero, Quatre, Wu Fei, Treize, Zechs
rating: G/Teen
warnings: mentions of death, implied violence
summary: Duo and Trowa, the soltice.
notes: for sunnie, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. and don't think i don't know you asked for angst because you knew were you gonna get it anyway... *sheepish*

Slowly, he unwound Duo's hair, running his fingers through it gently. He combed it out from Duo's head down to the tips. The dried blood came off in crusty flakes onto his skin, making it look speckled.

He leaned down and kissed Duo's forehead.

"You're being nice to me again," Duo smiled. "Stop that."

"The year is almost over," Trowa said quietly. "It's the solstice."

"The sun stands still," Duo replied tonelessly. He turned his head so he could look up at Trowa with one eye. "What does it mean to you?"

"Mm," Trowa pushed Duo's hair back. "If we were at Newgrange at dawn, we'd see an amazing light show. Apparently."

Duo ducked his head down, maybe because he was smiling. "We're pretty far from there."

"I suppose solstice only matters on the Earth," Trowa murmured. He picked up some strands of Duo's hair, winding them between his fingers. "In space, there are no seasons."

"Was that supposed to be deep?" Duo teased weakly. "I thought Wu Fei was the philosopher."

"No, Chang is a dead man," Trowa said calmly. Duo looked up at him, shocked. Trowa flinched. "Sorry."

"True," Duo shrugged. "We'll be dead soon, too."

"Maybe," Trowa looked away.

Duo sighed heavily, and turned over, getting caught up in his hair. "Heero died first, right?"

"Zechs killed him," Trowa nodded. "That was back before Treize sold him to our side."

"Right... I forgot, he used to be our enemy," Duo smiled. "Quatre died next?"

"He offered mercy to his opponent," Trowa yawned. "He believed him when he said he was going to surrender. He should have waited until the fucker put his gun down."

"Heh. Yeah," Duo grinned, rolling over, curling up against Trowa. "He was cute. Got good ratings, I heard. Remarkable that he outlasted the so-called 'Perfect Soldier.'" Duo snorted. "Didn't think he'd last long. Fei just had bad luck, you know. Getting Treize in the lottery like that... man, any one of us'd be fucked if that happened."

"Zechs did pretty well against him," Trowa said neutrally.

"Treize didn't really want to kill him. He's negotiating with the Colonial Network to buy Zechs, you know," Duo scoffed.

"That's just a rumor," Trowa tucked Duo's hair behind his ear.

"No, it's true," Duo sat up. "They were talking about it when I was in the staging area today. The docs were saying that Zechs gets top ratings, being the sex god and all." Trowa snorted, and Duo looked at him, amused. "But Treize is willing to pay a lot, they said. They're considering it."

"I hope they do sell him," Trowa said. He leaned over and got the bandaging. Duo's wounds were light today, but it was best to avoid infection. "He's a drama queen."

"They want to put cameras in here again," Duo grumbled, making a face as Trowa cleaned out his wounds.

"I don't care. That's how we started sleeping together, anyway, so it's not like people haven't already seen it. What, they want some emotional drama from two shills on the stage still after all these years?" Trowa finished up with Duo's wounds, and ran his hands down Duo's back. It was damned cold here. Like those Network bastards couldn't pony up for some heat...

"Yeah, I guess. But back then, we were just fucking," Duo sighed. He leaned on Trowa, putting his head on Trowa's shoulder. "So are we still fighting a war or is all just television now?"

"I think it was always just television. Fucking ratings war between the Earth and Colonial Networks," Trowa yawned. "You kicked ass tonight, though. I was afraid... I thought Deathscythe was in bad shape... but you had no real trouble."

"Yeah, I was the man," Duo said sardonically. He turned his face, and Trowa turned his face. Their lips touched, their noses caressed. They kissed. Duo pressed his forehead to Trowa's neck, and sighed. "Just hold me for now, ok?"

Trowa nodded, and slipped his arms around Duo. "Yeah. Ok. ...We'll still have morning sex, right?" He pulled Duo down, curling up around him. His eyes... when Duo was this close, he could see the tiny sparks of emotion in them.

"Yeah, well, I'm not a girl..." Duo joked.

He fell asleep almost right away, knowing Trowa was watching over him.