title: December 12th
fandom: Bus Gamer
characters/pairings: Toki/Nobuto
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: He wasn't sure why...
notes: for chibiwings, for her prompt for my advent ficalendar. *snugs* hopes this suits, sweets, taking these boys for a test drive...

This wasn't like him. This wasn't like them. He wasn't even sure why they were together. They'd finished the game for the day... Saitoh had taken a different train. Maybe he'd gone to Nobuto's because it was cold. It was really fucking cold. Well, it was three in the morning. He was tired, cold, hungry... and fucking wired.

Maybe Nobuto was, too, and that was how it happened. They'd nearly died. They'd nearly had their asses handed to them. But instead, they won, and no one had died, though he wasn't too fucking concerned about the other team.

He exhaled, and let the smoke curl and rise until it dissipated, high above their heads.

"So, are you queer?"

Toki said nothing, not having anything to say to that. The fuck...?

"Not that it really matters. You could fuck puppies for all that I care, 'slong as you get the job done." Nobuto sounded like he was in a good mood. Cheerful.

Just his luck, Nobuto was the let's have a good chat now that we've fucked type. "You're the one who took it," Toki pointed out carefully.

Nobuto snorted, and sat up, grabbing his cigarettes. He lit up, needing to flick the lighter several times before it took. "Fuck. So, you think Saitoh'd be jealous if he knew we hung out after the game?" He went on to answer his own question. "He probably would love it if we all went out for karaoke or something. Such a kid."

Toki took a long drag. Damn, Nobuto's ceiling was dirty. The bed was small, too. There was a g-string hanging from the corner of the dresser. "Next time, bring him back and fuck him. We can have a pecking order. I'm top dog, so I can fuck whoever I want. You fuck Saitoh, and Saitoh brings beer and video games when we tell him."

Nobuto started to laugh, a note of hysteria coloring it. Toki looked at him sideways, worried. He didn't want the bastard to start blubbering on him or something. "Yeah, great. Well, top dog... we'll see about that."

Toki snorted. They would, huh?

Maybe. Maybe not.