title: blanket
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: Kurapika/Leorio
rating: G
warnings: Leorio being an idiot
summary: Leorio and Kurapika, and some down time.
notes: for flonnebonne, for guessing one of my fics for blind_go. takes place in before the final exam, on the airship. it's been a while since i've seen/read it, so please excuse any errors. ^_~

The ship was crowded and busy everywhere. Kurapika immediately stalked off to find some privacy, but Leorio's only goal was to stick close to Kurapika, so keeping up wasn't hard.

Gon and Killua could run all over the ship and have fun. They were still kids, so it made sense. He didn't know about Kurapika, but he was bushed. Somehow, he thought Kurapika was feeling the same way - a good nap and some quiet would do more good for them than anything else.

Despite its size, there weren't many places on the airship where they could go. There were no rooms for guests, so Kurapika managed to finagle a blanket from a ship steward (who may have thought that Kurapika was a girl from the way he was acting, and from the way Kurapika was acting, he may have known that and just have played along to get the damned blanket) and they curled up against a wall in the hallway.

Exhaustion didn't mean that they'd fall asleep right away. Leorio liked to think that he knew the man huddled next to him pretty well by now. Conflict made for a great icebreaker, and they'd been through a lot already. Even though Kurapika's eyes were closed, and his breathing was regular, he wasn't asleep yet. Also, his nose kept twitching every time there was a loud noise.

"Hey, Kurapika," Leorio whispered. Kurapika's nostrils flared, so he assumed that he wasn't talking to himself. He licked his lips slowly. "You know, like, the Tower? If you had to pick just one person to partner with the final exam, who would you pick?"

"We don't know that we'll have partners at all for the final exam," Kurapika wearily informed him.

"I know that," Leorio replied testily. "I'm asking you hypothetically. Hypothetically! You know what that means, right?"

Kurapika sighed heavily. "Leorio, why does it matter? Let's just take things as they come, one step at a time."

"Yes, yes," Leorio huffed. "But still. Who would you pick?"

Kurapika opened his eyes. "You're being childish."

"You're being stubborn," Leorio countered.

Rolling his eyes, Kurapika shook his head. "Fine. I'll pick Killua." He closed his eyes again, and curled up against Leorio.

"Wh-wh-wh-wh-what?" Leorio demanding, dislodging Kurapika's head. "What do you mean, Killua? You should pick me! Me! We're a team!"

Kurapika glared, and pulled the blanket over to cover himself better. "Don't be a baby. You asked a hypothetical question and I answered. End of story."

"But Killua and Gon are a team! And you and me! Isn't that obvious?" Leorio demanded, tugging on the blanket.

"You didn't say that the choice would be something that was mutually decided on. You asked me who I would pick. And anyway, my second choice would be Gon. A team of three would be better, of course," he continued reasonably, refusing to give up even an inch of the blanket.

Leorio narrowed his eyes, and tugged harder on the blanket. "What do you mean, three would be better? Why not four? Are you planning on leaving me to the dogs, or something?!"

Sighing, Kurapika dug his fingers into the blanket. "You're the one who posed the original question. Stop being such a sore loser. Give me my blanket."

Leorio growled. "This is our blanket and why would you pick Killua over me, anyway? He's just a squirt!"

"The steward gave me the blanket and he's a very capable fighter."

"He gave it to you because he thought you were a girl and he's a killer! And you're against random murder!"

"I'm not responsible for what the steward thinks and regardless, he's very good at what he does."

Snarling, Leorio grabbed a tight hold on the blanket, making use of his size to pull Kurapika and the blanket over. Kurapika fell into his lap, and Leorio quickly wrapped his arms around the smaller man, and threw the blanket over them. "I win! You're picking me to be your partner, and we share the blanket. Also, you're not allowed to flirt with ship's stewards who think you're a girl anymore."

"It's because you're such an idiot that I didn't pick you in the first place," Kurapika muttered, trying to wriggle out of Leorio's arms.

"I still win," Leorio stubbornly asserted, tightening his grip on Kurapika. He decided to push his luck completely, and he kissed Kurapika's forehead.

That was a tactical error. Blinding, searing pain shot out from his groin all the way down to his fingernails and toes. The blanket and Kurapika disappeared as Kurapika shuffled about five feet away from Leorio.

Pouting, Leorio tried to scoot closer without causing himself any more damage. "Ok, ok, you win. Can I share your blanket?"

"Can you keep your mouth shut?" Kurapika growled.

"I can try," Leorio whined. "Man, you've got a lot to learn about delicacy before you'll be any good as a partner."

Kurapika got up and kicked Leorio in the face, moving down the hallway to curl up alone.

After the stars in front of his eyes dispersed, and he'd given Kurapika some time to cool off and calm down (and his groin finally stopped aching), he got up and stealthily inched over, until he could sit down next to Kurapika. Even if he tried, the blanket was big, and Kurapika was small, so there was room for Leorio to slip in under with him, even if he wasn't confident enough to press himself against Kurapika again.

Still. Success was success. Leorio fell asleep, grinning.

He'd won.