title: calm
fandom: Meine Liebe
characters/pairings: Lui/Orphe
rating: Teen
warnings: hatesex
summary: Orpheus disturbs Ludwig's calm.
notes: for sharz, for this request on fic on demand.
takes place post-series, when they are in the Strahl.

He hated the way that Orpheus made him lose his calm. If the fool would just listen, though, he'd see how he was wrong about curtailing usury fees for overdue loans. Orpheus would probably prefer to just pass out money to the poor without asking them to do anything.


If he'd been able to keep his calm, though, they wouldn't have come to blows, nearly. They wouldn't have been asked to leave the Throne Room, and they wouldn't have gone to an unused antechamber to continue their discussion. If he'd stayed calm, he wouldn't have reacted so badly when Orpheus tapped his chest, and he wouldn't have pushed back. When Orpheus had grabbed his cravat, he wouldn't have grabbed Orpheus'. Then, there was a whole long process of divestment of clothing that certainly wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gotten emotional.

Perhaps if Naoji had not returned to his home country... but no. That was an excuse, and Ludwig detested excuses.

Orpheus had long had this affect on him.

He'd pushed Orpheus down on the low couch. Calm or not, that was his choice. He'd taken Orpheus' organ into his mouth. Also a choice, regardless of his hot emotions. Orpheus had produced some oil, from God alone knew where, but he was the one who coated his own fingers, and pushed them inside of Orpheus.

He'd done more inside of Orpheus.

He didn't dislike the way that Orpheus closed his eyes and threw his head back. He could admit that Orpheus was beautiful when he made that expression. He did dislike the way that Orpheus grabbed at his hair. That was attached to his head, after all.

He hated that all of that made him even less calm.

He stood in front of the mirror, and fixed his cravat perfectly. Orpheus was still lounging on the couch, the lazy slacker. He hated how he reacted to even just that.

"I still say it's wrong to charge poor people for being poor," Orpheus mumbled quietly.

"Oh, just..." Ludwig bit his tongue, and strode out of the antechamber, his cape and hair flowing behind him.

He would regain his calm.