title: December 18th
fandom: Kyou Kara Maou
characters/pairings: Günter/Gwendal
rating: G
warnings: cuteness, quick kiss
summary: Günter tries to bring an Earth holiday to Shin Makoku
notes: for lirren, for her prompt for my advent ficaledar. ha, i was going to do the WK prompt, and suddenly changed my mind. ^_^;;;;;;

It wouldn't have been fair to say that the Maou was the reason that Gwendal spent so much of his day trying to ignore the behavior of those around him, but he couldn't help but feel a tad bit irked by the Maou's obvious influence. Even if he was resilient and admirable and potent when he was needed...

There was still the small matter of the display in front of him that he was trying to ignore. It was difficult, though, because Günter had somehow managed to get a hold of a Christmas songbook, probably thanks to the Maou's generous mother, and some other materials. His Majesty had mentioned this Earth holiday precisely once, but Günter had thrown himself into it completely.

So, he was dressed in bright red fur with a white fur collar, despite the fact that they were in a heat wave. He'd lit a fire, and he was hanging socks from the mantel over the fire.


Worn socks, from the looks of them. Crudely, he'd stitched the first initial of everyone's name on a given sock, but they were still socks.

Used socks.

"Well? Well? How do they look? Do you think His Majesty will like it?" Günter was practically bouncing with excitement.

Gwendal ducked his head down and cleared his throat. "Festive," he replied dryly. "You said this... custom... was largely from Europe and America, correct?"

"Yes!" Günter replied happily.

"And His Majesty is from Japan," Gwendal continued.

"Yes..." Günter slowly said, furrowing his brow.

Gwendal looked up at Günter, wondering how much clearer he could make it without being cruel. "He seemed to imply that he didn't really celebrate..."

"Gwendal, are you trying to say you don't like the stockings?" Günter asked, his lower lip trembling slightly.

Gwendal looked away and recrossed his legs. "Of course not. They're... charming."

Yelping with pleasure, Günter bounced over to Gwendal. He grabbed Gwendal's wrist, and tugged on his arm. "Well, well, come on, then! Don't be shy, go on!"

"Go on... what?" Gwendal asked, bewildered.

Günter sighed, distressed. "See what's in your stocking!"

"I... I thought that this... Christmas wasn't for a week?" he replied, rather uneasy about whatever Günter might have stuffed in the sock.

"Oh, well, technically..." Günter looked sheepish. "But I thought... well... who likes to wait for presents?" He gave Gwendal an imploring look.

Not like Gwendal stood a chance.

Carefully, making sure not to make a face, he stuck his fingers into the sock and pulled out...

Blinking, he looked at Günter. "It's a bloodstone."

Günter nodded happily. "I thought the colors were perfect for you, green with red specks. Plus, well, you're an earth elemental, so a rock... precious stone, really... was perfect, and well... do you like it?"

Gwendal looked down at the small green stone on a chain, and nodded. "What is in your sock, then?"

"It's stocking, not a sock," Günter corrected him, "and of course, I can't put anything in my own stocking."

Of course, that made sense. It was a gift. A gift from Günter for no reason. Well, no good reason. Quickly, he leaned in, and kissed Günter on the corner of his mouth. Günter's eyes widened, and he made a small 'eep!' sound. Gwendal ducked his head down, and balled his fist around the bloodstone. "Merry Christmas, Günter."

He walked away quickly. At least the actual 'Christmas,' on Earth, anyway, was a week away. He'd have time to think of something excellent for Günter.