title: bombardment
fandom: D.Gray-man
characters/pairings: Lavi/Kanda, Hevlaska, Lenalee, Komui, Cross, Allen, others
summary: Kanda is the bearer of bad tidings for Lavi. (AU)
notes: for my darlingest Mina, because she is overstuffed with awesome!!! *CHU* ^_~
apologies in advance for the pretensions in style. ^_^;;;;

Drop it break it pieces don't fit with only blood between them....

The bastard just came out and said it, like it was something people said. Those words, though, in that order... it made no sense at all to Lavi.

He even repeated it. "Bookman is dead."

That was impossible, so all Lavi could do was sit there and stare at him, stupidly. First of all... that old panda couldn't die. Because... he was necessary. Beyond any war or anything like that... His life had meaning. Lavi believed that, followed him because of it... but... even more...

Bookman was all that Lavi had that resembled family. That gramps... he couldn't be...

"You can't stay here."

Lavi's fingers dug into his palms as he made fists. "What? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Komui's decided to take us out of the Order. We're reorganizing with Cross." Kanda's face was as blank as always. It just made it that much more difficult to believe. Impossible!

In fact, Lavi started to laugh, but he had to be careful with that. He didn't want to get to the point where he couldn't stop. "Are you insane? Leave the Order? Like it's not bad enough that the Earl and his boys all want us dead, now we gotta make enemies with the Order?"

Kanda, though, only shrugged. "We have to go. This place cannot be considered secure." He grabbed Lavi by the collar, but Lavi quickly pushed him off.

"I can't just pick up and go!" he complained.

"We have to. Lavi. You're Bookman now." Even Kanda looked a bit uncomfortable saying that, although that was nothing to how Lavi's stomach churned at the thought. "You're needed."

"I'm nothing without my tools, man," Lavi laid it out.

Kanda blinked, but didn't move.

Ignoring him, Lavi pulled his emergency bag out from under the desk. The laptop, sure, that was obvious. He pulled out the hard drives from the two desktops. A few flash drives, the camera, his palm... He had to search through the drawers for the most important thing, though. That damned panda kept it hidden, but... A small, red, leather-covered journal. It was written in code, and he still couldn't make it out... but he knew it was important. That old man... he always checked it when they had a serious problem.

"Are you done yet?" Kanda asked, his arms folded over his chest. "Do you have your weapons?"

"Yup," Lavi patted his bag and slung it over his shoulder. Kanda raised an eyebrow. "Hey, look, you said it. Bookman is necessary. Maybe I can't last long in a death match like you, but I can bring down my hammer of justice on any firewall or security system. I can get you into the CIA or Guoanbu or DGSE or MI6, yeah, sure, no problem. I fight with my keyboard, man."

Kanda just stared blankly back at him. He did that a lot. Lavi sighed.

"Let's just go already."

Once they were twenty feet away from the building, he hit a sequence of keys on his cell phone. The explosion was muffled from that far away, like a distant popping. It didn't seem real. He hadn't just lost everything.

None of it was real.

Lost and losing falling without faith no nets for skydivers...

Kanda pushed him inside the room hard enough that he tripped on his feet and landed on his face. Kanda was busy securing the door and checking the window... Lavi was about to give him a piece of his mind, but when he looked up...

There was a half-naked chick there in front of him.

Her cocoa colored skin had a slight sheen of sweat over it, her bare breasts jiggling a bit as she swayed. Strands of her ice-white hair clung to her as she moved, as it flowed in an ethereal rhythm over her body.

Lavi's heart pounded.


She turned to look at him, and she smiled vacantly, but wherever she was seeing, it wasn't him.

"The Lord of Fire cracks lightning over the ivory seas, breaking open the path..."

Lavi blinked. He looked over at Kanda, but Kanda didn't seem concerned.

"Lavi! Oh my god, I'm so glad you're safe!" He turned in time to catch Lenalee in his arms. She was... not quite her normal self. Stress, probably... but...

She was wearing a pair of black gothic panties, with white lace fringe, and a black henley long-sleeved t-shirt, but the buttons were all open, and Lavi could see that she wasn't wearing a bra.

He could also see that Komui was going to kill him, and it was probably going to be worth it...

"Oh my god, Bookman... Bookman's dead," she gasped, and then she hugged him tight. One of her pigtails was stuck in his mouth, and his hand somehow ended up on the small of her back, and he thought about whether he should push it down, to her ass, or lift up the hem of her shirt...

"Just what the hell is going on?" Kanda sighed.

Lavi pulled back, his face bright red. Lenalee abandoned him and tried to stand up to greet Kanda. "Yuu! Wow, I didn't see you there... Yuu!"

Kanda poked the tray near them with his toe, and raised an eyebrow. There was a small apothecary's chest, a weird lamp, some tubing, some tools, including something that almost looked like a key, a pipe...

Oh, shit.

"Yuu! Oh! Ok, look... this is so cool... Hevlaska is totally using Feng Shui," she leaned down, which... made for a great view... and put her hands on a complex board... a Luopan compass. Right. "She's figuring out, you know... where we need to go, where the enemies are..." Lenalee tugged at the placket of her shirt.

Lavi swallowed hard to keep from drooling.

"We're totally helping. Yuu." She grinned up at Kanda...

Why was it always Kanda? Was it the hair? The sword? It was archaic!

Hevlaska groaned a bit, and slid down to the floor, rolling onto her back. Her hands slid into her loose yoga pants, and she gasped. She started to push them down, her fingers leading to...

Lavi's mouth went dry, and he thought his heart was going to come pounding out... his heart, or something else.

"Months of dried bug eating diseases, skin that flays and burns as it touches, kisses of poisoned lips... the path of despair..."

He leaned toward her, watching as her hands moved, as her pants inched down a bit more...

Kanda grabbed his collar and dragged him off.

"Yuu. Come back later. I've gotta help Hevlaska..." Lenalee smiled brightly at them, moving to sit next to the writhing seer.

Lavi whimpered. He could help, too.

Kanda threw him into an elevator.

"Hey! What the hell, man? Be a little more considerate of the merchandise!" He stroked his bag, though he knew the hardware inside was fine. "I wanted to help Hevlaska, too."

"Fucking around with Komui's lover isn't a good idea," Kanda ground out, punching a button.

Lavi pouted. "She's not his lover."

"You think you know everything," Kanda muttered.

Lavi raised an eyebrow, giving Kanda a sardonic look. "If I don't, there's not much point to my being here, is there?"

Kanda spared him a glance, and grunted, "So? Who is he banging?"

"No one's supposed to know. Of course, there have been some secret negotiations with the Noah Tyki," that got a reaction from Kanda. Lavi grinned. "But he's gone back on his meds, so he's under the Earl's thumb again. That was just business, you know. And then..." He bit his lip. Actually, Komui's relationship with Cross was complicated. Far more so than just lovers. Still. "Don't tell me you think that tough bitch Cloud Nine is actually snowed by Cross? She goes for men with brains."

The door slid open, and Lavi stepped out, acting more confident than he felt. He tried not to spend too much time in HQ, just like Bookman said. Don't get involved, keep your eyes and ears open, know what they need to know before they need to know it, and stay out of harm's way. This seemed pretty much right in harm's way.

Especially since... Bookman... was dead...

Down in Komui's office, Cross, Cloud Nine, that damned painter Froi, and Komui were all standing around Komui's desk, looking over a map that was spread out. They looked up briefly as they walked in, but kept arguing unabated. Cross' apprentice, the strong armed bodyguard, was sitting sprawled out on the couch, cleaning his massive gun. Due to ten million reasons, Kanda and that Allen kid never got along. It was the sort of thing that could easily be solved if they whipped 'em out and got a ruler, but in the meantime, having them both in the room at the same time was hazardous to the health of everyone else in the room, so Lavi let Kanda drag him along to the back, to the small kitchen there.

After letting him go, Kanda stood uncomfortably against the wall, glaring at the refrigerator.

"Hungry, man?" Kanda's scowl deepened, but of course he said nothing. Lavi sighed. "Is there, like, a plan? What the hell happened?"

For a moment, Lavi thought he was going to have to get out a frying pan to get a word out of Kanda, but after a moment, the other man shifted, and shrugged. "Something fell down. In Beijing. A huge blow-out with Allen and Cross and Lenalee... and Miranda. She died. Crowley's unaccounted for. The Noah were all over it. That beansprout got them out... there have been questions. The idiot was able to break some security protocols on a Noah facility, now the Order thinks he's a threat... they want him dead. Komui wants out."

Lavi digested that information. It was interesting. At the very least, it corroborated a suggestion that Allen had a past with the Noahs. But he saved Lenalee...

Komui would now willingly lay down his life for Allen.

Honor was... a stupid fucking thing. The Order was big, and it had its damned fingers in every pot. Komui had support, especially from Bak. There were plenty of supply lines, but most of the high-quality opium leaving China went through his library, and he was indebted to Komui, which meant Komui was in charge of all of that.

And then there was the matter of the 'Heart.' Lavi wasn't sure what it was, but Komui said he had it, and the Earl definitely wanted it.

Know what they needed to know, and stay out of harm's way. Lavi was Bookman now? What a joke. He reached inside the bag, and just ran his fingers over the spine of the red journal.

What a joke.

"Were you there, Yuu?" Lavi asked calmly.

Kanda was about to ask him something stupid, but then he closed his mouth. And nodded.

"Who did it?"

He wasn't sure Kanda was going to answer for a moment, and then he spoke. "Rhode."

Lavi nodded slowly.

Know what they needed to know.

He grabbed the step stool, and went to the cabinet over the fridge. Kanda gave him a dirty look, but his expression changed once Lavi got the damned thing open. As if there was an electronic lock out there he couldn't coax into opening... He pulled out two bottles of Komui and Cross' best liquor, a fine Irish whiskey and a cognac, and he wiggled his eyebrows at Kanda. "Wanna get smashed? We're not leaving HQ 'til Lenalee~chan comes down off her high, right?"

Kanda hesitated for a moment, and then he grunted. He took one of the bottles, and nodded to Lavi to indicate which way they should go. They slipped down a narrow, dark hall behind the kitchen, ending up in a small, modest, and sparsely decorated room.

He must really have been a mess, if Kanda was being this nice. To let someone into his sanctum...

Lavi ripped off the cap on the bottle, and took a long, hard swig. It burned like fucking hell and left him feeling like he was suffocating for a moment, but it was good. Damned good.

It would take the pain away.

"Komui said you could erase our tracks from the Order," Kanda informed him quietly.

Shit. So. He'd have to hack the Order, huh? Well. Yeah. His hammer of justice could smash that system, too. After all, he'd done some work for them over the years, since they worked with Bookman.

A good hacker always left a backdoor.

"Are you really gonna follow 'im?" Lavi asked, wiping his face on his sleeve. "You're not about money or family or that shit, right? It's... it's a revenge deal?"

"It's something Komui understands," Kanda replied vacantly. Lavi nodded. He then reached over, opening Kanda's jacket.

Yeah, he had to be a mess, because Kanda let him, but there it was. The infamous tattoo.

"Well. Never a dull moment, eh?"

Out of control serpents in the fast lane slithering in the exhaust of the soccer moms on Vicodin...

He arched his back, looking up at Kanda's ceiling. He shook the bottle over his open mouth, but he'd already licked out the last drops. He could get more, but the kitchen was all the way at the end of that hallway. That was far away.

"Bookman is dead."

Kanda paused from polishing his sword... archaic piece of junk... and grunted.

"Bookman... Bookman... is..."

"You're Bookman," Kanda interrupted quietly.

"Do you know what Bookman means?" Lavi challenged him.

"It means you watch, record, and never get involved," Kanda replied calmly.

Had that bastard really had anything to drink? And...

Fuck. Yeah, he was right. "Yeah. That's. Fuck. I need to get laid." He whimpered. He wondered where Lenalee was just then. Or Hevlaska. Or Cloud fucking Nine even. Shit.

"To celebrate?" Kanda asked acerbically.

"To... to fucking... involve myself in something before..." he writhed around a bit, just. He felt. "I don't know what fucking else to do!"

Kanda calmly set aside his sword. "You don't need to go with us. You're a prisoner here. You get that, right?" Lavi got that. He knew that was why Kanda was sticking with him. He knew that was why Kanda showed up in the first place, instead of someone making a call. Fuck.

He knew that was why Bookman was dead. They needed Bookman. A Bookman they could control. Manipulate. Shit.

"Are you really going to go along with it? Make an enemy of the Order and the Earl?"

He thought about it. He held his hand up, and looked between his fingers. He thought about it... constantly. "We're no friends of the Earl's, anyway. Fucking fat bastard can stuff himself. As for the Order... well." It had happened in the past. Bookmen had fallen out and gone under. Lavi didn't agree with a lot of what the Order did, but it wasn't for him to agree or not.

Make an enemy of the Order... or an enemy of Komui...

It was his job now to just stay the fuck alive. He'd need an apprentice.

"I need to get laid."

Kanda grunted at him. "Are you a virgin or something?"

Lavi blushed, but then he laughed. "Don't talk big, you cold bastard. Like you've been rollin' around, gettin' tangled in the sheets with... with... I can't even picture you havin' sex, man. You're like... like carved from stone."

Kanda just looked at him. And then he pulled something out of his pocket, and tossed it at Lavi.

A string of somethings.

A fucking string of condoms!

Lavi sat upright, the blood rushing from his head, making him sway. He grabbed the string and waved it at Kanda. "The fuck you need these for?!"

"There's only one use," Kanda retorted, looking vaguely embarrassed.

An embarrassed Kanda. That was worth seeing. Lavi blinked a few times. "I thought brothels provided 'em."

"Don't be stupid," Kanda snorted.

Lavi looked down at the string of condoms in his hand. "Well, shit. If you're fuckin' Lenalee, I'm gonna have to cut that thing offa you. 'Cause that would just be too fucking unfair."

"Are you really cut out to be Bookman?" Kanda questioned harshly. "The reason Lenalee can traipse around half-naked all the time is because there's no man in Asia who would risk her brother's wrath by touching her."

"Well, shit," Lavi repeated, though that was a relief.

Wait, only one use? Maybe Kanda was using these to smuggle drugs...

He lunged forward, grabbing Kanda's crotch. "Ok, well, you do have one," he slurred.

It was in that moment that he realized how colossally stupid he'd been. The ensuing scuffle didn't take long, and the result wasn't surprising. He was on his back, with Kanda over him, Kanda's long pony tail in his face...

"Shit, man," Lavi whined. "I need to get laid."

Kanda grunted.

That was either a really stupid thing to have said or a really brilliant one. Lavi would have to decide that later...

Picking up seashells putting the broken homes into a jar a collection of failure to be remade into a crown for a broken king...

He wished he had a cigarette. Or a huff on that opium pipe. He cracked his eyes open, assaulted by the excess of light. Kanda was sitting up, meditating. His bare back was covered with his hair, falling down straight and pure...

Lavi scrambled to sit up, and he sullenly glared at Kanda.

"What time is it?"

Kanda took his time in considering whether to answer. "They'll all be up."

Lavi grunted. He was fairly sure none of them went to sleep, so.

He grabbed his boxers and his pants, and got up. He looked Kanda over once more... looked at that tattoo, memorizing every last detail...

Memorizing every last detail of Kanda's body, of his hair, of the way his silk pants caught the light...

He went to the bathroom, forced himself to empty his stomach, brushed his teeth, and washed his face. He looked at himself in the mirror for a long time, staring into his eyes.

He wondered what they did with the panda's remains.

If there were any.

He went back out to the office. Komui was behind his desk, his feet up on the map, sipping coffee. Froi was painting, the idiot, and Cross was sipping wine, his feet also up on the desk, though his chair was a lot smaller than Komui's. Cloud Nine was curled up in the corner of the couch, sleeping.

"Lavi, sorry about your loss," Komui started, and he really sounded sincere. The white silk of his shenyi looked rumpled, but still spotless. Komui always looked spotless, which was odd... his experiments... "I don't want to press you, but... we're going to need..."

"I know what you need," he cut Komui off. Spotless. Komui looked sympathetic. He even looked caring. He didn't look afraid. Did he believe they could win? Did he have faith in anything at all. "I'll take care of it.

"Call me Bookman."