title: December 14th
fandom: Meine Liebe
characters/pairings: Lui/Naoji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Naoji has made a choice that Ludwig has been expecting.
notes: for priestnobaka, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar, which quite happily corresponds to a bunny i've had for a bit now.

Ludwig was shifting in his seat, restless like a five-year-old boy. The scowl on his face didn't mar his beauty in any way, but Naoji had to bite the inside of his lip. He'd never seen Ludwig being so entirely petulant before.

"Sit still," he commanded quietly, putting his hands on Ludwig's shoulders. He met Ludwig's eyes in the mirror, and smiled softly. "I will end up tearing your hair out if you don't sit still." That got Ludwig to settle down and straighten out his back. Amused, Naoji went back to brushing out Ludwig's hair. "This wouldn't be such a trial if you let me cut off a few inches in the back. Even for you, it's gotten long. Maybe I could tie back some of it with a ribbon..."

"Don't make jokes," Ludwig stonily returned. "You haven't the gift for it."

Naoji chuckled good-naturedly. "You need to shake off this bad mood, Lui. Otherwise, you'll scare off the young lady your father wants you meet."

Ludwig narrowed his eyes, and slumped his shoulders. He was actually sulking about meeting a girl. "Don't be ridiculous. My title and position are all that matters. I could be a complete boar, and she would still agree to marry me."

"But you won't do that," Naoji gently urged him, nudging his chin up just a bit.

Ludwig stared piercingly at Naoji from the mirror. "I don't want to go to this foolish party. We have much more important things going on here at school."

Naoji set the brush down, and ran his fingers through Ludwig's hair. "Your father specifically requested your presence. It won't be long. You'll be back tomorrow, right?"

Eyes flashing, Ludwig caught Naoji's hand. "I'll be back tonight. I'll be damned if I'm staying in some rundown cottage in the country tonight."

"Lui..." Naoji sighed. Before he could chastise Lui, though, Lui turned, and pulled Naoji's hand closer, pulled it to his lips, kissing Naoji's palm reverently.

"Are you so anxious to marry me off?" he asked in his sultriest voice.

Blushing, Naoji turned his head. "It's not... you have responsibilities... so do I... this young lady..."

Ludwig stood up, and slipped his arm around Naoji's waist quickly. He pulled Naoji close, and rubbed his nose to Naoji's cheek. The smell of his hair and the heat of his body were like an ancient spell to his body. "She is a girl from a good family who has never desired anything more than to make a good match. She does needlepoint and she paints and she plays the pianoforte and sings and when topics of politics are brought up, she titters and bats her eyelashes and says she can't know anything about such complex matters. My father wanted to arrange our marriage years ago, but I convinced him that it would be better to wait until I was done with school; I might have met an accomplished and well-connected young lady who had something inside her head besides fluff."

Naoji chuckled nervously, trying to turn his face away from Ludwig's powerful gaze. "You might have, too, if you didn't turn your nose up whenever any female student tried to approach you."

"I met someone here," Ludwig said forcefully, turning Naoji's face back, looking into his eyes.

"Lui..." Naoji murmured, but then Ludwig's mouth was on his, and he couldn't speak, could only part his lips and let Ludwig plunder him.

Ludwig broke off the kiss, his face still so close, their noses were caressing. "You went into town yesterday," he stated flatly.

Naoji's heart pounded. It wasn't as if he had tried to keep it a secret, however... "I booked my passage back to Japan," he whispered. He couldn't look at Ludwig anymore, needing space, needing to be able to breath air that wasn't warmed by Ludwig's breath.

"When?" Ludwig asked sharply.

Childishly, he wanted to retort that Ludwig had to have known this was coming, had to know that this was coming, had to know that Naoji had to return home someday. Childishly, he wanted to blame Ludwig and pound his chest and cry. Childishly, he wanted a number of things that he knew he could not have, because of duty. "The tenth."

Ludwig inhaled sharply. "That's so soon after graduation. Too soon. You should change it. There will be parties. You must stay with us for at least a month. Mother will want you there. With the wedding..."

"Lui, do you think I want to watch you getting married?" Naoji murmured abruptly, embarrassed with himself for interrupting, but still.

He couldn't imagine anything worse, and he'd embarrass himself, as he'd be unable to feign happiness as Ludwig promised himself to someone else.

"Naoji..." Ludwig murmured, and Naoji shut his eyes, ashamed for having said something so selfish, but before he could utter an apology, he was pressed against the wall, Ludwig's body pinning him in place, Ludwig's passionate kiss turning his thoughts into a muddled slur of lust. He grabbed onto Ludwig's magnificent hair; there were only so many kisses left, only so much more time before he would be leaving... "If you're abandoning me, then I definitely don't need to go to some useless party. There's not enough time as it is."

"You need to go," Naoji murmured, though he wasn't entirely sure why Ludwig needed to go. "The time we have left isn't going to increase. We need to make the most of it, if we can."

Ludwig didn't say anything for a moment. Naoji regretted what he said a bit; he shouldn't have lectured Ludwig on something he knew quite well. Just as he was considering taking it back, Ludwig touched his face, and kissed him again. "Then you'll wait here. When I return, we'll start to make the most of our time together."

"Ludwig!" Naoji murmured, blushing.

"Are you thinking dirty thoughts?" Ludwig archly asked with a knowing grin. Naoji glared at him, but that was useless. It wasn't long before he was smiling shyly at Ludwig. Wasn't long before he was leaning forward to kiss Ludwig again. Ludwig parted his lips, and just tasted him...

He was going to leave this man behind, and Ludwig would marry... "I hate the woman who will bear your children," he said, trying to laugh off-handedly.

Looking into his eyes, Ludwig commanded, "You will return to me someday."

He wanted to say that he couldn't know that he would. He wanted to say that they both had their lives and their responsibilities to manage. He wanted to tell Ludwig that he was from a different country, and he might as well have been from a different world, and neither of them knew what the future would hold.

"Yes," he promised instead. Satisfied, Ludwig kissed him again.

Maybe he just wanted to believe.