title: Cat Will Play
fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
characters/pairings: Keroberos, Clow, Yue
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Kero hides, finding himself stuck with his Master.
notes: for laurus_nobilis, for this request on fic on demand.

Kerberos bounded wildly around the corner, and pushed open the sliding door of the hallway closet. He slipped in, and closed the door behind him. He forced himself to take slow, even breaths, and he reminded himself that even if his heart was pounding enough to deafen him, no one else could likely hear it.

Gradually, he became aware of two things. The first thing was that he had stepped in pot of tea, which was now spilling all over the closet floor. The second was that his master was sheepishly grinning at him and petting his mane.

Kerberos looked in his master's eyes. "What did you do?" he whispered.

Clow grinned cheerfully. "Left my inkwells open to dry out. You?"

"Spilled the jelly all over the kitchen counter," Kerberos confessed.

He thought about it a moment, and then he looked at his master again, confused.

"Master, why are you hiding from Yue? You could just order him not to be mad, and he wouldn't be."

"Ah," Clow sighed, "I just can't bear that disappointed look in his eyes."

Kerberos huffed. "You spoil him."

Clow rubbed his hands through Kerberos' thick mane. "Jealous, kitten? Aw. That's so sweet. But I have no favorites."

Kerberos wanted badly to remain annoyed with his master, but he also wanted to roll over and get Clow to rub his belly.

The rubbing belly option seemed more fun.

Kerberos was laughing and purring loudly when the closet door slammed open. Yue had his arms folded over his chest. He was glaring down at the growing pool of tea that was spilling out of the closet and into the hall. He didn't seem any more pleased to see Clow's hands all over Kerberos.

"Ah, Yue! So glad to see you. Did you finish resorting the east library?" Clow grinned, and continued to scratch Kerberos' belly.

Yue's eyebrow twitched. His mouth, stuck in a firm line, quivered. He narrowed his eyes. "I trust someone," he glared directly at Kerberos, "intends to clean this up." He turned, his hair and shawl swishing around him, and he glided away.

Kerberos snorted, and leaned up to lick Clow's cheek. Clow laughed silently, and threw his arm around Kerberos' shoulders. "Someday," he whispered, conspiratorially, "we will overthrow him."

Kerberos shook his head. "Master, you are insane."

"I know," Clow winked. "It's more fun that way."