title: Bonus
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Oishi/Saeki, Oishi/Eiji
rating: G/Teen
warnings: kissing
summary: Saeki takes Oishi by surprise.
notes: for Noel, genX, her rare pairings ficlet. and a damn fine choice. ^_~ and this fic will now be known as the Fic That Did Not Want to End... ~_~

His head was throbbing in time with the flashing lights. The noise was a solid thing that was squeezing him into a tiny box. He tried to get Eiji's attention, but Eiji was lost in the music and the games. Oishi crept to the back of the arcade, seeking out a door.

He would just get drinks. And some fresh air. Eiji would hardly know he was gone before he got back. And then he could tell him it was time to go. Probably not for another twenty minutes at least, but soon.

The door out of the arcade got closer and closer. Oishi had to avoid running into people left and right, as everyone seemed to be in the same adrenaline-induced haze that Eiji was in, so no one else was watching where they were going. He closed the door behind him, and sagged. He could still hear the pulsing music. He could feel it shaking him. He dragged himself away from the noise and confusion, and headed for the vending machines. Only another twenty minutes. He had promised Eiji that they could stay until at least four.


Oishi turned automatically, peering blindly for whoever had called. A boy in a familiar red jacket jumped down from the stairs leading up to the second floor. It only took Oishi a second to place him.

"Saeki-san," Oishi bowed shortly. This was Fuji's friend. For some reason, Oishi had a hard time picturing Fuji as a child, even though he'd known him first year, when they were all a lot less mature and developed. Still, in his mind, Fuji could well have leaped whole out of a volcano, so the idea of Fuji having childhood friends was a bit off. "How are you?"

Saeki grinned rakishly, running his hand through his wild-looking hair. Oishi envied his style. If he ever did anything like that to his hair, everyone would just laugh at him. Not that he really could... "I'm good. Don't tell me, I'm really good with names. Actually, I'm better with faces, but I know you. You're the temporary captain, Oishi-kun, right? Betcha you're here with your little acrobat." Saeki winked at him, casually leaning against the wall, putting his hands in his pockets.

Oishi felt himself tense, like he did when he was on the courts, or when he had lunch with Eiji and Fuji. He smiled politely, and put his hands to his sides. "I'm here with Kikumaru-kun, yes. Do you visit here often?"

"Me?" Saeki scoffed. "Nah, Kentarou decided this would be a good place to bring the kids for a treat. I think he just wanted to come himself." Saeki winked. "Wanna get a drink?"

"Ah, sure," Oishi agreed nervously. He walked deferentially a step behind Saeki.

Saeki looked back at him curiously. "Are you all right, Oishi-kun? Too much excitement, I'd guess. You appear tired." Saeki held back, and reached out to put his hand on Oishi's back, his fingers splayed out.

Oishi's face went hot, and he started to stammer. "Ah, no, I'm fine, I'm just, well, I was on my way to get a drink, and, well..."

Saeki pushed them into a small alcove, and grinned at Oishi. "Wait here. I'll get the drinks."

Oishi would have stopped him, told him it was unnecessary, would have at least given him money, but Saeki was gone too fast. Oishi sighed, and leaned against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor. This hadn't worked out like he'd planned at all. And he had no idea in the world how to make conversation with Fuji's friend. Or why he even had to make conversation with Fuji's friend. He just wanted to collect Eiji and go home to his fish. Hopefully, Eiji would be tired from the afternoon, and they could sit quietly and watch a movie together...

"Here." Oishi looked up to see Saeki's startlingly blue eyes just above him. "Wasn't sure if you wanted hot or cold, so I got both."

Oishi smiled. "Thank you. Cold, please."

Saeki sat down right in front of him, folding his knees under him as he did. They were sitting close enough that their knees would touch if either leaned in at all. "So, how goes Seigaku? Kentarou won't stop talking about your damned freshman. He's so pumped for finals, I swear, he couldn't be more excited if he was going himself."

Oishi took a sip of the drink, and gathered up his courage. "Everything's going great. We keep working to get stronger so we can do our best."

Saeki cocked his head to the side a little. "Man, must be tough, though. Rikkai is tough. You must really miss Tezuka now..."

It was like being slapped in the face. Oishi certainly didn't need anyone else pointing out what a hard road lay before them; he knew it well enough himself. It didn't look like they could win, but he had promised Tezuka, and he wasn't going to let him down. "We will be victorious."

"Confident, eh?" Saeki leaned in, his eyes burning with some kind of fire.

Oishi sat up straighter. "O-of course."

Saeki narrowed his eyes. "Really?"

Gulping, Oishi leaned back. "W-well, the odds are against us, sure, and Rikkai has history on its side, but... That doesn't mean that we can't win! We're going to train really hard, and we are all determined! We're going to make it to Nationals, we promised, so we have to... !"

Saeki leaned forward, putting his hands on either side of Oishi's shoulders, against the wall, and kissed Oishi. He slipped his tongue into Oishi's mouth, taking advantage of the fact that Oishi was mid-sentence, and he took his time tasting Oishi.

Oishi just stared at him. He knew he should try to stop this. He should. He should. Especially when Saeki lowered his hand to Oishi's hip. Especially when he was running out of air. Especially when Saeki started to laugh, while they were still kissing.

It was Saeki who broke it off, falling back on his elbows as he laughed. "Oh, Oishi-kun, you aren't as sweet as you act, are you? You taste salty. What were you doing before you came to the arcade?"

His cheeks burst into flames, he was sure, but he didn't move. His knees were still touching Saeki's. "What?! Why did you... do that?"

Saeki's laughter was low and cutting, almost malicious, but just almost. "Oishi-kun, you know what? Fuji was wrong about you."

Ice lanced through Oishi's veins. He was not jealous of Fuji. Nor was he afraid of him. That wasn't the point. Fuji was better than him. He didn't like the idea of Fuji talking about him, because he could easily imagine what Fuji would say. Oishi looked away, narrowing his eyes. "I'm sure," he said, unable to swallow his bitterness entirely. "But we can't all measure up to the Prodigy's standards."

Saeki reached up quietly to touch Oishi's cheek, gently running his thumb over Oishi's bottom lip. "Oh, ain't that the truth. But I meant that he said you were more formidable than you appear. But I think you look pretty formidable."

"R-really?" Oishi blushed. He should have been prepared for the next kiss, but maybe he wasn't paying attention. Or maybe he wanted it.

Saeki broke the kiss again, sighing softly. "You're taken, aren't you?"

"T-taken!?" Oishi stammered, shifting uncomfortably. "Saeki-kun... "

Saeki tweaked Oishi's nose between his thumb and forefinger. "I really have to get over this thing I have with other guys' boyfriends."

Oishi shook his head, smiling. "You and Fuji are really friends?"

"You find that hard to believe?"

Oishi grinned. "I just... have never gotten along this well with Fuji."

Saeki leaned forward, swiping a quick kiss from Oishi before standing up. "Good, because that would make you a slut if you did. Take care, Seigaku. Gotta go collect my captain... "

Oishi finished his drink slowly. He looked at his watch. Eiji would be excited because he got an extra half hour of play. Oishi decided to go to the vending machines and get some mints before tracking Eiji down.

Just in case.