title: Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods
fandom: Demon Diary
characters/pairings: Raenef IV/Krayon/Eclipse
rating: Teen
warnings: threesome
summary: Krayon visits Raenef IV, to see his servant.
notes: for 900_0001, for this request on fic on demand.

Black hair parted in waves with the passage of white, elegant fingers. Krayon walked around the pair, pausing behind Eclipse to admire the way his hair looked strewn over his bare back. Raenef looked up and him and grinned.

"Are you just going to watch?"

He continued his circle. Raenef's legs were spread open, his silk robes separated so Eclipse could do his job. The sounds of Eclipse sucking Raenef off blended with the wafting music that filled the enchanted air. Raenef pet Eclipse, gently, smiling at his servant. Eclipse kept watching Raenef for the approval, goaded on by his master's pleasure.

Krayon hated Raenef. He had the best things.

He settled on his knees behind Eclipse, running his hands down Eclipse's sides. This man... he was powerful enough to be a demon lord, but he was reduced to being a possession. Krayon grinned, and slipped his fingers over Eclipse's ass. Eclipse paused, but Raenef put his hand under Eclipse's chin.

"Come now. He's our guest. Let's show him hospitality, mm?"

Krayon grinned, and started undoing his pants.

If Eclipse was only his...! He would get those dark, gorgeous eyes seeking his for approval. He would never share his servant, and they would share a bed every night.

If only. But Raenef IV was too powerful, so he subverted his ambitions, and contented himself with the luxury of Raenef's love for flaunting what was his.