title: Breaking Quiet
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Shinji/Akira
rating: Teen
warnings: cuddling, sexual situations
summary: Shinji thinks too much.
notes: for prushrush, for her request on fic on demand.

The bouncing foot was bothering him, so he pulled the earphones away and tossed them to the floor. There was a sigh, but nothing else. It was a quiet for a moment, but then the other boy started to hum.

Shinji sighed, and turned over.

Akira put an arm over Shinji, and propped his chin on Shinji's arm. Akira's chin was pointy. He'd say something about it, but he was tired. He'd say something about it tomorrow, when they were walking to school. The phone rang, Akira's cell phone, that really annoying ring tone. Akira always picked the most annoying ring tones, and it was irritating. If he didn't want to answer his phone, he should have turned it off. Akira always answered when he called. Shinji hated phones. They were so intrusive. People thought they could always get your attention. Except he liked when Akira answered his calls. So he and Akira should have phones, but no one else should have their numbers.

"Hey," Akira poked him. He was always poking him. Poking. Who poked? Akira did, but no one else. Akira was weird, sometimes. "Stop thinking so much. Talk to me."

Most of the time, people were telling him to be quiet. And now when he wanted quiet, Akira wanted him to talk. Except it wasn't quiet inside his head anyway, so it didn't matter. "Kiss me."

Akira grinned, and turned his face, and kissed him. Akira kisses came in so many varieties. This one was like candy. Those pink candies Ann-chan always had. He hated those candies, but when the candy was a kiss, it was good. Ann couldn't carry kisses in little pink wrappers, though, which was good because he'd be jealous if anyone else got Akira kisses.

He turned back over, and pressed his body to Akira's. Akira had pretty skin. Boys shouldn't have pretty skin. Akira said he was pretty, but Shinji was definitely a boy. Akira's cock was kind of turned funny, looking limp. He liked to stare at Akira's cock, but it freaked Akira out.

"My parents will be home in an hour."

That meant they had another half hour to just lie here together. Shinji smiled, and put his head on Akira's shoulder.

Akira twirled some of Shinji's hair around his finger. "Isn't it quiet in here?"

Shinji rubbed up against Akira. "Then make it not quiet."

Akira bit his lip and looked at the clock. He shook his head. "You are totally twistin' my rhythm. Think you can keep up?"

Shinji stretched out, and grinned up at Akira.

Anything he could do...