title: Care
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Trowa, Quatre
rating: Teen
warnings: drugs, sex
summary: Trowa answers.
notes: for either cyn, or sunnie, or both, for christmas. and yes, i'm well aware of the past nature of christmas, getting around to my list...
this is sparse on details. we will call it 'airy' and pretend it is a style...

He got the call at three am. He couldn't really hear anything but laughter. He called back a minute later, and Duo sounded surprised to hear from him.

He got an address.

At this hour of night, the streets were eerie with quiet, like everything was on pause. The bursts of light and sound were doubly disturbing because of it. He drove a bit faster than he normally would, and he parked in front of the hotel. He didn't plan on being there long.

A naked girl answered the door, looking really confused, like her brain was working overtime to put itself someplace else. He walked past her, looking her over a bit. She wasn't bad looking, though a few squares wouldn't put her wrong.

Duo was in the bathtub, his hair down, and filthy. He looked up at Trowa and smiled. Trowa helped Duo out of the tub, and then turned the water on, rinsing out Duo's hair.

"You take better care of it than I do," Duo said, his voice far away.

Trowa couldn't help agreeing.

He wrapped Duo's hair in a towel, and put his arm around Duo's waist. They walked together, down to the lobby. The girl working the desk glared at them, but she didn't say anything. She knew better than to disturb the night clientele. He put Duo in the car, and then went around to get in himself.

It was less surreal driving with someone in the passenger seat, even if Duo was just squirming and moaning in his seat.

"Where are we going, Trowa?"

But Duo knew the answer.

On the highway, everything was blackness and stars. He kept himself under the stars, and on the smooth line of the road. Duo snored as he slept. Trowa thought about turning on the radio, but he didn't. It was lulling, keeping under the stars. When he felt himself drifting, he reached over, and put his fingers in Duo's hair.

He took a deep breath, and tightened his grip on the wheel. Wouldn't take long to get away.

Duo woke up on white, itchy sheets. He stayed perfectly still, until he was sure he wouldn't throw up. Closing his eyes, he pushed off on the bed, and went from horizontal to vertical, dizzyingly. He clutched the bed, opening his eyes slowly.

Too bright.

On unsteady, bare feet, he walked to the bathroom, and then to the kitchen. In the kitchen, he stood and stared at the unused cleanliness of the appliances. Then he left the kitchen for the dock.

Out the back of the cabin, down the narrow wooden porch, there were long fingers stretching out over the placid water which reflected the sun in a wide, shimmering ribbon. Trowa was there, at the end of the finger, his feet in the cold water.

Clumsily, Duo sat down next to him. "Out here, huh? So I guess it's gotten bad."

"Third call this month," Trowa sighed.

"Yeah," Duo nodded. "I always mean to be better..." He scratched the back of his head, sending the hair floating in waves.

Trowa, mesmerized, reached out, holding onto the hair as he combed it out with his fingers. "Want me to braid it for you?"

"Nah," Duo sighed. "You'll want to take it down when you make love to me, right?"

"Is that what it's called?" Trowa murmured, pulling the hair closer to his face. "Don't mind if it is, you know."

"Making love?" Duo looked up at the too bright sky, turning colors. He must have slept a long time. "Yeah, guess that's right. I didn't... I mean, I wasn't..."

"I know. You were just doing drugs."

"Nothing with needles."

"Doesn't really get rid of all my worries."

"But it shows that I'm not completely crazy," Duo grinned madly. He pulled off his shirt, and then lifted his hips to slide his boxers off. "I mean, at least, not about that."

He slipped into the freezing, murky water, sinking to the muddy bottom before kicking off. He broke the surface of the water, inhaling icy air. He turned in the water, looking for the shore, for the dock, for Trowa.

"Are you going to join me?"

Trowa shook his head, and folded Duo's clothes into a neat pile. Duo laughed loudly, and he felt young in his heart. He decided to have fun.

Trowa's lips trailed over Duo's stomach. Duo moaned, and writhed. Trowa's fingers tickled the spots that made Duo's knees watery. They were getting very good at this dance.

Duo spread his legs out, and Trowa's slick fingers smoothed the way. As Trowa pushed into Duo, he said something, and Duo's eyes flew open. Their hips rocked together, and things got hazy. Trowa's skin crawled and his blood pounded. He felt a furnace overheating, starting in his groin.

He stroked Duo's cock, biting back his own orgasm until Duo came. He put his head down on Duo's chest, listening to his heart.

"Do you really love me?"

That must have been what he said. It wasn't untrue, though it somewhat depended on how Duo would react, if there were any point to saying it.

He pulled at Duo's hair, picking up strands, running his fingers over them, and letting them fall. They'd made a fire. He stared at the tongues of flame, watching them lick each other as they circled up, higher, flicking, flashing, an ancient orgy of energy and power.

"Why do you bring me here? This... this is Quatre's cabin, isn't it? Why do you bring me here?" Duo rubbed his chin over Trowa's thigh.

Trowa buried his fingers in Duo's hair. "Quatre is married, and living... pretty damned far away."

"Is this where you used to have... have sex with him?" Duo asked, his voice hard.

"We didn't have that kind of relationship," Trowa sighed. "It was nothing but puppy love."

Duo was quiet for a moment, and then he sat up, his hair falling all around him, messily. "Don't pretend, to spare my feelings. Because that's stupid. Quatre's my friend, and..."

Trowa kissed Duo. "I was in love with a mirage. Really. That was it."

Duo looked away. "Braid my hair for me?"

Trowa smiled.

Trowa had to go looking for the 'phone. Its beep was fairly annoying, but he hadn't been aware the cabin was wired for 'phones. It was down the stairs to the basement. He stared at it, the screen flicking the Incoming call prompt obnoxiously. He clicked the green connect button.

"Trowa! Good, I'm glad I caught you." Quatre on another world smiled.

Trowa nodded, and wiped his hands on the tea towel. "Quatre."

"Luke told me you were at the cabin. Everything all right?"

"Everything's fine. You need this place?"

"No," Quatre shook his head quickly. "Miranda and I are taking the baby to L4 for a while. She doesn't want a nanny, so... How are things? You're... you're not there alone, right?"

"Duo's with me," Trowa said blankly.

Quatre beamed. "Take care of him, Trowa. He needs you."

"I know," Trowa said softly, narrowing his eyes.

"Yeah, but do you know that you need him, too?" Quatre winked. "Use the cabin for as long as you want. It's yours, really. Have fun. And call me sometime!" Quatre instantly shrunk to a tiny white blip, and the screen went blue.

Trowa blinked, and then headed back upstairs.

Duo was foraging through the fridge, his braid slowly slipping off his back. "Hey, where'd you go?"

"'Phone, Quatre. He says the place is ours." He went to the stove, and started the eggs.

"Oh." Duo stood up, and then grinned. "Good. I like this place."

Trowa smiled, and watched the butter melt.