title: close quarters
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: Killua/Gon
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Killua has a problem being so close to Gon.
notes: for postingwhore, for Christmas Valentine's day St. Patrick's day? meep. not the most original fic in the crop, i'm afraid...

They both just stared at the bed. It wasn't even large; it was definitely a single.

Gon started to whimper.

"It's too late now!" Killua responded testily, crossing his arms over his chest. This was the first trip in their lives where the two of them had been fighting. Well, like real fighting, not just roughhousing. Which they also still did. But then, when they did, embarrassing things happened to Killua down there, and because Gon was so freakin' innocent, he had to push Gon away and rush off to the bathroom.

Gon even asked him on the boat over here if he had a bladder infection or something.

Their boat had been attacked by pirates, and then they'd had to help a family of four that Gon had befriended to evade some thugs who were trying to bully them, and steal a family heirloom. They arrived at their hotel ten hours late, and thus, their room had been given away. Because they were Hunters, they got the last room in the hotel, but it...

It was too small, and it was too late to find another hotel. And all Killua wanted to do was sleep, but with just the one small bed... "We're staying here!" How to arrange it? There wasn't a chair. There was a stand-up shower, not even a bathtub. If he slept so close to Gon, he'd surely have trouble...

"Well, it's fine by me," Gon yawned. "Do you want to masturbate before going to bed?"

Killua pinched himself, hoping like hell he was dreaming. Gon just said...

"Of course, I don't really care. I mean, we can shower in the morning. But you always get so cranky when you're horny..." Gon yawned loudly and pulled his shirt off, crawling into bed. "We should just have sex sometimes. Wouldn't that be better?"

And then, the little bastard started snoring.

Killua pounced on him, shaking him by the neck. "You idiot! Why didn't you tell me sooner?! Of course we should have sex! Everyone knows that!? Who even told you about sex!? Aren't you completely innocent??"

"Killua, I'm nineteen, just like you! How d'you think it's possible that I wouldn't know about sex? And anyway, Leorio gave me a lecture, and even showed me how to use a condom and stuff." Gon slipped out from Killua's grip, and twisted his arm, jockeying for position.

Leorio! He could have told Killua that he gave Gon that talk! "That's it! We're having sex now!"

"Now?" Gon whined. "Let's do it tomorrow. I'm really tired now!"

"And whose fault is that?!"

"I didn't bring the pirates!"

"But you have to solve everyone's problems! Solve mine!"

"Solve it yourself, in the bathroom, like you always do! I'm going to sleep!"

"You can't expect me to share this tiny bed with you and not have sex with you!"

"Then sleep on the floor! We'll have sex tomorrow!"


Gon glared at Killua. Killua glared right back.

"Rock paper scissors for it?" Killua asked hopefully.

Gon smirked. "Ok!"

One, two three, and then Gon cheered, and flopped back on the bed. "'Night, Killua. Sex tomorrow."

Killua stomped off to the bathroom. Today was not his day.

Hopefully, tomorrow would be better.