title: Burns
fandom: DC Comics/Static Shock
characters/pairings: Virgil/Richie
rating: G/Teen
warnings: electric sex
summary: Richie doesn't want to explain.
notes: for sheherezhad, for this request on fic on demand. apologies for it not being as smutty as desired. ~_~

Richie had electrical burns all over his back. He had them in a few choice other places, too, but no one save one knew about those. It wasn't a problem. He kept them from getting infected, and treated them. They went away after a few days, with the help of his salve. But he was really better at mechanical things, not biological things.

His gym teacher noticed, because the guys were teasing him. He didn't even mind when they slapped his back, because the pain was a reminder. It brought back the moment when Virgil was between his legs, pounding into him, his hands clenching at Richie's flesh, and he couldn't hold it in anymore, so he had to let go. In fact, Richie couldn't come anymore without the electrical stimulation, not even when he masturbated. His body had grown accustomed to Virgil's lack of control at that perilous moment.

The gym teacher noticing was a problem, because that led to Questions. And sure, Richie's dad could be... physical. But if he flipped out because Richie's best friend was black, Richie really didn't want to know how he'd react if he found out Richie was letting his black best friend bang him like a woman.

Really. Electrical burns would be the least of his problems, then.

Virgil felt guilty. It was his fault, and no matter how many times Richie protested that he didn't mind, that he liked it, that it was ok, Virgil still wanted to control himself better. Until Richie grabbed him by the face and kissed him hard enough to make his insides squeal, and he had to get their clothes off, get Richie around him, because he needed it now.

Richie was good at dancing around the truth. He could spin lies like webs to trap people up.

Virgil got good at applying the plastic that could mimic skin that Richie designed.

They weren't ready for questions yet.