title: Bitch
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yuushi/Gakuto
rating: Teen
warnings: oral sex, sexual situations, language
summary: Yuushi worms his way back into Gakuto's good side.
notes: they are in high school. *nods* junior high... please! like tezuka is really 14. =p also, they are potty mouths, apparently. ha.

He would have liked to have ignored his phone, because he knew who was calling, but the ring woke Jirou up, and he glared at Gakuto until he made the noise go away.

"Baby, why won't you talk to me?"

"Because you're a jackass."

He knew better than to think that would be it, though. In the next hour, he got forty-seven text messages, ranging from the apologetic to the orgasmic. He turned his phone off for class, and tried to pretend he wasn't looking forward to practice after school. He should have known better, though. Their resident 'genius' had decided, once again, to cut practice. It didn't matter to Yuushi, because he didn't need to practice to do well, but it mattered to Gakuto, because he needed to bust his ass to keep himself on the regulars. It was easier when Yuushi was there to back him up.

When he got home, he deleted the eighteen emails from Yuushi without even looking at them, and he erased his voice mail and text messages, too.

He damn well wasn't going to make this easy for Yuushi.

The next day, he had a small cake in his locker. It was very pretty, and it was probably something he'd really like, but he gave it to Jirou, who ate it before class in three large bites.

He stayed in the classroom for lunch, and that slutty girl, Lekki, came to sit on his desk, propping her legs up on his chair. She was one of those girls who hiked her skirt way up, and she was pushing her ugly legs into him. "Hey, Mukahi, what's the deal on your sexy doubles partner?"

Gakuto sneered. "What the fuck, do I look like his keeper or some such shit? Go away."

She flicked his cheek. "C'mon, be a good little boy, Mukahi! Oshitari has been in such a mood lately. Maybe, you know," she smiled and leaned in, sniggering, "you could sneak me into the tennis clubhouse, and I could... cheer him all the way up and back down again."

"I don't think giving him vd will cheer him up, but whatever the fuck, don't involve me," he sighed. He really couldn't stand to look at the whore. She was probably just Yuushi's type, too. Uber easy. Sickening.

"Excuse me," Yuushi purred, right into Gakuto's ear, making him jump. "Sorry, Lekki-chan, but I need Gakuto for a bit." He winked at her as she squeaked, and he snaked an arm around Gakuto's waist, half lifting him out of his chair.

They were most of the way down the hall before Gakuto figured out what was going on. He wriggled, trying to get out of Yuushi's grip, but Yuushi wasn't budging. "Just what the fuck do you think you are doing, you big ape?! Let go of me!"

Yuushi pushed Gakuto into then chemistry lab, and slammed the door shut with his foot, pulling Gakuto back to kiss him, hard. Already, Gakuto could feel himself getting weak in the knees. Fuck that Yuushi, anyway, stupid sexy Kansai boy who kissed like a fucking wet dream...

Gakuto pulled away and slapped Yuushi across the face. "What the fuck, Yuushi?!"

"You won't talk to me," Yuushi smirked, licking his lips as he rubbed his cheek. "I had to take extreme measures."

"Yeah, well, fuck off. Go find Atobe if you need to get your rocks off. I'm off-limits," Gakuto held his head up and started to walk off, but he didn't think for a second that Yuushi would let him go.

"How's about we let the princess fuck himself, and you stay here with me," Yuushi suggested, lifting Gakuto up onto the teacher's bench. He proceeded to feast on Gakuto's slim neck.

Gakuto squirmed, not sure if he was trying to get away, or trying to get closer. "Yuushi... fuck, stop it, ok? I'm sick of being your back-up fuck."

"Since when have you ever been a back-up?" Yuushi asked, irritated. "You're my number one, baby, as in, one and only." He grabbed Gakuto's face, and kissed him, hard.

Gakuto pulled off Yuushi's glasses - which were completely fake, anyway - only because they kept bumping into his face. Not because he was encouraging Yuushi. Not at all. He did not want to encourage Yuushi. Nope. And he would stop Yuushi all together in just a few minutes more...

"Just, what's going on, Gakuto?" Yuushi was being serious, and he was purposefully thickening his Kansai accent. Fucker knew how sexy he was and why, and he was playing Gakuto, just like he played everyone.

Focusing on that made it easier to resist him. Marginally. "Everyone in school knows about you and that bitch from class 2, Yuushi."

"Do they," Yuushi replied dryly. "And what exactly did I do to this sweet maiden, then? 'Cause I sure as fuck don't remember doing anything. It's a good thing we have the rumor mill, or else I wouldn't know half of what I do."

Gakuto pouted. "Well. Whatever. You sure were in a hurry to follow Atobe home after practice on Monday. Don't fucking lie to me about that."

Yuushi rolled his eyes. "Yes, Gakuto, I went home with Atobe on Monday. And we had some drinks. And he proceeded to model his new fall collection, and then he passed out while singing some idiotic Greek song or some such shit. It's Atobe, baby. He's my friend. I don't have a hissy fit every time you spend more than five minutes with Jirou."

Pushing Yuushi away, Gakuto tried to squirm off the table. "Fuck off, then, Yuushi. If you are so fucking perfect, than you probably don't want to waste your time with me."

He felt dizzy, but that was probably because he'd somehow gone from being upright to being on his back in no time at all. Also, Yuushi had his hand in Gakuto's pants, and that wasn't something that was conducive to clear thought. On top of that, Yuushi was kissing him hard and dirty, and it was hard to breathe. He wanted to fight it. Wanted to resist, but his arms and legs were wrapping around Yuushi's body, and his hands were snaked in Yuushi's fine, silky hair.

Fucker. He knew perfectly well he was irresistible. This was so annoying... He let Yuushi unbutton his shirt, but not untie his tie, and he let Yuushi open his pants. He rolled his eyes, and pushed Yuushi's head down, and he permitted Yuushi to give him fabulous head that left him breathless and desperate.

It was Yuushi's fault for seducing him.

He didn't like it when Yuushi kissed him after doing that, but he didn't hate it, either. Actually, he did like it, but only after the initial burn of the taste passed, and only when Yuushi held him tight. "If you think I'm going to reciprocate, you're fucking nuts."

Yuushi chuckled, and Gakuto couldn't help it if that was a damned sexy sound. Yuushi pulled him up into his arms, and kissed him, sweeter, slower. "Gakuto, will you marry me?"

Gakuto tried to push Yuushi away, but he wasn't pushing that hard. "Marry you?! Fuck no, I won't marry you!"

"Why not?" Yuushi pouted.

"Well, for one fucking thing, genius, we're both guys, so we can't get married. And for another fucking thing, we're only seventeen! And, fuck, why would you think I'd wanna marry you?" Gakuto crossed his arms over his chest, and rolled his eyes.

Yuushi cuddled him snickering. "Aw, c'mon. Marry me! Who else will ever be as exciting as me, mm?"

"Just about anyone?" Gakuto huffed, but he was trying not to laugh. "Go marry yourself if you think you're so damned exciting."

Yuushi was fighting dirty now, ticking Gakuto's hidden spots. "Marry me, baby, and I'll even carry our children!"

Gakuto swatted him in the face playfully. "Idiot! Our children!? You're mental, you know that?"

And now he was on his back again, and Yuushi was grinning from ear to ear. "But you love me, don't you?"

"Ha!" Gakuto looked away, because he couldn't look Yuushi in the eye and say this. "Yeah, right!"

Yuushi kissed his neck gently, and smiled against his skin. "You love me, baby. And I love you. Isn't it fucking great?"

Gakuto sighed. He hated it when Yuushi was in these moods. It made it impossible to do anything but love him. "Yeah, it's a fucking rose parade of bliss. Now get off of me. We're late for class, genius."

But instead, Yuushi was kissing him. It was all right. This lab wasn't used in the afternoon. And afternoon classes were boring. And. Fuck. No way was he going anywhere while Yuushi was doing that with his tongue. Fuck, no.

He curled up in Yuushi's lap, naked, pressing himself to Yuushi's chest, his fingers grasping Yuushi's jacket and shirt, even though he couldn't pull them over himself. It was late now, really late, and they probably had to get going to practice, but he didn't want to move, not ever, not when he had Yuushi's arms around him like this.

Yuushi kissed him, under his ear. "Marry me, Gakuto?"

Gakuto yawned. "Ok. But just this once, so don't fuck it up."

Yuushi chuckled, and clung to Gakuto. "Not in a million years, baby."

Gakuto snorted. Yuushi would be lucky to get through the weekend without fucking up, but then, sometimes, it was more fun to fuck things up and then put it back together again.