title: Cute Teeth
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Relena, Wu Fei
rating: G/Teen
warnings: sex
summary: Heero becomes involved with an unusual person. (AU)
notes: for sarolynne, for her fic on demand request for an ordinary vampire. also, a trick or treat story.

The women in his building murmured about the boy who moved into the last apartment on his floor. He was "different." He kept odd hours, and wore his hair long. He was "too cute." He didn't have a girlfriend.

Heero didn't like the women in his building much. They were old, and tended to congregate around the entrance to watch what everyone was up to; it was inconvenient, in his line of work. They hardly ever talked directly to him, of course. He wasn't 'friendly.' That was fine.

He hadn't really given the longhaired, girlfriendless boy much thought at all, before he ran into him that night. He was rushing off to a job, and the boy was coming off the elevator. They ran into each other, and the boy's grocery bag fell.

Small packets of red blood spilled over the faded carpet of the hallway.

Heero started to pick them up before he really looked at them. The boy - well, probably not a boy, really - stammered a bit, and blushed. He was really pretty when he blushed.

Heero helped the boy up, and repacked his bag without a word. He watched him walk down the hallway, watched as he looked over his shoulder to check and see if Heero was still there. Watched as he slipped into his tiny, dingy apartment.

A vampire, right there in their building. Heero stepped into the elevator, and leaned against the back wall.

Who knew?

He didn't see the boy again for a week. He was coming back from a job, his fingernails rimmed in red from the blood. He was limping slightly, his left leg just not cooperating after everything. The boy was in the lobby, going through his mail, ignoring the women who were eying him judgmentally. Heero stood by the elevator, and pushed the button. The boy smiled at him cautiously as they got on together.

The elevator was old and slow, and it creaked as it slid up to the fifth floor. Normally, Heero would take the stairs going up, because he liked climbing stairs, but today, his leg just wanted to lie down.

The boy was looking at him. He was wearing a tank from a bar downtown, a trendy place that pretended to be Goth when it was really preppy. He had on tight black jeans, and there was a circle of skin visible between the tank and the jeans. He looked cold, in just his skin, his long hair hanging down his back in a limp braid, strands falling down around his face.

Heero had known a lot of vampires in his time. A lot of them tried to play up the image, and do the whole stereotype thing. Most vampires were just like ordinary folk, though, and it was hard to tell that they were different. Heero had killed a lot of vampires in his time, and most of them were easy marks. He really had very little respect for the species.

This boy was not like vampires Heero had known. He was... ordinary.

Heero realized he wanted to touch him as the boy walked off to his apartment, but he didn't want to get blood on the kid's shirt.

The sun was shining. He didn't recognize the sound that was waking him up at first. He blinked several times, trying to adjust to the light.

The door. Someone was knocking on the door.

He got up, and threw a bathrobe on. He didn't bother to check the peephole. Maybe if someone wanted to kill him, they should get a halfway decent shot at it.

It was the boy, his hands behind his back, his eyes downcast, biting his lip.

He had the cutest damn teeth.

"Ah, sorry to bother you, but... I was wondering... do you have any, um, flour I can borrow?"

Heero just stared at the boy for a moment. Flour. He didn't have any flour. Why would he have flour? And what would a vampire want with flour, anyway?

"Come on in, let me look."

He held the door open, and waited for the boy to come in. He had a cute little ass, and the end of his braid swished back and forth over it in the most provocative way. The boy was nervous; Heero could smell it on him. Heero wanted to touch him, he very much wanted to touch him.

The boy walked straight to the kitchen, and leaned against Heero's metal kitchen table. Not that there was really anywhere else to wait. Heero opened one cabinet door after the other, revealing their emptiness.

"Man, old mother Hubbard's got nothing on you, eh?" The boy was trying to smile.

"What is that you really want?" Heero folded his arms over his chest and watched the boy carefully.

He turned his eyes away, and clutched his elbows. "Ah... you're a hunter, aren't you? Are you... here to kill me?"

Heero waited for a moment before speaking. He couldn't quite put his finger on it... what was it about this boy? Trowa would laugh at him. "Should I kill you?"

He lowered his chin, and shrugged. "Doesn't really matter, if you do or you don't. I just hate waiting, you know?" He lifted his head, and smiled at Heero.

The distance between them became nothing instantly. His hand was on the boy's face, his fingers in the boy's hair. "What's your name?"

The boy shuddered, his slim body practically begging to be held. "Duo. Duo Maxwell. I know you're Heero Yuy. It's on your box. Well, it says H. Yuy on your box, but you're on the net..."

Heero kissed him. He pulled Duo's body against his own, and sucked on his tongue, his teeth. He tried to suck Duo into him.

Duo gasped, clinging to Heero. "You're not... not some sort of... fetishist or something...?"

Heero would have laughed, but he wasn't sure he knew how to do that. "No."

"Good." Duo tangled his hands in Heero's messy hair, and scooted up to sit on the table. "I hate those freaks." He pulled Heero down to kiss him hard, his teeth scraping over Heero's tongue.

Heero put his hand over Duo's crotch. "Tell me that you are older than you look, because I want to fuck you on this table right now..."

Duo laughed, and threw his arms around Heero's neck. "Call me gramps if you like. I was turned over a hundred years ago."

Heero sighed, relieved, and pulled Duo's shirt off. "Tell me about it." He wasn't sure why he asked. Maybe it was awkward to have sex with someone he barely knew. Maybe he just wanted to know something before he got inside of Duo.

Duo moaned, and sighed. "I, uh..." His back hit the table. "I was an orphan, homeless. I was snatched off the streets, guy liked my hair. Took me to his coven... they kept me, played with me for four years, until I was 'old enough.' I was fifteen when I was turned."

Heero grunted, and opened Duo's pants. No underwear. Great. Duo's skin was gorgeous, and the more he saw of it, the better it was. Heero tossed Duo's pants aside, and put his hands everywhere he wanted them. "I'm sorry... That's..."

Duo wrapped his legs around Heero's body, and pulled him down. "Yeah, a real sob story... over a century old... Hunters came for the coven, let me live because I helped kill them. So it goes."

"Yeah." Heero bore down on Duo, kissing him hard. Duo was taking off his robe. This was so unlike him... But then... Why not? So it goes. He'd lived this story a dozen times over. Some vamps liked to live the image. Others were just ordinary victims. "Duo. Do you. Want to die?"

"Well, not until you're done here..." Duo grabbed his hair, grabbed his body...

Heero smirked, and thrust in.

Ignore all the myths, at least it was true that vamps were hard to bruise.

Trowa just shook his head and laughed. Relena stomped her foot and ranted at him. Quatre blinked and then smiled and made some dumb joke. It might have been easier to explain to his friends if he could figure it out himself.

He went to the bar where Duo worked. Duo had to wear these shiny hot pants, and the patrons would paw at him as he delivered their shots. Heero would have liked to tell him to quit, but even vampires needed money, and there weren't many professions they were suited toward.

The sex was good. Damned good. But Heero discovered he liked waking up with Duo in his arms.

He thought about asking Duo to be a hunter, but Duo didn't trust most hunters. Even the ones that killed the coven who stole him... They had hated all vampires. Most hunters did.

His friends started to come around after a while. Trowa looked askew at Heero, and told him he had a glow. Heero did not kill Trowa for this, but they were on a job, and it would have involved too much paperwork.

He met Duo's friend, a Chinaman who didn't seem to like anyone, including Duo, but he at least he made good tea. Duo and this Chang seemed to understand each other.

It made Heero want to understand Duo.

The chains on his wrist and around his neck were heavy, but he knew that was only temporary. He had taped a note to the door for Duo. It seemed strange that this was the first time he had gone through this since he and Duo had begun their relationship. Twenty-eight days could pass quickly sometimes.

He heard Duo's footsteps outside the door. He could smell Duo coming. The change had already started... He heard Duo pull the note off his door. He started to breathe more heavily. His mate was so close....

"Time of the month!?! It's your bloody time of the MONTH! Damn it, Yuy, you could have told me you were a were! I'm allergic to dogs!"

Heero laughed, but it probably didn't count, because he was more animal now than man.