title: December 15th
fandom: Yellow
characters/pairings: one-sided or implied Taki/Gou, Gou/OMC
rating: Teen
warnings: Gou, baking, sex
summary: Taki is shocked by what Goh is doing in the kitchen...
notes: for my darling ele, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. *snuggles my ele tightly*

Taki had bought the lights. Goh hadn't said anything, except I don't dislike mood lighting, which had been terribly annoying. It wasn't as if Taki was huge into Christmas. It was just, there were some things that reminded him of better times, and Christmas lights were a step forward. Maybe it was something about the way he went about 'decorating' the living room that Goh understood, but he didn't tease Taki about it.

He did ask Taki if he had plans for Christmas Eve, and if he had gotten mistletoe, but Taki just ignored that.

It wasn't as if he'd said anything. It wasn't as if he would. Goh was his partner, but that was work, and nothing else. It couldn't be anything else, and that was that.

Every night, though, Goh plugged in the lights, and he'd even downloaded some Christmas songs for Taki's mp3 player.

He hadn't said anything, though, and Christmas was over a week away, they'd just finished a tough job, Goh had injured his foot, and Taki was feeling like crap because he should have been able to prevent that from happening, so he had no reason to expect anything. He heard the crash in the kitchen, and he was out of his bed in a flash, grabbing his gun quickly. He banged his door open and got a bead on the person in the kitchen in a second, but it was Goh, just Goh.

Goh, shirtless, wearing those damned torn jeans that his ass was falling out of; Goh, holding a pan of something that smelled like gingery heaven.

Taki stood there, his gun cocked and pointed at Goh's head, just...

"What the hell are you doing, idiot?" Goh sighed. "If you're this stressed out, you should just let me fuck you already. I'll loosen you up for sure," he purred suggestively.

Taki set his jaw and stepped forward, shoving the gun forward as if to push it into Goh's face. "Just what the hell? That's my question! What... what are you doing?!"

"Baking," Goh answered calmly. "What does it look like?"

"It... looks like I'm losing my fucking mind!" Taki whined. "Since when do you bake?"

Goh shrugged sexily. Wait, no, not sexily... "Well, it's not like I'm an idiot or something. It's not rocket science. It's gingerbread. Want some?"

Taki was sure that if he said yes, Goh would somehow make some sort of joke out of wanting my gingerbread in that sexy, sultry voice, and he was shirtless, in jeans that looked like they just needed a good tug to be torn off and why was he thinking about his partner's fine ass? Idiotic!

Taki put the safety back on his gun, and sighed. He plopped down at the kitchen table, and put his chin in his hand. "Yeah, ok. Are you supposed to be walking around on that foot?"

"Ah, are you worried about me?" Goh asked, suddenly enveloping Taki, moving so fast that Taki couldn't avoid the quick kiss to the corner of his mouth. "Don't worry, baby. I'm indestructible."

Taki tested that theory by swacking him in face lightly with his gun.


There was another loud crash in the kitchen, but Taki didn't jump up quite so quickly. He'd gobbled up the last of the gingerbread that morning, so Goh was probably just making some more. He didn't bother to get his gun, but he still went out to check.

Goh was not baking, not in the strictest or loosest of terms. He did have a disgustingly young man up on the counter. The boy (because he was not a man) had dyed hair, actually white on top and black with red tips on the bottom. His legs were spread out, and Goh had his mouth full. Goh was naked, too, his cock hard and quivering, his back beautifully arched, sweat droplets beading up tantalizingly. He looked over his shoulder at Taki, letting the boy's cock slip out a bit. His eyes became heated, and he smiled, and licked the corner of his mouth, looking Taki over...

Taki turned on his heel and slammed his bedroom door.

He could hear the little whore. Who the hell was that? And Goh's response. Oh, that's my roommate. He has such a hard-on for me. He's probably going to masturbate now. Feel sorry for him.

Taki stomped away from the door, and threw himself on the bed. See if he ever checked on that asshole again! For all he cared, some fucking assassin could waltz in at any time and blow the cocky fucker's head off!

That didn't explain why his hand immediately went inside his pajamas, or why he was crying tears of frustration and need, or why he was thinking about licking Goh's back and his cock as he came.

That didn't need an explanation.