title: Comprehension
fandom: GetBackers
characters/pairings: Kazuki/Jubei, Ban/Ginji
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Ginji comes to understand
notes: for tsunade115, for mother's day. *cuddles*

The Infinite Fortress sometimes had glorious sunsets, but they could only be viewed from certain peaks. Everyplace else, the sky was just a narrow strip at the top of the endless walls, and the dying light was nothing more impressive than flicking a light switch. Few could get their way up to anything that resembled a roof, but they went wherever they pleased in this cage that was their home.

Jubei wasn't far, because Jubei was never far from Kazuki, but neither Ginji nor Kazuki paid any thought as to where he might be, or what he might hear. Ginji didn't look at Kazuki as he spoke. He rarely looked at whom he was speaking to, and when he did, it was often to a chilling effect. "What sort of training were you doing last night?"

"Mm?" Kazuki smiled brightly. He was more at peace with Ginji than most, even amongst those closest to Ginji. Kazuki had very little left to lose that he cared about. "What do you mean?"

"I saw you. With Jubei. I didn't understand what you were doing." Ginji's voice was flat, but there was an insistence to his tone that belied his annoyance with his lack of comprehension.

Kazuki swallowed his chuckled. "Ah... Gin-chan, we weren't... training, per se. That was... that was private. What were you doing watching?"

"Private?" Ginji echoed hollowly.

Kazuki sighed. "It's hard to explain. You'll understand some day, Ginji, when you meet someone special to you."

"You are special to me, Kazuki," Ginji countered with simplistic, almost child-like stubbornness.

Nodding somewhat apprehensively, Kazuki smiled. "And you are special to me, too, Ginji. But there's a difference between how I feel about you, and how I feel about Jubei. Jubei... is a different kind of special than how I feel for anyone else. You'll understand, Ginji, someday."

Ginji was clearly not happy with the answer of 'someday,' but it was the only answer Kazuki could offer him without being too embarrassed.

He let electricity crackle over his fingers, to give them light. Ban grinned at him, and shrugged. They were alone, for now. They had time. They could rest.

Ginji pushed himself as close as he could to Ban's solid body. Ban looked tall and lean, because of his clothes, but really, he was bigger than Ginji, by a lot, and it made Ginji feel good when Ban's arms slipped around him. In the dark, when they were alone, and Ban was holding him, Ginji felt like everything was exactly as it should be, no matter what the situation.

Ban brushed his lips over Ginji's temple. "Not scared, are you?"

"Nah," Ginji grinned. "Just tired. ...Hey, Ban-chan, can we have some time off soon?"

Ban grunted. "If we survive this, Ginji, I'll give you a whole week off."

Ginji curled up closer to Ban. If he closed his eyes, he could pretend that nothing was wrong, and it was just the two of them. For a second, he remembered something about when he was living in the Infinite Fortress, something about Kazuki and Jubei, something he had seen, or something about the way the two of them were, but it flashed away, and Ginji smiled. "Yeah, well. Wake me if you need me."

"Sure thing," Ban chuckled, running his fingers through Ginji's hair. He could feel the static leaving his body and bleeding into Ban's. Ban could feel it, too, but that didn't stop him.

Ginji fell asleep, and dreamed of sunsets and Ban holding him.