title: beloved torment
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Seimei/Soubi
rating: Teen
warnings: discussion of violent sexual play
summary: Seimei likes to make sure Soubi is at hand
notes: for 900_0001, for this request on fic on demand. again, yes. ^_^

Soubi was often awoken by the ring of his cell phone. He often answered it, too, before he was truly awake. He didn't bother with a greeting, because Seimei didn't require it.

"What were you dreaming about?"

That was often what was asked of him. Sometimes, he told Seimei that he was dreaming of a fight. That answer was acceptable, but Seimei would hang up right away. Sometimes, he told Seimei he was dreaming of him, and Seimei would tease him.

Sometimes, he told him the truth.

"I was dreaming about being with Ritsu-sensei again."

"Ahhh," Seimei chuckled, darkly. "Was he hurting you, Soubi?"

Soubi nodded before he spoke. "Yes." He was well aware that he was perceived to be a pervert. It wasn't... precisely... that he enjoyed pain. He enjoyed being owned. But only by his master.

"If you replaced him in your dream with me, would it excite you?"

Soubi wasn't sure if Seimei really understood the essential difference between what sensei had done to him, and what Seimei does to him. It doesn't matter, because there are many things that Seimei doesn't understand, but Soubi doesn't need to be understood. He just needs to be needed. "Yes."

"Do you love me, Soubi?" Seimei asked, dreamily.

"Yes," Soubi replied, firmly.

"Would you die for me?"

"Of course."

"Would you live for me, if I wasn't around, if I asked you to?"

Soubi floundered. He didn't know what Seimei wanted to hear. The question was too sharp to be speculative. And Soubi... Soubi wanted to say no... "I'd do anything you required of me, Master. B-but..."

"You will do everything I require of you, Soubi. But will it hurt? Will you long for death, unable to contact me, cut off?"

Soubi's heart started to pound. He didn't like this at all... "M-master? Beloved, what are you saying?"

Seimei laughed. "I like to dream, Soubi. I like to dream about your body. Your long limbs. Your hands. I like to dream about you, naked, bleeding, bruised, tied down, at my mercy. I have such sick, wicked dreams about what I'd do to you. Would you like to make my dreams come true, Soubi?"

He rolled onto his side, and curled up. His master's voice... was so cruel sometimes. "Seimei. Please. ....Don't leave me," he whispered.

There was silence, long enough for Soubi to feel like his heart was going to explode. "Soubi. What are you?"

Soubi wasn't sure he knew what Seimei wanted to hear, but he knew the right answer. "Yours."

"Always," Seimei replied fiercely. "I will require a great deal from you, Soubi. But in return, I will entrust with you that which is most precious to me. Don't forget that, ever."


"Go back to sleep, Soubi. Dream about what I would do to your body, if I really wanted to make my dreams come true."


Soubi was left alone again.

But he had orders, so he slipped his sleeping pants off, and closed his eyes.