title: Collide
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: snuggling
summary: Tezuka wakes up, and considers his good fortune.
notes: for miyuki mina, for this request on fic on demand. also, writing this while listening to Collide by Howie Day. dear god, this is the perfect tezuka/fuji song... someone needs to make a vid with 174-176 and this song. please? i'll love you forever. *makes eiji eyes at you*

He wakes up because the sun is shining in his face. Syuusuke has positioned himself so that Tezuka can block the light for him. Tezuka runs his fingers through Syuusuke's hair lightly, trying hard not to disturb him.

He doesn't understand what he feels, not precisely. He never really thought about love. It was assumed that he would get married and have children; it was what people did. His obsession with tennis was a simple thing, perhaps even childish, but he had ambition to make it more worthwhile. It was a source of pride to his father. It was something he took for granted. He believed that tennis was the love of his life.

Tennis brought him to Syuusuke, though. Fate had a hand, he believed, but not in the way that Syuusuke's sister believed. Their choices, independent of one another, had led them to the same place, gave them a chance.

He had wanted to go to Hyotei, or Rikkai Dai. Syuusuke's father had wanted him to go to Rokkaku Chuu. But they had gone to Seigaku together. He sometimes wondered why they weren't rivals, but then, they were friends.

When he had injured himself, his pride hadn't allowed him any slack. He still wanted to be perfect. But more than that, he wanted to share a court with Syuusuke. He wanted to stand across the net from him at full power, and face him. Not as rivals, not as friends, but as two people together. Their paths might take them to different places from this point onward. He couldn't assume that they would always be together. But they were now.

Syuusuke had kissed him first. It was right before school started, and he had laughed afterward. Tezuka hadn't been sure what he meant by it. It wasn't always easy to understand Syuusuke's motivations.

Their first kiss had been confusing and brief, a shock, like a collision. Things changed after that.

He might have to accept that he would never be perfect. The meaning of his existence might change.

It may be that a walk in the snow under the umbrella of someone who was confusing and beautiful and challenging and who was always thinking of him might be the guidepost he was looking for.

Only hours now separate him from the time he has to leave. He isn't sure he knows what he is doing, and he doesn't know what to say, so he lets Syuusuke sleep. He can remember their first kiss perfectly, and the feeling of Syuusuke's hands on his bare skin, and the look that Syuusuke gets in his eyes when it's just them.

He'll find a way back here.

Syuusuke moves in bed, his nose wrinkling. They're taking a chance, to sleep together like this, but he doesn't mind the risk. He doesn't know what he would say to his parents, but he knows he can't deny what it so obvious.

He needs to be able to walk aside Syuusuke, wherever they are going.

Syuusuke's eyes open, but he's not awake yet. Tezuka can tell by his smile. Tezuka kisses the tip of Syuusuke's nose gently.

They will be together again. Neither of them doubts it. They are each other's best friend, love, lover, anchor.

Syuusuke sighs, and presses his cheek to Tezuka's chest. "You don't have any plans today, do you? I'd like to go to the beach with you. It's best to go when it's still too cold for there to be many people there."

He can't lie to Syuusuke, so he kisses his lips softly, and smiles.

They'll definitely go together some time.

didn't get a line from a Japanese song in there, but it just didn't fit. =/ sorry!