title: Crime and Punishment
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Seimei/Soubi
rating: Teen/Mature
warnings: spanking, sexual situations
summary: Seimei disciplines Soubi
notes: once again, ha, for 900_0001, for this lovely request on fic on demand. ^_^

Seimei was flicking his tail over Soubi's lap. He was doing this on purpose, because he had squirmed over until he was in just the right place. He also definitely didn't want Soubi to ignore it, because when Soubi did nothing, Seimei merely increased the frequency and hardness of his swishing.

So Soubi caught Seimei's tail, and held onto it.

Seimei smirked, though his back was still to Soubi, and he slowly slid his tail out of Soubi's grip, and then began to swish it over Soubi's lap more fiercely. Grinning, Soubi waited for a moment, and then he caught the tail again.

Seimei looked over his shoulder at Soubi, and slipped the tail away. He smirked, and then he started to swish, again.

Soubi got a better grip this time, and he wasn't letting go. He moved his hand from side to side with the tail to ensure that he kept it in his hand.

"Soubi," Seimei warned. "Let go of my tail."

Soubi smirked. He loved his master's playful moods. "No. It's mine now."

"What did you say to me?" Seimei turned a bit.

Soubi froze. They were still playing, right?

"Never say no to me, Soubi. You aren't allowed. Now I have to punish you," Seimei sighed. He turned to Soubi, and stretched his legs out in front of him, patting his lap.

Soubi bit the inside of his lip to keep from grinning. He slipped off his coat, and stretched out, displaying his long body for Seimei.

Seimei grinned. "No, you were very bad. Pull down your pants. And your underwear, if you are wearing any, you pervert."

He was not a pervert, but he wouldn't contradict his master, again. "Yes, beloved."

Smiling, Seimei watched Soubi unhook the buttons of his jeans, revealing a pile of soft, blonde curls. He pulled his pants down to his thighs, and stretched out over Seimei's lap.

Seimei caressed Soubi's smooth bottom for a moment. "We are perfect, Soubi, because you are mine. Because you submit to me, entirely. Because I am your will. We are perfect, because you never, ever question me." He raised his arm, and brought down his open hand sharply.

Soubi bit his lip. It would be inconvenient for Seimei if someone heard him. It wasn't necessary for him to call out.

"We are perfect, because I am perfect, and you are mine. Now, say it, Soubi."

Soubi opened his mouth to obey, and Seimei's hand came down on his ass again. He shuddered, but he managed to get it out. "I-I am y-yours, beloved."

"You are mine. You are always mine. You are mine to abuse. You are mine to use. And you are mine to keep." His hand came down once, twice, three times, four times. Soubi was getting excited. His cock was rubbing against Seimei's jeans, getting harder with each strike. Seimei chuckled. "You are such a slut."

Soubi closed his eyes, and purred. "Yes, beloved, for you, beloved."

Incited, Seimei struck Soubi's ass five times in a row, alternating between cheeks. He rubbed his hands over the pinked flesh, and then up the line of Soubi's spine. "My beautiful Soubi. Turn over."

Soubi did as he was told, as always. He lifted his arms up, and spread his legs out as best he could. He was nearly completely hard, and bare from his thighs to his chest, just under his nipples. Seimei was inspecting his body, licking his lips.

Soubi just got harder.

"Touch yourself. Beat yourself off. And say my name."

"B-beloved..." Soubi's hand was shaking, but he was more than willing to follow his master's command. He wished it were his master's hand that was touching him. Seimei's hands were smaller, more delicate. He tried to picture how Seimei would do it, what kind of pressure Seimei would use. His other hand drifted up to toy with his nipples. He wished he had a clamp or two. He wanted the burn. "Beloved... Seimei, beloved... Master..." He had a rhythm now, had a pace. He watched Seimei, his eyes on Soubi's exposed flesh, and the movement of his hands. Seimei shifted in his seat, and licked his lips.

Soubi groaned.

"Seimei... beloved... touch me, please?" He whimpered, needing. His master's hands on his body. His master's touch.

Seimei's open hand came down hard on his nipple. "Soubi! Do what I told you to! Finish it!"

"Order me," Soubi gasped. "Order me... and I will..."

Seimei blinked, and looked Soubi in the eye. For a second, they just stared at each other as Soubi's hand worked his cock furiously. Seimei started to grin. "Are you ready? Soubi, come. Now!"

Soubi gasped, and shuddered, and came all over his hand and lower belly.

"Lick your hand clean," Seimei ordered, and Soubi did so, sopping up the remains on his belly, too.

He turned his body a little, feeling a bit washed out. He looked up at Seimei, needing...

Seimei leaned over and ran his fingers through Soubi's hair. He smiled, and leaned closer and closer to Soubi's mouth, and...

"Oh, look at the time. I'm going to pick up Ritsuka from school. Get yourself together, and be gone before I get back." He jumped to his feet, and stepped over Soubi.

Soubi did not groan, because he had not been given permission. "Weren't you supposed to be in school today, too?"

Seimei chuckled. "Don't worry about that. You have a project due today, anyway." He opened the door and walked out, leaving Soubi alone with the sound of the closed door.

Soubi grinned.

Seimei knew his schedule.