title: Braid
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Duo/Heero/Trowa
rating: G/Teen
warnings: none
summary: Duo contemplates his hair.
notes: for sunnie, for mother's day. *snugs*

"Sometimes I think that you wouldn't love me anymore if I cut my hair."

Heero and Trowa looked up at him. He could see them in the mirror, but he kept brushing his hair, all the same.

"Are you... thinking of cutting your hair?" Trowa asked cautiously, and with a subtle bit of humor. Duo loved Trowa's subtle humor, but he wouldn't give him the satisfaction of laughing.

"Your braid..." Heero murmured, crawling closer to Duo so he could put his face against Duo's arm. "It's important to you."

The brush halted, and then he let it fall away. He sighed. It was true, but his braid also reminded him of something missing from his heart that no one could replace.

Trowa picked up the brush, and finished brushing out Duo's hair, beginning the methodical practice of separating Duo's hair into thirds. "You can shave your head if you want. But you don't want to."

Trowa had a habit of stating things as if they were facts, and it made it seem very much as if they were facts. Heero leaned up, and kissed Duo.

Solo had been dead for exactly ten years now, give or take a few days. Duo hadn't had a calendar back then, but he was pretty sure. He put his hand in Heero's thick hair, and smiled at Trowa in the mirror.

"You know... I'm... I'm glad I'm alive."

Heero surged up to hug Duo, but Trowa could see him coming, and didn't miss a beat, continuing with the braiding. Duo watched Trowa's eyes as he held onto Heero.

There were pieces of Solo in each of them... but... that wasn't why he was with them. He just realized that. Smiling, Duo sighed. "Ok, I won't cut my hair. But I'm getting pizza tonight. So. There."

Trowa's chuckle was a nice sound, and Heero's eyes were pretty when he was confused but compliant.

Solo would approve of Duo's new 'gang.'