title: cooking sex
fandom: Antique Bakery
characters/pairings: Ono/thoughts of everyone
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Ono ponders his current situation.
notes: for elihice, for this request on fic on demand.

Baking was nothing at all like sex, as far as Ono was concerned.

Sex, if done right, was dirty and messy. Sex was all right if you were alone, but another person (or four) made it perfect. Sex was physical in way that made you feel weak, that took you apart, it burned you up and left you breathless, needy, anxious, desperate, until it finally gave you release, a blanketing pleasure that numbed you.

If done right.

Baking, on the other hand, when done right, was precise, neat, organized, efficient, and best done alone. Perhaps one assistant could be present to actually assist. Other chefs should stay out of the way. It was certainly physical, but sweating over your pastries was just unsanitary. Baking was strength; it should elevate the chef as he creates.

Sex for creation's sake was just breeding.

He pondered these things as he meticulously shaved the white chocolate for the Lily and Cherry Cake. Tachibana was sitting on a stool, frowning and looking distrustfully at the cream for the strawberry shortcakes that Kanada was mixing. Chikage (who was looking even more handsome today than normal; must be a new pomade he was using) was stocking the shelves. Well. 'Stocking' was a generous term, as Chikage (the poor, sexy lamb) was actually dropping more things than he was stocking, but he was working hard. He had to really stretch to put the bowls back up on the shelves above the cabinets. His tall, lean, muscular body was taut. The way his apron was tied, his trim waist was highlighted, as well as his nice ass.

Cooking and sex should not mix. He had learned that in Paris. It had been a fun lesson, but still.

Things needed to be kept separate.

He was well over his crush on Tachibana (mostly), too, but that sexy five o'clock shadow was at its peak of scruffiness, like it was begging to be touched, like it wanted to rub and scratch over smooth skin. Ono was, of course, completely clean-shaven. He sometimes liked that, a scruffy, hairy kiss. Just a kiss. Because Tachibana had such nice lips. But. His demon powers of seduction didn't work on Tachibana, so those kissable lips and scruffy chin were none of his concern. And he was fine with that.


He was over Tachibana. Really over him.

But not under Chikage, which was unfortunate...

And Kanada... he was trying hard, and learning a lot. But he still hadn't mastered some of the basic principles of artistry. Those strawberry shortcakes were going to be delicious, but not exactly appealing to the eye.

He sighed. Chikage was now juggling truffles. Those were delicate. He should say something. But he'd been woolgathering for so long, he had overdone the chocolate shavings on the cake. No one else might notice, but he thought it would be best to add some cherries for the top, to compensate.

Chikage came up behind him, and looked over his shoulder. He inhaled sharply, and Ono could feel it.

"That looks really delicious," Chikage whispered, in awe.

"You think so?" Ono grinned, and scooped up a small bit of left over frosting from the bowl with his finger (a horrific faux pas, but desperate times...) and spread it over Chikage's lips.

Oh, how good they would look covered with his...

"Thanks." He smiled brightly, and turned back to finish garnishing the cake.

It was a good thing his demon powers weren't effective here. Cooking and sex should be separate. And this way, he could keep his job.

But that didn't mean that he wanted to forego sex. He was just going to have to work harder to seduce Chikage.