title: Be Shiny!
fandom: JPop RPS
characters/pairings: Gackt/Kimeru
rating: Teen
warnings: paparazzi and sex
summary: Kimeru gets to tour with his idol, Gackt.
notes: for Bryan, for his request on fic on demand. *snugs* ^_~

Flashbulbs were popping in his face. He was not shy, nor was he unused to this. This was the life he had chosen for himself. And this was the culmination of a dream. But, he did have a sense of modesty, and a strong sense of where the public and private got cut off.

Gackt was rubbing his crotch against Kimeru's ass, and nibbling on Kimeru's ear. He had widened one of the rips on Kimeru's shirt, and he was lazily circling Kimeru's nipple with his thumb. His other hand was down the front of Kimeru's shirt.

Too much light, too much sensation, and too many questions flying at him, he didn't understand. He felt exposed, naked, dirty. He tried to hide his face against Gackt's shoulder, and the torrent of popping lights increased, like a thunderstorm just breaking out to the point of being torrential.

Gackt laughed, and started to pull him away. "We have to get ready!" He smiled, and he was so beautiful. How could Kimeru share a stage with Gackt? He'd dreamed of this ever since he first saw a Gackt video, but he wasn't ready. He'd never be ready.

They were alone, and the quiet was deafening. He was being undressed, lips were tasting his skin, small tastes, with just a touch of teeth, and the hands, he didn't know what was happening.

He fell back on the bed, and looked up at Gackt with sheltered eyes. "I'm not ready," he whispered.

Gackt covered his mouth with his own, and covered his balls with his hand. "I'm ready enough for the both of us. Can you keep up, Kimeru?"

Gackt was undressing, too, and his body was a million times more beautiful in real life, nothing airbrushed away, just smooth, silky skin, and Kimeru's hand was clumsily navigating the acreage of Gackt's body when Gackt pushed his legs apart, and put wet, cold fingers to his ass.

"I want you to love me. You said you loved me, right, Kimeru? I want you to love me, give me everything. Empty yourself on stage for me. Be mine."

Words. He couldn't make sense of anything right now, and he was being given words? He cried out musically, and threw his head back.

He would let Gackt use him, plug themselves together, and feed off of each other's electric spark.

The audience had no idea what they were in for tonight.