title: December 20th
fandom: Only the Ring Finger Knows
characters/pairings: Kazuki/Wataru, Karin, Wataru's parents
rating: G/Teen
warnings: mentions of crossdressing
summary: Wataru gets dragged into something, but Kazuki knows how to make the best of it.
notes: for velvetiine, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. ohgodsotired. ~_~ this... erm. i hope it's ok... it sorta just ends... so sorry... >_>

"Wataru, sit up straight," his mother sighed. "See, look at Kazuki-kun there, doesn't he have lovely posture? You could look a few centimeters taller if you just carried yourself better." She shook her head in dismay.

Kazuki was smiling at him, but Wataru refused to look his way. Usually, his parents weren't around at dinnertime, and if he and Kazuki came to his house, they only had Karin to deal with; his mother, however, had gotten a tidy raise, and they were celebrating with a family dinner. He was happy that Kazuki was apparently part of their family, but...

It was never pleasant to be compared to Kazuki! Like he could be that perfect!

Karin was almost choking on her food, she was laughing so hard, so Wataru couldn't look at her, either. No wonder he was slumping!

"It's hard to believe that a model student is so generous with his time," Wataru's father mused. "Wataru, I hope you show Kazuki-kun your gratitude!"

At that, Kazuki almost choked on his rice, and Karin nearly fell off her chair. "Don't worry, dad. I'm sure Wataru gives Kazuki proper... service. Gratitude, I mean."

Cheeks burning, Wataru ducked his head down. That little brat!

"Fuji-san," Kazuki interjected, using his most polite voice. "This curry is delicious. Is it an old family recipe?"

"Oh, Kazuki-kun, you are so kind," Wataru's mother sighed. "But no, it's just something I threw together. It was all we really had enough ingredients for. But thank you, I'm so glad you are enjoying it."

"I hope I'm not intruding here," Kazuki asked, sounding worried. "I'm very pleased to be able to celebrate your success with you."

"Aren't you sweet," his mother sighed. "After everything you do for Wataru, really, we're just so grateful to you, of course you'd always be welcome here. Why, we weren't even sure Wataru would get into college!"

"Mother!" Wataru gasped, horrified. He might not ever be as smart as Kazuki, but he wasn't an idiot!

"He's always been such a sullen and selfish child," she continued, ignoring her son. Kazuki, the bastard, nodded sympathetically. "He's never really had to work very hard at anything, because he's always been so small and cute."

"Mother!" Wataru hissed.

"I was really worried about him! But he's turned himself around a lot, thanks to you. He's been studying, and applying himself... you really must have a magic touch with Wataru," she smiled.

Magic touch?!

Karin started coughing and hiccupping, she was laughing so hard. Kazuki smiled, and leaned forward, but Wataru knew that smile - Kazuki was really thinking that he was about to get away with something.

"Well, Wataru-kun is special. He's been so much work and effort. Really, more than you'd ever imagine. But I can honestly say, I don't regret a second of it." He looked at Wataru and winked quickly.

He was touched by what Kazuki was actually saying, but what his mother was hearing...

"Well, if you need us to help out in any way to keep him motivated, just let us know," Wataru's father added. "He's so lazy, but that's just what parents are for," he teased.

That was really enough! They were all talking about him like he wasn't there, Karin was laughing at him, and Kazuki was really making fun of his family, even if he was saying sweet things, too! Wataru jumped to his feet, grabbing plates roughly. "I'll clean up!"

Kazuki started to stand up, and offer his help, but Wataru passed behind him, digging his fingers into Kazuki's shoulder.

"Oh, no, you're our precious guest, I wouldn't dream of asking for your help. Just stay here and enjoy everyone's company." He knew he was losing his temper, and Kazuki would make him pay for it later, but...

What a completely maddening meal!

He cleared all the dishes himself, even! Everyone else went off to the living room to watch television or something, and they left him with everything to do! Even if he offered... how rude!

Angry, he cleared all the plates, packed up the leftovers, and viciously went to work on the dishes. Actually... as he thought about it, it wasn't such a bad thing that his family liked Kazuki. Quite the opposite, he wanted them to. He felt awkward about lying to them about their relationship, but they didn't want to know the truth, not just yet. Maybe never, but...

If they liked Kazuki...

He put the last dish in the dishwasher, and started it up. He stretched out, sighing.

Yeah, it was a good thing they liked him, and the more they liked him, the better. Feeling a lot calmer, Wataru went out to join his family.

"-here as a snow fairy princess. Oh, it was so much fun to dress them up in matching dresses at this age! And now, look carefully, because for a while, Wataru was actually the smaller one! We used to joke with each other that he was really meant to be born a girl... he was just so cute as a child, don't you think?"

Wataru's jaw dropped. No. No, she didn't.

But it was painfully, blindingly clear that, as a matter of fact, she did. She had brought out the album Wataru had tried on many occasions to burn, destroy, or discard. She was showing those pictures... to Kazuki...

"MOTHER!" Wataru screamed out. "Just what do you think...?"

"Oh, don't be such a fussy britches, Wataru. Kazuki-kun was agreeing with me, right, Kazuki-kun? Wataru used to be so adorable. Oh, I don't know what happened to him... listen to him screaming..."

Wataru grabbed Kazuki's wrist, and violently pulled him forward, dragging him away from that evil book. "Mom, you have no sense at all! I'm taking Kazuki upstairs to study."

Kazuki wasn't fighting him, and his parents only half-hearted objected, so with flaming cheeks, he dragged Kazuki upstairs to his bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed, Wataru threw himself on the bed, and whimpered. "I can't believe she showed you those photos!"

Kazuki was playing it cool. He had his hands in his pockets, and he was looking Wataru over. "Mm. You were cute, Wataru. There's no reason for you to be upset."

"No reason?!" Wataru huffed, horrified. He turned over and glared at Kazuki. "And don't call me cute! I don't want to be cute!"

"Can't help it, can you, brat?" Kazuki chuckled darkly.

Wataru scowled hard, forgetting all his good feelings about his family and Kazuki getting along. "I can show you something not cute!" he threatened.

"Boys!" his mother called up the stairs. "We're going out to get some ice cream! We'll be back just in time for you to take a study break!"

"Ok, mom!" Wataru called out. He took a deep breath, trying to center himself.

And he found himself being pressed into the mattress, struggling for air as Kazuki assaulted his mouth, pressing their bodies together with frustrating insistence. Finally, he broke the kiss, but Wataru was still trying to get his bearings.

"We don't have much time," Kazuki purred. "Do me a favor?" He batted his eyelashes. Actually...

Anyone else on the planet would have given in immediately to Kazuki, but Wataru had a bad feeling... "What?"

Kazuki kissed under his ear, kissed his chin, nibbled on Wataru's neck... his hands moving on Wataru's clothes, opening them and pushing them aside so that he could touch Wataru's heated flesh. "You and Karin are still about the same size, mm? Go and get one of her school uniform skirts. I really want to make love to you while you're wearing a skirt."

Wataru really didn't hear that right. Kazuki wanted that... after seeing those stupid pictures?! He was just a child back then! Wataru struggled and smacked Kazuki's shoulder, but that just led to Kazuki pinning him down. "Pervert!"

"When it comes to you..." Kazuki purred, putting his lips on Wataru's skin. "Yes. I'm every kind of pervert for your body, so prepare yourself. I'll go get the skirt if you don't..."

"Wait!" Wataru called out. "D-don't... come on! Can't you tell? I always hated that stuff. I always did! It was so humiliating. And even now, she's still showing off those awful pictures..." Wataru shuddered. His mother... she could be so strange!

Kazuki held his chin, and kissed him so hard that he forgot about everything except how wonderful it was to be kissing Kazuki. "Play with me, Wataru. Because when I was looking at those photos... all I could think was... how in love with you I was. How much... I liked... being a part of your family... how much I liked being a part of all of you. And I want more."

Wataru's bottom lip trembled. "Yeah... you're just saying whatever you need to so I'll put on the skirt," he grumbled.

Kazuki licked his lips. "Does that mean you'll do it?"

Karin would kill him. But then, the way she was laughing at him over dinner, she deserved it. He leaned up, and took Kazuki's face in his hands, and kissed him softly.

"I guess loving you means accepting that you're a dirty pervert." He slipped out from under Kazuki to go and get Karin's clothes, and Kazuki, naturally, reached out and pinched Wataru's ass. Wataru just swatted his hand away.

He had to hurry.

He should feel guilty. His parents thought he was studying. But.

Well, if he hurried, Kazuki might be able to change his impression of being forced to wear cute, frilly clothes.