title: carry each other
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kouya/Yamato, Nagisa-sensei
rating: G
warnings: possessiveness, hair cutting
summary: Kouya and Yamato, Zero + Zero = 1
notes: for lizas_lines, for this request on fic on demand. title from U2 song, one love, because i amaze with my creativity. =p

Nagisa-sensei fussed over Kouya's hair. She liked it long. She liked to put ribbons in it.

Yamato sat in the corner, and watched. She watched those fingers moving through Kouya's dark hair, and she could feel Nagisa-sensei's nails on her own scalp. Her eyes were locked with Kouya's. Nagisa-sensei was talking, but neither of them were listening to her. She might well be talking about something they needed to hear. It didn't matter.

Nagisa-sensei curled a lock of Kouya's hair around her finger. Yamato and Kouya narrowed their eyes in perfect synchronization.

The phone rang, and Nagisa-sensei answered it in a huff. It had to be about that other sensei that she was interested in, because her voice changed tones seven times in the two minute conversation, and then, she up and left in a harried huff, grabbing her data notebooks.

The notebooks that were all about them.

Yamato stood up quietly as she left, and she went to Nagisa-sensei's desk. "We shouldn't," Kouya said meekly, but Yamato just snorted.

"She needs to learn." Yamato took the scissors out of Nagisa-sensei's desk, and went over to Kouya, who was already scooting herself into position. Yamato ran her fingers through Kouya's hair.


And hers.

She started to cut, just chopping it off. Once she got the bulk of it out of the way, she started to shape it, around the face, and in the back.

Just like hers.

She made sure the sides were the same length, pulling the hair down, drawing it out to compare. He fingers ran down Kouya's cheeks... down her neck... into her shirt, over her heart. She felt her heart beating.

One heart.

"She made us," she murmured into Kouya's ear, "but she doesn't know what she made. This is mine." She grasped at the skin over Kouya's heart, groping her breast. "This is mine." She kissed Kouya's cheek. "We're two bodies, but one heart, one soul. We belong to each other. By this name," she traced the zero on Kouya's breast. "By these bodies. They keep us apart, but they bind us together."

"Two bodies, but one soul," Kouya repeated, her voice reverential, her eyes closed, her head tipping back...

She belonged to Yamato!

Yamato covered Kouya's lips with her own, turning her around, and pulling her closer. They grasped at each other, desperate. Two bodies... was a nuisance. But it was more than that. More than being Fighter and Sacrifice.

They were Zero. They were nothing except each other's.

Yamato was just unhooking Kouya's bra when Nagisa-sensei returned. They turned to look at her, matching eyes and matching gazes, annoyed at the interruption. Nagisa-sensei dropped all her books and screamed, crying for Kouya's precious hair.

Yamato just smiled. They had the same hairstyle now. Soon, she'd have Kouya's ears and tail.

The only reason they could endure was because they were joined.