title: cut off
fandom: Moon Child
characters/pairings: Sho/Yi-Che, one sided Yi-Che/Kei, implied Sho/Kei
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Sho is reminded...
notes: for fanaticalone, for this request on fic on demand.

"When is Kei coming back?" she asked sleepily. She asked that a lot, more frequently now that she was pregnant. She still only spoke rarely, only when she couldn't see any other way around it. And when she did, it was almost always about Kei. On their wedding night, before he took off her dress, she asked him if he was sure Kei wasn't coming.

Perhaps he'd married her under false pretenses, after all.

"When he feels like it," he promised her. "He always comes back... when he feels like it."

She nodded slowly, and turned around, her hand circling her large belly slowly. "You can't find him?"

His heart twisted, so he turned, too, so there was no chance she'd see the look on his face. He understood how she felt... better than he wanted to, of course. But. Couldn't she understand how he felt? Even a little?

Maybe she didn't care.

"No... Every time he left, no matter how hard I looked, I could never find him. If he doesn't want to be seen... he just... won't be..." Sho bent his head down. He shouldn't smoke in the bedroom with her while their child was in her, he knew. But he wanted a cigarette so badly... or a drink. Or maybe a good fight. A really good fight where he could get his ass kicked and he could kick ass. "I've been looking," he admitted quietly.

She was silent, like stone. Like one of her paintings. He turned to look at her. She didn't know Kei for even a small fraction of the time that Sho had, and Kei had barely shown her any kindness at all. Telling her it was ok to smile... that was nothing to saving his life countless times! She was so still, and...

And like that, she reminded him of Kei.

He reached out to her, wanting to put his hand on her shoulder, but she moved, and turned off the light.

And like that, he was alone again, aware again that Kei had left again, this time, once again, maybe for good.