title: Better than Ice Cream
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yukimura/Sanada
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yukimura asks Sanada something important.
notes: because i so DEARLY love the song ice cream, and can be inspired by it each and every time i hear it...

Yukimura sat down, and smiled up at Sanada as he fussed with his ice cream cone. There was a particular way to wrap the napkin around the cone to maximally prevent drips. Naturally, it was complex and intricate, and best done while standing. Sanada probably thought that anything worth doing in life should be done that way. Yukimura wouldn't mind testing the theory.

He took a wet lick of his double chocolate with marshmallows, and he smiled at Sanada's back. "If I told you that I had six months to live, would you sleep with me?"

Sanada dropped his ice cream on the cement. It broke apart, and became a huge, messy splash of white, creamy dessert. Sanada turned, panicked, and looked at Yukimura with wild eyes. He sat down heavily, putting his arm behind Yukimura on the bench. "You have six months to live?" He was speaking in hushed tones, and his thumb reached up to touch Yukimura's shoulder soothingly.

It was too sweet to laugh at. "No," Yukimura shrugged. "I was just asking if you would sleep with me if I did."

Sanada blinked. Yukimura had to chuckle then, because it was so obvious. It was like he could see the synapses firing behind Sanada's eyes. "Is... Is there a diagnosis?"

This was not a topic Yukimura wanted to talk about. He shrugged, and looked away from Sanada. "It has a name. There are some more tests, and a possible treatment... but we aren't talking about that." He smiled. Most people were easier to handle, but Yukimura liked challenges. He batted his eyelashes girlishly, because sometimes it helped to play to appearances, and he held out his cone to Sanada. "Want a lick of mine?"

Sanada looked dubiously at the ice cream, and then he sighed, and took his hat off. Yukimura was a bit surprised, but pleased, nonetheless. Sanada was extremely handsome, but Yukimura was just as glad that he wore the hat all the time. It was more likely that people wouldn't notice how attractive Sanada was with it on than with it off. Sanada had his face to the sunset, too; his solid, stoic, classic features were nicely highlighted in washed out reds and oranges. Sanada cleared his throat, and then turned to Yukimura, leaning in close to kiss him. It wasn't quick, and it wasn't slow, and it wasn't anything, really, except it was Sanada, and it was him, and it was perfect.

Sanada allowed a small, satisfied smile to grace his lips. "I would do anything you asked of me, no matter what." His voice was quieter than normal, and more still. He was so matter-of-fact about it, so serene, as if there wasn't really anything to consider. It was his pledge, and it was offered with an open hand and no expectations.

Yukimura licked his ice cream slowly, painfully slowly, building up a nice scoop on the tip of his tongue before bringing it into his mouth. He set his hand on Sanada's, and curled his fingers around Sanada's strong fingers. "I'm scared," he smiled, confidentially. "Come home with me."

Sanada squeezed Yukimura's hand, and nodded once.

It was getting late and they should be going. Yukimura stood up, feeling a bit lighter because Sanada had his hand. He tapped Sanada on the nose with his ice cream, and he laughed at Sanada's somewhat stricken expression. He licked Sanada's nose clean, and indicated that Sanada should follow him with a tilt of his head.

If he lost control of his legs on the way home, Sanada would catch him.