title: death wish
fandom: Peacemaker Kurogane
characters/pairings: Hijikata/Okita
rating: G/Teen
warnings: implied bloodplay/vampirism
summary: Hijikata considers.
notes: for kneazles, for this request on fic on demand.

He leaned back, back, dipping his head back as his body dipped into the grass beneath him. If he opened his eyes, he would see the moon, bright and wide like a spotlight.

Far too bright.

He licked his lips slowly, though the taste lacked heat, just dead blood, so bitter and strong. Still. Still. He turned his face, looking at the body beside him... lithe and slim and beautiful, reflecting the reflected light of the moon, a mirror of perfection molded in pale smoothness. Long, dark hair tangled over the slim back like seaweed that had trapped a shark.

Hijikata licked his fangs clean.

Souji's breathing was labored, slow, but he was still beautifully alive. He had already promised himself that he would not, could not take a life like his had been taken, he could not selfishly desire eternity to salve his own weary loneliness. Perhaps that was why he had plunged into war so willingly and strictly. What he was sacrificing was worthless, anyway. Souji's life...

Souji's body writhed a bit, moving sineuously, enticingly. His hair slithered, and his head turned. The wounds on his neck didn't look too bad, even just now. They would be mostly healed by morning. Souji was at least as skilled as Yamazaki. No one would guess. And still.

He smiled at Hijikata, teasing as always, but lacking brightness, or wit. "Hijikata-san..." he began, his voice musical, but sleepy.

Actually... Souji had started to fade, hadn't he? Had anyone else noticed? His blade was so sharp, and moved with such poetic grace, maybe it was hard to tell, but. He wasn't the only one who watched Souji closely, right?

"Did I taste good? Was it enough?"

Hijikata stiffened, the desired response, and Souji slumped back down onto the ground, yawning. Hijikata felt a desperate longing overwhelm him. He wanted to just grab Souji and drink him dry, end his lingering pain and suffering...

"Take me home, Hijikata-san. Please," Souji yawned.

Hijikata leaned over and pulled up Okita's kimono, kissing his shoulder. Souji turned just enough so that Hijikata could look into one eye... he froze.

After a moment, Souji smiled. "Hi~ji~ka~ta~san! You're so tense," Souji purred. He closed his eyes, and turned onto his back. "If this is what you're like satisfied..." he teased.

Gently, Hijikata picked Souji up, gingerly cradling him. "Just go to sleep," he ordered roughly. Souji grinned, but he curled up into Hijikata's arms.

Hijikata carried him home... wondering if he would still live after he killed this beautiful demon.