title: Blood and Chocolate
fandom: GetBackers
characters/pairings: Akabane/Ginji (rape), Ban
rating: Teen
warnings: rape
summary: Akabane takes something that Ban can't get back.
notes: for sundersylph, for request on fic on demand. perhaps not exactly what you were expecting, tho.

That laughter. He would break that fucker's face, no doubt. It was masochism, of course, that kept him on the line. Masochism, and something else, maybe. He could hear Ginji, hear his grunts. He must be gagged. Bound, too. Probably had his arms wrapped in plastic or something. Had to have done something to nullify the electric field. Fucker.

"Mm, did you know, Ban-chan, that chocolate tastes good off of Gin-chan's skin? Mm, but you have to do it right. Pour the chocolate on him while he's in the snow. Let it chill. And then take a bite. Mm, I prefer to cut it, too. I like blood with my chocolate. You can do it any way you like.

"You do like him, don't you, Ban-chan? He kept calling for you. But I don't like to hear another man's name as I enter a body. So."

Snow. Fucker. Akabane was going to die. Painfully. No way he was going to get away with that.

"Mm, Gin-chan's blood is really quite tangy. Must be all the electrolytes. But oh, his skin is soft... He's really quite amazing, isn't he, Ban-chan? So innocent and pure, like the snow... Oh, but the snow is getting pink. Ha. Fitting, mm?"

Ban's blood was boiling. He felt the coils of a cosmic snake tightening around his chest. Never would there be anyone in the history of the world who would suffer for a sin like Akabane would. Ban would see to it. Ban would make him pay.

"Aah, there it is! Gin-chan takes a lot of encouraging before he comes, doesn't he? So cute. And his tears are sweet, too. Mm, so good. I have to say, I'm having an extraordinary amount of fun on this job. Thank you, Gin-chan."

Ban growled, and screamed into the phone, but that only made that bastard laugh harder. Didn't matter. He was close now. So close. He'd shut off that fucker's laughter, forever, show him pain, make him beg for his life and then feed him his lungs. Oh, yes, he'd take the asshole by the mouth, and rip his jaw off. He'd pull off each finger, each toe, then his hands, then his feet, then his arms, then his legs. He'd shove his cock and balls into the hole in his head, and choke him with them.

There would be pain like a million times the pain Akabane had given Ginji. Oh, yes.

He was there already, but Akabane was gone. Ginji was in the snow, his arms wrapped in rubber, but otherwise naked, bleeding, curled up...

He pulled off Ginji's restraints, and he was ready to run off, to find the asshole's whose laughter was still ringing in his ears, but Ginji put a weak hand on his arm. "Ban-chan..." he moaned.

Ban froze. "I'm here, Ginji. I'm here."

Ginji closed his eyes, and curled up to Ban.

This was not over. But he had more important things to deal with. He stepped on the open cell phone as he carried Ginji away.

This was not over.