title: Built in
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: pseudo-Kurapika/Hisoka, vague Kurapika/Leorio, Senritsu
rating: Mature
warnings: Hisoka, nen sex
summary: Kurpika gets a call.
notes: inspired, in part, by a comment by bikun (on lj). something along the lines of... kurapika having built-in bdsm. *coughs* also, the affectations of Hisoka's dialogue are based on the way it is presented in the manga, which makes it so much easier to 'hear' hiskoka's sexy seiyuu... ^_~ i don't know how common that is in fandom, but...
anime continuity (if there are any disparities) because i haven't read all of the manga yet. spoilers through the whole anime, essentially. takes place somewhere between the end of the first ova, and hisoka's appearance on greed island.
erm. looks like, based on the manga scanalations that i have, that senritsu is a female. O_o well, ok. it may be somewhat ambiguous, but that's what i'm going with.

It wasn't a sense of duty that urged him to walk the parapet, and keep his eyes trained on the borders of his master's estate, although it did provide an outrageously appropriate excuse. He was tempted to ignore his phone when it rang, merely because he assumed that it was one of three people, and it more likely the one person who always felt comfortable calling him.

He just wanted to be alone.

He didn't even check the screen before answering. Whoever it was, it would be all the same. "Hello."

"Ku~ra~pi~ka!" An all too familiar chuckle. "You're so mean! You broke my playmate, and you didn't even stay to take his place. I was so excited, too. ♣"

Kurapika froze. "I have nothing to say to you, Hisoka."

"So ungrateful! " Hisoka chuckled. "And after I helped you! You tricked me, though. Took away my fun. You owe me now. ♠"

"I owe you nothing," Kurapika informed, blandly.

Hisoka was undeterred. "I was bored, so I poked around a bit looking for work. ♣ An interesting job crossed my eye. Now, who would want your boss dead? It would be quite dull, but they were having trouble filling the position. That's because of you. So I thought to myself, that fruit is going to be past ripe if you don't take a bite soon..."

Kurapika narrowed his eyes. He turned around, knowing that Senritsu would be nearby. Was Hisoka close? Was he already in the house? "Why are you calling me to tell me this?"

"I took the job, but that alone is no reason to do it. ♠ I thought I would give you some choices," Hisoka laughed. "After all, there's more than one way to peel an orange. "

"Oh?" Kurapika arched an eyebrow. He was relatively certain he could take Hisoka now, although 'the magician' was inherently unpredictable. And there was no way to tell how many of his men would lose their lives to Hisoka before he could stop him. "And they are?"

"One! ♣ Come to meet me tonight at my hotel room. I'm at the Crowne, room 404. That's an easy number to remember, isn't it? " Hisoka was licking his lips. Kurapika could hear it. "Two! ♠ If you don't come by nine o'clock, I'll come visit you. Either way, I want to play with those sexy chains of yours. And three... well, you could just leave that place. ♣ Not a very fun option, but I don't mind chasing you. And there's no reason to be loyal to that house, is there? "

Kurapika weighed the options in his mind. His right fist clenched, the comforting tingle of his chains anchoring him. Things were different now. This was a fight he could win. He was more and more sure of it, the more he considered it. And still, he hesitated, thinking of the blood he had already spilled. Hisoka wasn't a Spider, not really. This was not a fight he would choose.

"Whatever you choose is fine with me. ♠ But you should know that I'm not a patient man. I waited for you to develop, and you exceeded my expectations. Come play with me, Kurapika? ♣" He was laughing as he disconnected.

"Kurapika?" His name sounded so different from Senritsu than it did from Hisoka.

It was odd when he realized he wasn't so much making a choice, as doing what he was most comfortable with doing. "You're in charge. I have an errand to run."

"The call was from...?" It was never a question of how much Senritsu had heard. Only of how much she was going to press Kurapika on.

"I shouldn't be long." It was a relief, really, to actually have someplace to go, and something to do.

Not that he would enjoy this, but it was better than another night of the same thoughts going though his head.

The hotel was luxurious, but he had known that before Hisoka has said which one it would be. The room number irked him. It seemed to imply a history between them that, though valid, was unpleasant to consider. It also called to mind more pleasant times, and more pleasant companions. He knocked heavily on the door, wanting to get this over with more than anything else.

Hisoka opened the door sopping wet, wearing a towel loosely around his waist. Without his makeup and attire, he almost looked normal, but Kurapika wasn't looking at him. "Am I early?"

"On the contrary! ♠" Hisoka laughed, and licked his lips, looking Kurapika up and down. "I guessed you would be on your way as soon as I hung up. "

"Then why did you get in the shower?" Kurapika sneered.

Hisoka threw his head back. "Because! I wanted to see you blush!" He leaned forward, and took Kurapika's chin between his thumb and forefinger. "It seems that you haven't completely ripened yet. ♣"

Kurapika pulled away, and walked inside. "Put some clothes on."

Hisoka closed the door, and pulled the towel away, dragging it over his chest. "What would the good doctor think, to see us here like this? ♠ Do you think he'd be jealous? "

Seating himself primly on the Queen Ann chair in the center of the sitting room, Kurapika ignored Hisoka entirely.

Hisoka pouted. "Aw, don't tell me you two got divorced? ♠ I was so sure you crazy kids would make it!"

"Please hurry up," Kurapika sighed. "This isn't exactly enjoyable to me."

"Oh, but it is for me," Hisoka laughed, his voice deadly serious. "I'm so excited right now. I can't wait to see you use your chains on me."

Kurapika glared in Hisoka's direction without looking at him. "Be careful what you wish for."

Hisoka laughed harder than Kurapika had ever heard him laugh before. "Oh, you really have grown up well! I'm so sad, though! ♣ I was hoping to contribute to your education!" He strolled over to Kurapika, shamelessly. He put his hands on the arms of Kurapika's chair, and grinned, relishing Kurapika's discomfort. "Still. There are always a few new things to learn, mm? "

"Whatever game you called me here to play," Kurapika huffed testily, "can we just get on with it?"

Hisoka chuckled, leaning in to lick Kurapika's cheek. "Who said we haven't already? "

Kurapika pushed at Hisoka, but Hisoka grabbed his arms, and pulled him out of the chair, causing them to topple onto each other on the floor. Kurapika tried to roll away, but Hisoka wasn't letting go. Automatically, his defense chain spit out to wrap around Hisoka, trying to get Hisoka off of him.

Hisoka was enjoying this far, far too much. "This is my game, pet! ♠ Keep me entertained, and I'll kill my employer, instead of yours. That's a double favor for you. Bore me... and I'll have to play rough."

Kurapika bared his teeth. "You want to play rough?" A dozen more yards of chain, and he had Hisoka out of arm's reach. "I can play rough."

Hisoka grinned, and licked his lips, watching Kurapika dangerously. "Mm, you can, too. That's so... exciting. You're connected to the chain, aren't you? It's your nen. Can you feel through it? Does it tell you how hot I am right now?"

Kurapika knew he made a mistake as soon as he felt it. He wasn't in any immediate threat of his life, so he wasn't at 'full' strength. And Hisoka had that damned 'gum' technique. He should have felt the traces of nen on his body, but again, he wasn't at his battle best.

Hisoka laughed as he broke the kiss, smacking his lips together. "Such sweet fruit! Straight from the vine is really the best. ♠"

Sixty more yards of chain, and he had Hisoka against the wall. He looped a bit of chain together, and, concentrating, slashed it across the thin nen connection between himself and Hisoka.

Having retained his calm, he sat down again, arranging himself just so. Sighing, he glared at Hisoka, wriggling in the chains. He tightened his control. "I'm not a complete innocent, just so you know. And I gather I have the drift of this game now. You want a taste; I can give you a taste. But can I trust your word?"

Hisoka pulled at the chains, just to prove that he could still move under Kurapika's restraint. "Oh, I'm completely trustworthy, at least as far as you are concerned! I want to prolong this dance for as long as I can. You're too sweet to eat in one bite. ♣"

"Sweet," Kurapika sighed, and raised his hand to his forehead. The chains snaked over Hisoka's body, grating over his nipples as the end wrapped around his cock. "We'll see."

It took more concentration than he cared for, but at least he didn't have to watch. He could feel it, though, as the chain brought Hisoka's cock to a full erection. And the way Hisoka's heart was beating hard, and he was breathing so deeply. And Hisoka was digging his nails into the chains around his hands, and damn him, he understood nen too well. And he looped some chain to push up against Hisoka's anus. And he could feel Hisoka's body get taut, and he could feel Hisoka laughing as he raised his nen up and up and up, wrapping it around his body like a coil, and he used the chains around Hisoka's legs to open him up more, and it was a push and pull, and he had to really concentrate on it now, the chains moving and vibrating, sending him back sensations like waves crashing on sand, and it was close now, he could feel it...

When Hisoka came, he pushed all of his nen against the chains, but he couldn't break it, just loosen it enough to be dropped to the floor.

Kurapika couldn't bring himself to pull the chain back into his body, even though it was a part of him, nonetheless. He closed his eyes, and just make it disappear.

"You're good! ♠" Hisoka giggled. "This is going to be so fun! "

"For you," Kurapika remarked dryly. He stood up, and smoothed his hands over his legs. "We have a deal?"

"We do ♣" Hisoka murmured with too much satisfaction. "For now. But we'll be playing again, Ku~ra~pi~ka. "

Kurapika rolled his eyes and turned to walk away. "I'm sure, at least once more."

It started to snow. He stayed in the city long enough to hear the news on the radio of a parked car. Hisoka had kept his word.

Perhaps that had been reckless. Perhaps he should have hurried 'home,' to be sure that it was safe. But he trusted Senritsu. And he had no home, really.

He stood on the quay, overlooking the harbor, and let the snow fall on him. He knew what time it was where he was, and therefore what time it was in the other place, but he called anyway, because he also knew it would be all right.

Immediately, Leorio's voice had a calming effect, even if he was shouting, "What do you want?"

Kurapika smiled weakly. "You have to get some sleep before the test, Leorio."

"Did you call just to lecture me?" Leorio grumbled.

"You remembered to review the anatomy of the kidney, right?" Kurapika frowned.

"I got it!"

"Because you messed up on the part about the loop of Henle on the first exam."

"Shut up!"

Kurapika smiled, and looked down at the water.

Leorio muttered to himself. "How do you know all this stuff, anyway?"

Kurapika shrugged, not thinking about the fact that Leorio couldn't see him. "I just need to take a cursory exam to get a healer's license, you know."

"Oh, just..." Leorio shut his book loud enough for Kurapika to hear. "Why did you really call?"

Kurapika became quiet. The water looked black from up here. "It's snowing."

"Is it?" Leorio grunted. "Kurapika..."

"Your break is coming up, right?"

"It is," Leorio sounded surprised. "It's in a week."

"Ah. We'll be in Pagoda City then," Kurapika dismissed.

"I do have a Hunter's license. I could meet you there," Leorio offered.

He couldn't see the stars. Too much snow. And clouds. The snow came from clouds. "Don't bother. I probably won't have time."

"What's going on, Kurapika?" Leorio was serious now, and Kurapika wasn't really ready to deal with a serious Leorio. "What happened?"

"Happened?" What hadn't happened? "It's nothing... Just..."


Kurapika closed his eyes and turned his face to the starless sky. "Sometimes, I wish I could be the person I used to be." He wasn't holding the phone right to his face, and he wasn't speaking very loudly. Maybe Leorio wouldn't hear.

"No one can turn time back, Kurapika. You know that better than just about anyone. I know... you are haunted by some of the things you've done. But you're doing your best." And when Leorio said it, it sounded true.

Kurapika smiled wryly. "The things I've done that haunt me... they don't worry me as much as the things I've done... that I've enjoyed..."

"...Well, that's what your friends are for, right? No matter what, Kurapika, we... I'll always be here to remind you of the person you really are, despite anything you've done." He could see Leorio's face, too, as he spoke. The determined set to his chin and eyes, the way his gaze would be piercing...

"Will you?" Kurapika sighed. "You have a test tomorrow. You should rest..."

"All these terrible things you've done, you still remember my test schedule," Leorio chuckled. "I'll be in Pagoda City in a week, Kurapika. Let me know when you have free time."

"Good luck tomorrow," Kurapika offered, and hung up.

He didn't remember if he walked back to the house, or called for a car. He was tired when he walked past Senritsu, standing as tall as she could, and watching Kurapika intensely.

"Kurapika!" Senritsu waited to speak until after Kurapika had passed her completely. "The nightly report...?"

"Later," Kurapika ordered curtly.

"Kurapika..." she sighed. "You should listen to your friend."

Kurapika didn't know what his heartbeat or his breathing or whatever was telling Senritsu, but he was irrationally annoyed that he was under such scrutiny. "And you should listen more to the surroundings than to your allies."

He almost had the door closed, but Senritsu managed to speak out before he did. "It doesn't make you a bad person, Kurapika."

He had no idea what Senritsu was referring to, but he didn't care.

He was tired.

i prolly made up a few things about nen and the chains there, but it makes sense to me. also, i'm 97% sure that Kurapika can make his chains disappear or be invisible, but if i'm wrong, then sorry.