title: December 17th
fandom: Gravitation
characters/pairings: Yuki/Shuichi, Hiro, Fuji, K, Tohma
rating: G/Teen
warnings: phone sex
summary: Shuichi is pining for Yuki while on tour.
notes: for dragynville, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. *snugs*

Shuichi groaned, biting down hard on his lip. He tried to look up, to make sure that no one was watching him.

It was pretty loud, and everyone was still sitting around the television, playing that game.

"Are you listening to me?"

"Yuki..." Shuichi whimpered. He pressed the cell phone against his ear tighter, and bit his lip.

"I want you to come. Do you hear me? Come. Shuichi. Do as I say."

"O-oo-oh," Shuichi groaned, shuddering. He nearly dropped the phone. His hand was all messy.

"Lick your fingers clean. I want to hear your lips smacking as you get every last drop."

Shaking, he brought his hand to his lips, and slowly, loudly, cleaned off each finger, and then dipped his hand back down to make sure he had all of it.

"You've got me hard. I'm aching here, all by myself. Are you going to take responsibility for this, kid?"

Moaning, Shuichi shut his eyes tightly. "Yuki. Yuki, I need you. My fingers aren't enough. Nothing's enough. I want you so much," he whined.

He didn't say... he missed the way that Yuki's nose whistled when he was close to waking up. He missed making Yuki's coffee in the morning. He missed the way that Yuki told him to stop bothering him when he really wanted Shuichi to bother him some more. He missed the way Yuki sighed when he was tired, but he still had work to do. He missed...

Everything. Nothing else was enough.

"It was your idea to go on tour, right? You wanted to go to China and Hong Kong and Korea. Stop complaining to me when it's all your fault. In the meanwhile, I'm here, all alone in this cold apartment, dripping and wanting your sweet little ass... this is all your fault, isn't it?"

"Yuki," Shuichi moaned. His bottom lip was trembling, and his body was shaking.

"Go back to your band," Yuki said dismissively. "I can't hold the phone and take care of this at the same time."

"Yuki!" Shuichi cried out, but Yuki really had hung up on him. It was exactly a week before Christmas Eve. He would be in Seoul that night, though.

He ran off the stage in the dark, immediately going to the drawer under the soundboard where he'd stashed his cell phone. It was so fucking loud, which was brilliant, but he wanted to hear...

"Shu!" Hiro yelled. "C'mon, we only have a few minutes!"

The crowd was chanting for them. Hiro was tugging at his elbow. He just had to call...

Once again, though, it was useless. Yuki wasn't answering. Maybe if he tried Yuki's cell...

"We have to go!" Hiro hissed, taking Shuichi's cell phone away, and stuffing it back in the drawer. He practically shoved Shuichi back on stage.

It was pitch black, and he was surrounded by the cheers of his fans. That should have been enough. This was what he wanted. All day, though, all he wanted was to hear his lover's voice. He got to his mark, and lifted his arm. Blinding light engulfed him, and glittering sparks of silver paper started to snow down from above. This was a special encore for Christmas Eve.

He wanted Yuki to be with him.

They sang two Christmas songs, and then their latest song, which was the theme song for the number four anime out there currently. The crowd never stopped cheering and crying for them. He bent down and kissed the hands of the girls in the front row (who did seem to be bit more anxious for Hiro's kisses, but that was probably just his imagination and bad mood), and then he rushed off stage. He scrambled to get his cell phone back. It was eleven fifteen - not much time left if he wanted to have some kind of Christmas Eve with Yuki.

He blinked. There was text message. I loved it when you threw your jacket out. Your chest is so sexy under the stage lights. I'm waiting for you.

Shuichi dashed off, running ahead of the security detail that was supposed to be escorting them back. He ran right into K, and wrapped his arms around K's waist.

"Whoa! Not so fast, there, we've got press and winners of a radio contest..." K began, but Shuichi just shook his head.

"No way! Yuki is waiting for me! I need a car, K, I need to go back to the hotel!" Shuichi begged.

"Eh? Yuki?" K blinked. "No, no, he's in Tokyo. We've got obligations. You can't just..."

"It's all right," an authoritative voice behind them said. K turned, and clamped his mouth shut. It was always best to watch what one said around Tohma. Smiling benignly, Tohma nodded to Shuichi. "My car is in the back. Go on ahead. And please wish Yuki a Merry Christmas for me."

Even if it was Tohma, Shuichi could hug him. Maybe later. "Thankyouverymuch!" he whooped out, and then dashed back to the rear exit. Just as promised, there was a limo there waiting for him.

The ride to the hotel took forever, it felt like. Shuichi bounced in his seat and drummed his fingers nervously. Eleven twenty-seven, and they were at a red light. Eleven thirty-two, and they were just entering the expressway. Eleven forty-one, and they were just pulling up to the hotel.

Shuichi burst out of the car as soon as it came to a stop, and he bolted inside the hotel, and straight to the elevators. He bounced from foot to foot as he waited for the elevator. If it took more than another few seconds, he was going to start running up the stairs, but running up thirty stories wasn't that feasible...

Finally, the elevator dinged, and he impatiently waited for the well-dressed people to come out before dashing in, and punching the number. He danced in place, chanting to himself, Yuki Yuki Yuki Yuki Yuki Yuki!

Eleven fifty-one, and he was running down the hall to his room. He'd forgotten his damned key. Fucking... he banged on the door, screaming out, "Yuki! Yuki, let me in! Yu~ki!!"

He was just about to slam his open palm onto the door when it opened, and Yuki caught him, and pulled him in. Yuki was wearing nothing but skintight faux snakeskin pants. Panting, Shuichi looked up at him, beaming. "Merry Christmas! How long have you been in Korea? Did you see the whole concert? Those pants are super sexy. I want to take them off with my teeth."

Yuki picked him up and threw him over his shoulder. "I think that's one of the few good thoughts you've ever had, brat."

Shuichi grinned and slipped his hand down the back of Yuki's pants as Yuki carried him to bed.

Yuki had come so far, just to spend Christmas Eve with him.