title: Bright Lights
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Eiji/Kimeru
rating: Mature
warnings: sex
summary: between scenes on the set of Dream Live 1
notes: for my darling Kentra, for her request on fic on demand. ^_~ ...i guess this is real person slash, huh? ^_^

The sweat beading on his brow might have been from the lights, from the dancing. God, he loved to be on stage, loved to sing and dance in front of people, loved to be in the spotlight, and it was work, but not like real work...

Giggling, he ran his hands through Eiji's hair. "We're supposed to be changing our clothes, buchou."

Eiji licked his way up Kimeru's neck. "I'll take your clothes off for you."

On the other side of the quickly constructed wall he was pressed against, there were 40,000 screaming fans all swooning over "Ibu Shinji." His song lasted just under five minutes, which really wasn't enough time, but...

Kimeru threw his head back as his shirt hit the ground, and his buchou's lips attached themselves to his nipple as clever hands made their way into his pants. Someone could see them. Someone almost certainly would. If they didn't get done fast enough, the lights on stage would change, and 40,000 fangirls would really get their money's worth.

He was naked, completely. He buried his fingers in Eiji's hair, and dragged him up. He was a whole head taller than Kimeru, when he was standing up all the way, but he was hunched over Kimeru, their foreheads pressed together, and he was surrounded by Eiji. It was a warm, happy, sexy feeling, and he showed his buchou how much he liked it by pulling Eiji's shirt off and dropping his pants enough to grab a hold of his cock.

The fangirls were cheering out there, and it was easy to imagine that they were cheering for them, as they pumped each other's cocks and kissed. Eiji tasted like mint and coffee, and his prop glasses bumped into Kimeru's face as they kissed, deep, messy kisses that felt as good as buchou's hand on his most sensitive spot, milking him, egging him on, and he was naked there for buchou's pleasure, naked and there was an audience behind him that was cheering for them because they loved it, they loved them, and they wanted this, and, God!!!

He came in a lasting shudder, slumping against the cardboard wall, boneless and utterly happy. His belly was wet with buchou's semen, and buchou was licking his hand clean. He started to laugh, his body shaking with the joy of it, because it was just so damned beautiful. Eiji smiled, too, and gods, he was gorgeous when he smiled, and then he kneeled down to clean Kimeru off like a kitten.

A body could only stand so much pleasure.

He was kissing buchou again, and he didn't know who had initiated it, but buchou didn't taste like mint and coffee anymore, he tasted like them, and Kimeru couldn't get his tongue far enough down buchou's throat, or press his body tight enough to buchou's.

"Forty-five seconds, Kimeru. Will you be ready?"

Eiji was smiling at him, laughing at him, while he was naked and happy. Kimeru grinned from ear to ear. "I love you, buchou."

Eiji shook his head and slapped Kimeru on the ass loud enough for the girls in the first row to hear.

"Let's go. This damned show can't end fast enough."

Kimeru laughed as they raced to dress and get into position. There was another costume change, after all...

apologies for flagrant use of "buchou." it... seemed to fit...