title: Blooming
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Atsushi/Ryou
rating: G/Teen
warnings: twincest
summary: Ryou visits his twin, to see the cherry blossoms in bloom.
notes: for dreamsinthemyst, for her request on fic on demand.

Ryou stretched out his right hand, and it had to be identical to Atsushi's left hand, because that was how they were built, but it looked longer, more elegant than his hand. Soft white petals touched with pink got caught on his skin. Ryou smiled at his brother.

This was why Ryou was in Tokyo this weekend. This was why they were here, in Ueno Park. For the cherry trees. This is what they had told their parents.

"You know," Ryou said seriously, just a hint of a smile in his eyes, which could not have been the same color as Atsushi's, because Atsushi didn't like to stare into his eyes in the mirror, "cherry blossoms are really pure white. The pinkish color comes from the dead bodies buried beneath." He nodded, as if that made his story more plausible.

Atsushi brushed his hand over his brother's cheek. "Just like you. Pure... with just a touch of badness."

"Am I a little bad?" Ryou asked, batting his eyelashes, and of course, that was Atsushi's trick, but they had the same eyelashes, and Ryou did it better.

His brother was kissing him, their tongues were probing each other. His brother tasted like cream and cinnamon, and that wasn't how he tasted, but then, he hadn't had a frozen blended coffee drink on the way over. Just a taste of Ryou's.

He lifted his fingers to Ryou's hair, and he used to have hair like this, but his hair was always different than Ryou's. Ryou took such pride in his hair. Atsushi wound the strands around his fingers, and let himself get lost in the silkiness.

He had accepted Mizuki's offer to go to school at St. Rudolph's precisely because he wanted to avoid being... entangled. White petals touched with pink wafted over his pale fingers, dressed in black tresses.

He had been born entangled. Maybe Ryou was right, after all, and there was nothing wrong with it.