title: bleeding
fandom: Ergo Proxy
characters/pairings: Real
rating: G
warnings: nightmare
summary: Real fears.
notes: for kneazles, for this request on fic on demand.

She tightened the towel around her. She turned around, twice, watching the shadows around her dance. The light and lack of light on the tile formed obscene images of people she thought she knew and words and symbols. It was a trick of the light. The light? The light was out...

She turned to the mirror, bending close to look into her eyes. Her makeup was cracked. She reached up to touch her cheek.

There was a shatter. Crackle. The sky fell in, sparkling blades of light. Light? Where was the light coming from?

She turned, and held her hand up. She tried to hold the sky up, but it cut her, all over. A thousand tiny cuts like unwelcomed kisses. Her heart beat hard, knowing what was coming. She turned her face away and squeezed her eyes shut. She didn't want to see it. That monster.

Thump, it was right before her. She could feel its breath, smell the stench of blood and death on it. She shivered, wanting it gone... she wanted out of that place. She didn't want to see this anymore. Big hands came to her shoulders. She whimpered, and crumpled against the bathroom counter. "No..." she weakly protested, her voice a million miles away. All she could hear was the sparkle of the crash.

"Yes," she was told, a voice mechanical. She opened her eyes to look into the monster's eyes, looking inside the darkness. It moved closer to her, taking away all the light, surrounding her in its cloak. Its hair. It was massive. All around her. Her knees were rubbery and weak, and she was afraid, she hated being afraid, she didn't want to be afraid.

That voice echoed.

She didn't want to be afraid. She faced it, and narrowed her eyes. "I'M NOT AFRAID," she screamed into the void, and she reached into that black nexus, and tore at it, tore at its eyes.

The shroud ripped, a fabulous sound of cloth breaking. And then the sky was back, and it was blue and white and Iggy was holding her shoulders. She shook, wanting to collapse in his arms.

"Yes, you are," the same mechanical voice, Iggy's voice, informed her. Her lips parted... His mouth opened wide, his head almost breaking open to show off his teeth. His jaw crashed down onto her, opening her neck, letting her blood flow as her towel blew away.

She sat up, panting, wiping her face. Where was she? That damned boat. That damned boat. She could hear Pino singing on deck. The wind was rushing... they were moving. So that idiot Vincent was on deck, too, and. She was alone.

Iggy... was gone.

She was afraid.