title: Confronting Tomorrow
fandom: Gundam 00
characters/pairings: Marina
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Marina can't sleep.
notes: for the gundam_00 comm fic contest, based on op/ed sequences. this one is from Daybreak's Bell, obviously. ^_~ i watched the wana sequence over and over, but i just wasn't inspired by the tableaus, so... second best op/ed? *iz disloyal l'arc fangril*

The world exploded before her, like it was for her entertainment. Even as she tried to turn her face away, the heat from the flames seared her skin. She was about to scream when she woke up, gasping. She threw the covers off, exasperated. There was no time for nightmares! Things were so unpredictable. A new crisis occurred everyday, it seemed. A new action by Celestial Being... Marina covered her face with her hands. She could still feel the heat, hear the screams of her citizens... It was Setsuna's Gundam that exploded in her dreams, wasn't it? Exia... That machine terrified her, but she had stood witness as Setsuna used it to complete a humanitarian act. The explosion in her dreams was horrifying, beyond anything she had ever seen with her eyes. Somehow, too, in her dreams, she had a communications link with Setsuna, just before he died. She saw him smiling at her as his Gundam was hit.

She felt sick. In the morning, she had more diplomatic meetings, but nothing would come of any of them. She started to shake, the feeling of sickness growing. Her people and her country needed her, and the people of the world needed to break away from the madness of the cycle of war. She knew that, and so many others did, but the only things she was learning so far as First Princess all related to how impotent such a role was in the face of the entire world and all its troubles.

Setsuna would die for her... that was just a dream. A bad dream. It wasn't real. She rubbed her face with her hands. Setsuna would definitely not die for her! Setsuna... smiling at her... it was just a stupid dream! She knew that, but still. She wondered... if there was someone he was fighting for, someone he would give up his life to save. She hoped not, though. His way of doing things was troublesome enough without him just giving up his life. There had to be another way.

She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and put her feet on the floor. She wasn't going to sleep tonight, anyway. Instead of laying in bed and worrying about Setsuna and imagining strange scenarios to brood about, she should do something. She was First Princess, after all, so it was up to her. Something was up to her. If her powers were limited, she would just have to do the best she could with the powers she did have. Because if she didn't, then her nightmare might really come true, and Setsuna would end up losing his life for his cause. It was strange how much easier it was to stay motivated when it was for the sake of one person that she worked. Wasn't she supposed to be working for her entire nation?